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  1. Milwaukee's my favorite so far. As for the Detroit logo, I'd say the cougar would look better charging straight forward than at an angle.
  2. Agree with Gordie. Also, have you considered using the palmetto? It's that tree you see on SC's flag.
  3. I was one of the rare fans of the White Sox unis from the 1980s, mainly for the cool, industrial look. I kept the black so they can be told apart better from the Red Sox and the Cubs. I gave them a white cap because it is an underused cap color these days. With the exception of Oakland, every cap in MLB is either red, blue, or black. I made the cap logo myself, inspired by the logo they had from the 1910s-40s. Let me know what you think.
  4. I would go with No. 5 as well. As for the jerseys, I like the second version the best. I suggest making the shoulder panels white with blue numbers.
  5. I'm new to the forums, but I've been making uni concepts for a few years now. I've been a member of other sites like Fanhome, but those places aren't quite as active as they used to be. Anyway, this concept I had in my head since about a year ago when the MLS was still talking expansion. One of the things they considered was a second team in New York... I used the template used by Wikipedia. Couldn't come up with good name. I'll call it New York City FC for now, since there are no American teams called "City" yet (unless you count USL.) As usual, any C&C is welcome and appreciated.
  6. The black one looks great. As for the white one, get rid of the colors on the bottom and change the numbers to black and you'll have yourself a winner. 7 points out of 10.
  7. When I was little, I didn't understand why the Browns would leave their helmets blank while every other team had a logo on their helmets. Now I learned to appreciate their identity a little more and believe they're fine the way they are. They are, for now, the only professional team in the country that wears brown. That's enough to distinguish them from the other NFL teams. The bulldog logo is kinda cool, too, but I'm probably the only one who thinks that.