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  1. Pretty good for its time. I love seeing concepts from way back.
  2. To actually comment on the artwork, I also agree that the pirate emblem would’ve fit better with the Mutiny name. Heck, fix him up a little, and it could even make a great alternate logo for the Rowdies! Pirates do tend to be rowdy, right? Dallas Fury is awesome too. They really should’ve stuck with that pegasus.
  3. I think I prefer it oval-shaped or with just the flag. I was wondering who would make a Charlotte MLS concept first, but I’m glad it was you. Remember that one big MLS project you did years back where you predicted where the remaining teams would go? The one where you predicted there would be teams in places like Tulsa, Albuquerque, and San Juan? It’s interesting to see compared to how things actually turned out. I like the name too, by the way. Excellent alternative to the overused name United. Racing Charlotte would be a cool one too.
  4. Ah, who needs serifs in this day and age anyway? It’s not like anyone uses chisels anymore.
  5. Come to think of it, I’ve never heard of a London team actually calling themselves "London." It’s always been a particular borough or neighborhood. No team has tried to claim the entire city for themselves.
  6. Technically, the Red Bulls have the same colors too. And ironically, both RSL and RBNY wear more red than Fire does now. I think that’s the part I’m gonna miss the most. Chicago has always been a red team, and it seems like none of that means anything now.
  7. Yeah no we don’t. We'll never call it football, so why bother pretending that we do?
  8. Sometimes that’s a good thing (Wolverhampton Wanderers for example.) That is far from the biggest problem with this crest.
  9. I never saw the point of design-speak. If you actually did a good job on the design, you wouldn’t need to justify your decisions with a big explanation. I hope Fire hears our opinions and turns this around. Hell, it worked for the Sonic movie.
  10. What’s wrong with just saying, "Hey, we brought back that one logo you like so much, but we also made a few tweaks to it so it at least looks new. Shop's thataway. You’re welcome."
  11. It’s funny how since the Brewers' rebrand, there were basically two opinions: Those who love everything they came up with, and those who basically wish they were wearing the exact same crap they had in the 80s, old BiG, pullovers and all.
  12. Fire's crest doesn’t need to be changed. It needs to be tweaked. Looks to me there’s a little more gray than there needs to be.
  13. Am I the only one who thinks these particular shades of blue and green don’t look that great together? At least without a little white to separate them? I know it’s from the flag, but I feel like the blue could stand to be a little lighter. As for the crest, aside from Whittier's comment about the horses, I’m okay with everything else.
  14. Love the update to the Red Stars. It’s my belief that a good soccer crest should have some sort of talisman to rally around. You nailed that with the C-star.
  15. Kinda wish the Friar was the primary, but other than that, no complaints. Glad they’re willing to try out tan on the road again.
  16. Is it weird that I actually like some of the "postmodern" logos we've been getting? That Fosters thing looks like something I would come up with XD
  17. What if you took the tail off the wordmark? Maybe that would free up more space to make it more readable.
  18. Man, first the Brewers bring back the BiG, now this! Now we just need to get the Rockies to wear more purple.
  19. Is burger flipping a sport? Lemme guess, only the games America invented would be real sports?
  20. That's cool. Then quit calling poker, chess, and Scrabble sports.
  21. BigRed618

    MLS 2022

    I miss the kidcore look SKC/Wizards used to have.
  22. If you’re gonna use a round shield, use a rounder trident too so the shapes go together better. Also why is the top border of the shield missing?
  23. Thanks for your input. I had some difficulty coming up with a better name for Maui United, until I tried simply translating "United" into Hawaiian! Would "Maui Ho'ohui" sound any better?
  24. So I heard Auburn is deciding against changing their logo. Not gonna lie, I’m annoyed at this. The changes were so minor, and they made so much sense from a design and marketing standpoint, and yet people stubbornly resisted the change and the school caved into their demands. I understand that it’s important to listen to their fans and give them what they want, but I just wonder if they even know why they didn’t want the new logo? Did they really not like it, or is this another case of people resisting change of any kind?