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  1. 2 mins later....... 1 for 5, 1HR Fixed A few years ago, we went to a game at SkyDome where the kids ran the bases after the game and since my daughter was only two Dad got to go with her around the bases to make sure she made it . All I could think about heading up the first base line was Carter jumping for joy.
  2. CFSize24

    PR Bearcats

    One thing you may want to try is to eliminate the red in the right upper lip area. This sort of completes the shaded area on the right side of the face.
  3. Did Steubenville end up going with your designs? I recall reading a thread where they were going to use some sorry looking photoshop special over the nice design you did. You have made this semi pro league look good, great job!
  4. I thought it read Baptist Sports Medicine and after a quick search... It appears I was correct. Im assuming the jersey was a training camp/practice jersey of some variety.
  5. Did anyone else think ...Oh no PILL is back, when they read the title? I really like those jerseys, kind of have a 80's USA Hockey feel to them (which there is nothing wrong with that)
  6. Count me as one who would love to see these in royal over the navy blue. But it seems the guy who signs the checks prefers the navy, so it wont be going anywhere anytime soon.
  7. Man o' man, we're gonna miss you BP. RIP
  8. Did you see how he turned away, as he knew it was going down. Nice.
  9. Last bump. We are at 6 teams and I would like to get one or two more.
  10. Another bump to the front page for good measure. Ideally we would still like to find three owners.
  11. FOILED AGAIN! Well if the mods let you get to 3,800 posts then you must be at least moderate standing which is alright by me.
  12. Favorite Team: None (since I root for my fantasy players, I really dont have any team loyalty on the Pro level) Bandwagon Team: Bears (I do own Charles Tillman)
  13. bumping to front page I would also like to note we are taking official applications
  14. We currently have 4 members and are searching for one to six more. Standard forum requirements apply (member in good standing, 6 months, 300 posts or should I say 298)
  15. I was guessing LA Nolan Cromwell GB Lynn Dickey Min Scott Studwell Well, I was 0-3 GB QB Charlie Whitehurst LA John Capaletti Minnesota Jeff Siemon