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  4. In what way is this the penultimate US kit?
  5. You're something like 15. Your drink is probably soda but you drink it without a straw to seem "cool". You shouldn't post your illegal escapades on the internet. 1.) It's they're. 2.) Cool. Unless you're trying to be some sort of hipster then go right ahead. And on topic, these concepts are very good. Surprisingly I like the Thunder's look the best. However, just like the basketball Thunder, I wish they had an orange outline on their blue jersey. Get over yourself. It's an idiom. Give the kid a break.
  6. Bamboo wouldn't flex.No? Nice! Well that's also like 30 feet long. Not sure if you're being serious or funny, but there's plenty of bats made out of bamboo - or like mine, which has a bamboo handle (since the bamboo is harder to break) and maple barrel. Also, bamboo floors are pretty hard! BBTV is correct that a bamboo bat would not flex like that. However, what makes bamboo a good material for a baseball bat is that it's modulus of elasticity is pretty high, so it can flex and return to it's original shape without being deformed. You need to remember that bamboo is actually a grass.