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  1. If the Bucs and Chiefs run out of the same tunnels as the previous two Super Bowls in Tampa, the NFC end zone was on the left and the AFC end zone on the right. And NFC, the Bucs, get the home sideline.
  2. Next year's Super Bowl is in Tampa. Based on where the locker rooms were for Super Bowls XXXV and XLIII, would think we see AFC on the right and NFC on the left next year. Thanks to@pitt6pack for these fields from those two games. Is there one for LV yet?
  3. Broncos in SB 48 & 50 makes sense since they had Navy Blue in SB's 32 & 33.
  4. The first Super Bowl without the conference logos was SB 50. It didn't look bad during 50 and 51 with longer team names (Broncos, Panthers, Falcons, Patriots), but it just doesn't look right with these teams who have 5-6 word names (Eagles, Rams, Chiefs, 49ers). This field would look much better with the names in the center of the end zones and the conference logos on the right.
  5. The plan since the beginning has had the AFC practicing at the Vikings’ Winter Park facility, with the NFC team at the University of Minnesota with the exception of a scenario in which the Vikings were in the game. In that scenario, the Vikings would remain in their home facility with the AFC team practicing at the University of Minnesota. All 12 playoff teams were given the plan in their NFL Playoffs Guide before the start of the postseason. The NFC team always was designated to use the Vikings’ locker room and the Vikings’ sideline. The Vikings, though, will see some differences in their stadium, if they get there. The AFC team, as the designated home team, will get the benefit of selecting its jersey color and has first choice of media availability session times during the week. The NFC team, as the visitor, will call the coin toss.
  6. Read in an article that the AFC and NFC Sidelines would be the same as if it were an AFC-NFC Vikings game. The NFC would be the "road" team but still get the "home" sideline. Like last year. How the Falcons were on the top and Patriots on the bottom.
  7. End zones are opposite of Texans games and Super Bowl XXXVIII. Normally home team is at the bottom and road team is on top. Third straight SB on FOX that home team will be on top on TV.
  8. Sidelines are mixed up here.. StL was on top, NE was on bottom
  9. Agreed. It just doesn't look right without them, and the end zones just don't look right with the team names not centered in the middle of the end zones.
  10. Field looks good but weird without the conference logos. Maybe they didn't put them in because they don't have any red and blue paint since the shield is in black and gold this year.
  11. What is nice for this year at least, with Denver being in white, the game looks like the traditional road team on top, end zone on the right (looking at it from TV). And the dark colored team on bottom and left.
  12. These end zones just don't look right without the conference logos. Especially since all previous Super Bowls had the team woodmark centered in the middle of the end zones.
  13. Here we go, finally a time when both lost in the conference championship games to see how the field would look.
  14. pitt6pack Do you have any alternate fields put together with the Steelers and 49ers? Super Bowls 19, 29 and 32 they were a game away from meeting in the SB. And realistically could have met in 27 and 30 also.