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  1. I really am digging all the uniforms, and the primary logo kicks ass. By the way, what template did you use for the jerseys? It looks really good too.
  2. The logo looks excellent. I agree with nyy3351 that it doesn't resemble FSU's logos and is pretty PC. The only thing is that I would like a maroon helmet, but this still looks really good.
  3. Great work, as always, Bucco. I have always loved the F and I agree that they should use it regulary over the gator mark. On the uniforms, the piping looks really solid. I think it, and the pants stripes, conforms to today's goal of a sleek look, but remains classy. However, I really like the sleeve stripes that the Gators have now, so any way to incorporate it would be really cool. The only concern I have is about the shirt-pants combo. Browsing through the possibilities, I would go with blue-on-orange at home (because the orange pants look sweet) and white-and-orange on the road, rather than the white-on-white look you have now. Still, it's a great concept, and I look forward to seeing FSU. A (Plus points for the fascinating history)
  4. I think the numerals are in SF Gothic....I could be wrong though. You just need to apply the outlines, etc.
  5. In what has become a yearly tradition, I am designing logos for my fantasy baseball team, called the Pelham Plumbers. A few things I wanted to note: -I know the logos don't have a "Plumber" feel, but I couldn't really incorporate it. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. -The other thing that I think needs some change is the cap logo. I tried to fit it in but.... -Lastly, the secondary logo is pretty bad, so any help with that would be appreciated.
  6. The ambigramist (?) in question is John Langdon. His website is here.
  7. You took the words right out of my mouth. The redesign is trying to "update" the look of the kangaroo, if anything, which makes it not look like a kangaroo.
  8. Fantastic logo. The font is great and they managed to fit a lot without making it too busy.
  9. This looks really solid. I'm not sure if a modern look would be good at them right now because there classic is so good, but if so this is the way to go. A few things 1) As much as I like the two tones of red, I'd go with black, red, and beige, like the Diamondbacks use. 2) The script should be separated into 2 words. Again, if the Red Wings were to go modern, this would be cool. A-
  10. AAO, you keep on keepin' on. I think the logos look fantastic. There are only a few adjustments that I think would make this better: 1) I would add an accent color. Whethether it is an orange or a dark blue or something doesnt really make a difference to me, but I think the set is gonna need a little more to really pop out. 2) I don't know how well these will carry over into jerseys. I think the wordmark is fantastic, but I'm not sure how it'll look on a hockey sweater. 3) I'm not really feelin the fin logo. I think you might want to kind of merge the SJ logo and the fin somehow....? I just think there might be one too many logos. Great work. A
  11. I really like this one, speedy. I think the jersey template is the best I've seen in a while. It is pretty "fierce" but convey the ocean to me. Great work.
  12. First off, belated thanks to rmered for his answer of my last question. How do you apply a stroke off a stroke (I guess) as seen on all the batting practice caps this year, ie in this picture: Thanks in advance.
  13. This looks pretty good. The one thing I might do (beside the ideas mentioned before) is making a circle around all the text with the bird protruding it so you could have a uniform navy outline of the whole logo. Just my two cents, though
  14. I really like this AlphabetMan. I agree with you in that even though the logo kind of hard to decipher, I like it that way. However, one note I have is that the title "Productions" might be hard to read, and if you choose to keep it that way, you might want to include a thing at the bottom saying Print/Web/whatever you plan to do with this. Overall, great work though--its really classy.
  15. I like the idea very much, averyj, and I can see what you are trying to do. Overall, it is a nicely done concept. However, there are a few things that I think would make it more readable and give it visual hierarchy. First, though the cream and blue looks good, it is not the most readable set. Also, I think the black included in the poster somewhat blends in. I think, even though its too late, that the only thing that should be in blue is the title of the play, which would make it pop out a little more. Also, I really like the font used at the bottom of the page--it really reminds me of movie posters of old.