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  1. ah, never knew about that. sorry for the ignorance.
  2. i think the flyers jersey could use some white, seems too orange almost. also, why is the script at that angle? i doubt they would do anything like that since it's a rangers tradition (obviously in a different orientation, but the same diagonal is what i'm getting at, it just looks odd)
  3. lookin for a wake forest image, saw it briefly on tv several weeks ago but would like to see it again if possible
  4. the deacon looks great!! thanks very much!
  5. DONE seconded. Redskins burgundy-on-gold is uniform perfection to me. I hope it is made permanent. I do think I prefer the burgundy pants with white jerseys though, but the gold still looks good there too. As much as I hate the Eagles, their kelly green set celebrating the 50th anniversary of their only championship in the pre-Super Bowl days looked great and SHOULD be their full-time uniforms. The Patriots throwbacks should come back. The Vikings throwbacks completely blow away their new uniforms. Now, if they'd combine the striping and simplicity of their throwbacks with the new shade of purple and helmets...perfection. I REALLY liked the Bears throwbacks. Texans blue-on-white always looks great. The Lions new uniforms look great, especially the blue-on-silver. The 49ers "updated" 80s look is far better than what they've had since the 80s. Chiefs red-on-white. Bucs Creamsicles should return full-time. The Rams should return to their blue and athletic gold as well. the eagles have 3, thank you kindly
  6. these are great! could i possibly have (in time sequential order...) Philadelphia Eagles 1948 Philadelphia Eagles 1949 Philadelphia Eagles 1960 Philadelphia Flyers 1973-74 Philadelphia Flyers 1974-75 Philadelphia Phillies 1980 Wake Forest Demon Deacons 2006 ACC Football Championship (if it's possible - it if isn't, no problem) Philadelphia Phillies 2008 thanks!!
  7. saw wake forest and iowa during acc/big 10 challenge - would love to find the wake one for my hard drive - these are fantastic
  8. reminds me a little too much of the new york giants - i like the pant piping though
  9. Heres the regular size one: (Click Pic) And here's a resized one: (Click Pic) thank you !!!!
  10. if you're still taking requests, could you make a #4 kevin kolb philadelphia eagles one please? and if you're taking sizes as well, 1280x800 - if not, that's totally fine - thanks!!!
  11. DJR

    Raysox's 32 in 32

    only thing i'd like to see is white shorts for the home - otherwise, love it
  12. DJR


    good stuff, i like the gold one a lot
  13. logo alone makes this great, very well done there - i can't help but think nuggets/lakers for the unis a bit, but they're clean and simple which is definitely a plus - nice work on the whole concept really
  14. DJR

    Raysox's 32 in 32

    i agree that their real unis leave something to be desired. i really like that your away kit only uses navy instead of the navy/royal combo they use