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  1. System: PS3 Team: Maryland Player (with pic): Darrius Heyward-Bey DHB Other notes: I would prefer the picture of the team entrance, but if both fit it would be awesome team entrance For eLibrary username: 84-4986 password: bigchalk
  2. I saw this on the BCS website the other day: Sorry it is small, but I couldn't find another size.
  3. This is awesome! However I have one suggestion: you should change the orange in the 90s era jerseys to more of a copper because of the importance of copper to the state of Arizona.
  4. coyotes88

    Quebec Nordiques

    can't see it either
  5. The 2011 BCS National Championship Game logo has been revealed on the BCS website. Sorry it is small, but this is the only image I could find.
  6. On the navy and green jerseys, I'd like to see more color in the script instead of just the two that you are currently using. Maybe more like how it is formatted on the home jersey. And I do realize that some of the colors won't work because they will blend in with the actual jersey, bu maybe you can use white/gold/green on the navy jersey and navy/white/gold on the green jersey.
  7. This one is really good. I like it better without the extra unneccesary outline.
  8. Can I get James Harden and/or Ty Abbott from Arizona State on PS3? Thank you for looking at this