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  1. This font design is EXACTLY what they Buccaneers need! That font style is the best font style for the Buccaneers i've ever seen. It fits. It connects. I think it's great. I really do love the color combinations. As for the designs, I don't have much to say. I almost think you could go simple like the uniforms of the 2000's. Great job!
  2. I don't want to be that guy, but the Thunder switched their Home and Road. "Oklahoma City" being on the home jersey, and "Thunder" being on the Road uniform. I just noticed that. By the way, these graphics have been very helpful! So many uniforms I can't keep track anymore.
  3. As a lifelong Utah Jazz fan since Day 1, I thought i'd add my own two-cents on what I feel is the teams "colors". I've been a sports fan and logo, uniform, branding junkie for as long as I can remember. As a sports fan and a sports designer I really enjoy NBA teams who have stayed true to their identity (ie: Boston, LA Lakers, Orlando, Phoenix, Portland, etc). Teams that have stayed true to their colors, identity, and maybe a few updated looks. I respect that. That is the kind of level i'd love for the Jazz to be on. With that said, I feel the Jazz may have finally found "their colors" with the Navy Blue, Gold, and Green. I know that it may have taken the team some time to experiment, but me personally this is their best color scheme and I feel it pays more of a nod to Utah. I hope the team can finally stick with this scheme and make it last forever. Everyone I know loves their colors and especially loves the "J-Note" logo. It's who the Jazz are. I PRAY they don't rebrand or anything. Stick to this identity. It works. I feel their primary logo, court, colors, are the best the team has ever had. The uniforms are still growing on me. (The 66-Degree angle cut on the uniforms is a nice touch. I like it, but I don't LOVE it.) I will say though I love the City Uniforms. I do love how the team has branded their City Uniforms to reflect the state and pay tribute to the Southern part of Utah. Everything about them is just great. I can't wait to see what they come up with for the next City uniforms. I know I may be one of the few who loves this look the Jazz have right now. It's just my own opinion. I hope my other die-hard Jazz fans out there agree with me. Either way, I'm a Jazz fan for life!
  4. I'm not sure if I missed someone else already mentioning this. Do we know if Nike is continuing to have the NBA logo on the back of the uniforms above the names? Also, do we know if they are continuing the gold championship tabs on the back collars?
  5. This is such a huge huge downgrade. What a waste. It's almost like they copied the Tampa Bay Buccaneers type font and slapped it in their new brand. I will say that I do think the Cavs current uniform set is in the top 5 looks in the NBA. Now... It may be in the bottom 5 after this. What a waste to make something great. Hmmm... What's the over/under odds the Cavs redo their brand again before LeBron retires? Two...Three... haha
  6. So, I'm actually digging the new Timberwolves logo. After looking at the new logo and the current secondary logo and comparing the two; there are things that work well with both logos. I do like the updated and simplified colors in the new version, the nod to the "north star". It took me some time to get use to altered angled font, but it works. Overall, I like the new version more. With that sad, I do miss the trees from the last version. I almost feel that adding trees into the new logo would have added too much detail into the overall look. I tried coming up with my own concept where I added the trees into the new version, to see what it would look like. (I redrew the logo the best I could, and tried finding the font closest to the new Timberwolves font. I hope it looks ok.) Thoughts?
  7. The list on Uni-Watch it up. Thank you guys for your comments and your critiques.
  8. UNIFORMS ADDED: Well, I finished the concept for the Minnesota Timberwolves. For the uniforms, I wanted to still keep them simple, yet still give them a little bit of contemporary look, and something that fits the future of Minnesota Timberwolves branding. (Also, with the black alternate uniforms, I couldn't decide which ones I liked better, so I added both.) Enjoy. Matt
  9. UPDATED VERSION: First off, Thank you all for your input. It was much appreciated. After looking at the concepts I have come up, I have made a few alterations. Version A: No changes: Version B: I lightened the blue and the green color. By doing this, the logo is now brighter, visible, and connects more with the audience. You are now able to see more of the detail of the wolf and the basketball. Version C: Copied version B, however, removed green as a secondary dominant color and replaced it with grey and white, giving the logo a softer, contemporary, retro feel. What you think of these improvements? What's your favorite and how can I continue to improve on these marks? Thank you all for your thoughts. You have been great!
  10. Yes, I am going to add this to the ESPN contest. I'm still making some small adjustments and tweaks to make it look more complete. The uniforms are almost done as well. Once finished, i'll put the final product on here for you all to see.
  11. MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES NEW LOGO CONCEPT Growing up i've always been a fan of the Timberwolves and what they've done with their branding. I've always liked their logos, colors, court designs, elements of their jerseys, etc. I think they have done a pretty nice job overall over the years. With the Timberwolves rebranding next season, I wanted to try my own version of their logos. I've always been a fan of their original logo, but felt that it needed some tweaks to really make it pop. I have two different mockups that i've done; classic revamp of the their original logo vs. tweak of current secondary logo. I wanted to try and focus on the blue, green, and white colors with the use of black as an alternate color. What do you think of these concepts? Any critiques, suggestions, improvements are encouraged. Thanks guys! Enjoy! Matt
  12. YES! YES! YES! I can see this being used in the NFL immediately. Great, great work! Well done. I look forward to your future projects.
  13. Sorry, Accidentally duplicated topic. Does anyone know how to delete topics? Thanks.
  14. Next Up... FC Barcelona Last month I had the privilege of attending a Barcelona soccer game vs. Espanyol and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. While looking around Camp Nou and seeing the history of FCB, and seeing the development of the Nou Campu Nou, I wanted to try to modernize FCB badge. At first glance, the badge is classic yet I feel there are way to many colors. I tried my best to remove colors and simplify it as much as possible yet still keep the integrity and brand of FCB. Changes Made: - Simplified colors. I updated the gold color to a more bronze/rustic color. Gives a nod to some of the old FCB badges of the past. Also made the red color of flag and red in the bottom part of the badge the same color. I updated the blue in the badge as well as another nod to older FCB badges used in the past. - Created a new "FCBarca" wording mark for apparel and environmental design. - Rounded out the shape of the bottom half of the badge. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks. "Forca Barca"
  15. I'm working on updated versions of Barcelona FC and an updated/newer version of Manchester United. They should be up soon.
  16. UPDATED VERSION I went ahead and made a few changes to my Real Madrid updated logo. It was brought to my attention that the sash in the logo was getting lost. I decided take a stab and extended it out and the I'm pretty happy with the result. What are your thoughts? Thanks for the critique GeauxColonels.
  17. - Thank you for the critique. The thought of extending the sash never even crossed my mind. I'll see what I can come up with. Thanks again.
  18. Hi guys! I know its been awhile since i've posted anything or any progress on new logo concepts that i've been working on. This is one that I wanted to share. With all of the soccer tournaments going on over the past few weeks and months i've been in a soccer frenzy and thought I'd try taking a stab at updating or designing new logos for some of the major soccer teams in Europe. First Up... Real Madrid Real Madrid I've become a huge fan of soccer over the years, and even more as of recent as i've been blessed to travel across Europe and visit stadiums and attend a few games. Being able to attend Real Madrid's stadium was one of the greatest places i've ever been too. Absolutely stunning! Their logo is iconic and I thought I would be fun to try cleaning it up and updating it a little bit. What an amazing team! Changes Made: - Darkened the blue - More gold color tone in the yellow - Made lines more prominent and thicker - Rounded out more the letters in MCF - Simplified the crown - Modernized the text "Real Madrid" Let me know your thoughts. Thanks. "Y Nada Mas. Hala Madrid" Enjoy!
  19. From what I had heard, and i'm sure we have all read it somewhere on one of these threads, the Jazz will be losing their "mountain" logo, and making their "music note" wordmark logo the new primary. However, they will have to add "Utah" somewhere on it because of the stupid NBA logo rules. I hope they don't change their uniforms! I honestly think it's their best ever uniform set, and one of the leagues best sets! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
  20. UPDATED VERSIONS: Small tweaks have been added to the following logos: - Bulls - Pistons - Lakers - Bucks - Spurs - Wizards Enjoy! Oh, There will be a Sonics one coming soon as well.
  21. Many of you have brought good questions to mind. I'll give you a little background on some of my design decisions. I'm a designer who really feels that you must design for the audience, and what will really connect. For some of the logos that feel like a "soccer" crest. That is intentional. In the NFL, and most of the NHL, you see logos that don't really have must text applied with the main logo. I've tried to accomplish the same effect with most of these logos. There were some I feel that still needed text. I wanted to see if I combine a strong symbol/soccer crest/nba style logo into one logo. Here is a little background on each NBA logo and why I did what I did. Atlanta Hawks: Wanted to stay true to the classic look and feel yet give the hawk a little more aggressive look and one that feels like the hawk is looking over/protecting the city. Boston Celtics: Honestly, I wanted to try something totally different. Brooklyn Nets: Stay true to Brooklyn. I kept the shield from the current logo, but really wanted the bridge, as a way of tying Brooklyn to New York City. Charlotte Hornets: I wanted to put a modern twist on one of the old original Hornets logos that lasted only one season. Chicago Bulls: Tried to update a classic. It's difficult. Cleveland Cavaliers: I love the current color scheme but I feel Cleveland needs to stick to the "Wine & gold" scheme. I really wanted to keep this mark really simple. Dallas Mavericks: Put a modern twist on a classic. ( I may change this one too. Still looking at other options I did.) Denver Nuggets: I wanted to combine the shield of the Colorado Rapids in this one. Honestly, I think Denver is a city that could find a design element for all their professional sports teams and use it across the board. That is what I went into with Nuggets. Detroit Pistons: Wanted to show a classic grill for a classic team with a classic name. ( I still may change this one too) Golden State Warriors: Reason for "SF", is i'm honestly just preparing for when the team goes to San Francisco. That is all. Houston Rockets: I wanted to use a design of a rocket shape patch, and use the classic rocket scheme. Indiana Pacers: Update a modern look and really tie in what makes Indiana great. Los Angeles Clippers: I had to do something to fix that horrible mess that they have made. Los Angeles Lakers: I combined the letter type of the old MLPS Lakers, and the ball of the current Lakers logo. Tried to stay true to history and tradition. Memphis Grizzlies: (one of my projects on my website, Seattle Kodiaks, that logo was supposed to be used for Memphis). This was a difficult one to come up with. Stay true to the "memphis blues". Miami Heat: Most difficult one to complete. I know soccer is huge down there so I tried combining a soccer style logo with an NBA twist. Milwaukee Bucks: Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of their new logo (love the uniforms though). I just tried to put what my version would be. Minnesota Timberwolves: Put a modern twist on a classic. New Orleans Pelicans: I really wanted to incorporate the "Pelicans" name, and I hoped by using the fluer-dis-lee I could show it's New Orleans team. New York Knicks: A badge of the NYPD, the empire state building, and basketball.... Screams I am a KNICK! Oklahoma City Thunder: Thundering herds of buffaloes yet put a Native American tie to it. Orlando Magic: Tried combine the sight of Magic into a logo. Philadelphia 76ers: Show my own version. Phoenix Suns: Wanted to show a "phoenix" bird that covers all of the state of Arizona. Portland TrailBlazers: Yes, I tried combine as well another MLS look into this logo. I know the pinwheel logo is a classic, so I tried to use "5 lines" on both sides of the axe to try to give the same type of feel. Sacramento Kings: Incorporate a crown in the game of basketball. San Antonio Spurs: A twist and view of a classic spur. Toronto Raptors: I miss the old ball/claw logo. It was perfect. So I wanted to keep the claws, along with the leaf to really show that the Raptors are not only Toronto's team, but Canada's team as well. Utah Jazz: I live and breathe the Jazz (season ticket holder as well). This one, honestly I just wanted to do something with music, and a new style of note for the team. Washington Wizards: Show the monument as part of DC, and incorporate the Nations Capital. I know that this may not be enough explanation on each team, but it gives you an idea of what I was thinking when wanting to make certain design decisions. Thank you all for your suggestions and critiques. I'll take some of your suggestions and see how or if I can apply them to my designs. Thank you all again. If you have any questions, please feel free to write me a message.
  22. UPDATE: CHICAGO BULLS IS NOW UPDATED. I didn't realize my "Bulls" mockup was so close to one already drawn up from another designer, Ben Barnes. I have taken my version down and updated it with another version that I have done. I hope you like the new version. Thank you all for keeping me on my toes. I appreciate. Here is the page with the updated versions of the logos. PORTFOLIO
  23. Thank you. I just realized my "Bulls" looks almost identical to a design I saw in the years past. I didn't know it was so close. I'm going to redo my bulls go. Anyways, I am working on some uniforms, which will be unveiled in the coming weeks. Thanks for your looking at my designs. I appreciate it.
  24. Woah... I did not realize that Ben made that design. I remember seeing a design like that a long time ago, but I couldn't remember where I saw that. I must have made my "Bulls" logo with those elements out of my subconscious. Thank you for the heads up. I'll go change mine up. I'll be sure to give him credit though. Thanks again.