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  1. Man, Puma is throwing straight heat this year. Especially with that Austria kit. That is fantastic. Only one that's a bit off is the Serbia clash. The volt touches are an odd call. It'd be a much better kit if they were red.
  2. Rocket League tournament to decide the title. Do it.
  3. I'm really annoyed with these new Bucs renderings. The only sin worse than making something ugly is making something boring. I think they somehow managed to do both. They took an already boring set and made it even more yawn-worthy.
  4. It's the new New Era era. We'll maybe see some throwbacks and I'd bet that's it.
  5. If we've got a Habs concept with gradients, we need a crazy 90's alt for the Leafs. Just because.
  6. Ooooh that's a nice set. Only thing missing on that set would be putting the BJ's sleeve numbers on a patch shaped like Ohio like the Barons used to.
  7. I'm not gonna stop you - I wanna see just how deep this rabbit hole goes
  8. Lighten up your backgrounds a little bit my guy - I can barely make out any detail on that Islanders home uni. I like what I see, but I can't see much.
  9. That Pop Art City concept is stunning. Like the basics of that yellow cab uni too - to me though, it seems like more of a deviation from the Knicks colours and brand than the Pop Art jersey.
  10. There's an awful lot of teal in this series and I'm fully on board.
  11. Continuing with a couple of navy teams - the Isles and Preds. I've also added another aspect to this project. I found an old hockey card of the immortal Georges Vezina from around 1917 and I'm putting these designs down in vintage hockey card form.
  12. So here's a different cannon for CBJ, along with the next two teams, Florida and Minny. Nashville and the Isles next.
  13. Two more teams, coming right up: Columbus and Detroit. and here's the Red Wings: The Panthers and Wild are the next two teams up.