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  1. Oh I am following the hell outta this. Excellent work so far - you've managed to somehow come up with entirely new designs and identities, yet keep them consistent with the rest of the league. It's bold, it's colourful, it's unique - and as someone who's spent a lot of my life in Saskatoon, I know that design would go over well.
  2. The moose leg is the single best rink-bound projectile in hockey. Weird seeing Flin Flon wear black, though. That's an awful idea.
  3. So I missed the other divisional teaser releases yesterday and today. Screw it - here's all the other teams, starting with the Central division. Now, the Atlantic.
  4. Now, since Metro division teams have all posted teasers, let's go there, shall we?
  5. If you're a hockey fan and a uniform nerd, you've probably heard about Adidas' latest design idea - something it calls the ЯEVERSE RETRO series, basically a special fauxback uniform for every NHL team this coming season. The brand released a video this week showing what we can assume are the colours and the season the jersey will throw back to. So, naturally, I took that and ran with it - in the past two days, I've made mockups of all 31 uniforms we *could* see once this comes out. Some of these are outright guesses, while others are concepts using what we know as a jumping off point - a few are just what I'd like to see. Anyway, here it goes. Let's start with the eight Pacific division teams.
  6. Means watching this thread, knowing exactly what happens next
  7. whenever I see a new Puma Africa kit release
  8. Last team up - Washington. I will put up some designs I made for the Winter Classic, Heritage Classic and Stadium Series games, too.
  9. Two teams and special games left. Here are my favourites, the Winnipeg Jets.
  10. That's not a bad idea, but I did do something like that while coming up with this one - it looks way too much like Vancouver's Flying V. That was something I wanted to avoid - take some inspiration, sure, but don't outright ape the look, you know?
  11. Four teams left. Here's Vancouver - bit of the past, bit of the present with a very detailed alternate. I took a lot of inspiration from the Grizzlies there, including with the pattern - in the same way the Grizzlies' Haida pattern shows a claw and an eye repeating, this one features the new Haida "V" with the top fin of a whale.
  12. So hear me out for a second... this, but with a red base and a darker red instead of the black, making a tonal effect, would not be a bad kit. It's the contrast that kills this.
  13. Not a ton of comments here these days. This should get people talking - especially the alt. Here are the Toronto Maple Leafs.