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  1. whenever I see a new Puma Africa kit release
  2. Last team up - Washington. I will put up some designs I made for the Winter Classic, Heritage Classic and Stadium Series games, too.
  3. Two teams and special games left. Here are my favourites, the Winnipeg Jets.
  4. That's not a bad idea, but I did do something like that while coming up with this one - it looks way too much like Vancouver's Flying V. That was something I wanted to avoid - take some inspiration, sure, but don't outright ape the look, you know?
  5. Four teams left. Here's Vancouver - bit of the past, bit of the present with a very detailed alternate. I took a lot of inspiration from the Grizzlies there, including with the pattern - in the same way the Grizzlies' Haida pattern shows a claw and an eye repeating, this one features the new Haida "V" with the top fin of a whale.
  6. So hear me out for a second... this, but with a red base and a darker red instead of the black, making a tonal effect, would not be a bad kit. It's the contrast that kills this.
  7. Not a ton of comments here these days. This should get people talking - especially the alt. Here are the Toronto Maple Leafs.
  8. Thank you - some great comments and some constructive criticism here. Florida was a tough one to do. They've never had a great look to draw on in my view, so that was a kind of "throw everything against the wall and hope it sticks" thing. Same with the Totems design - it was just me thinking "where do we even start?"
  9. Bumping before we go to the next team... is anybody there?
  10. So like every other designer, I put together something with the Seattle Kraken. Thing is, I made up another design (using a logo that Dylan Nowak made a while ago and put up for anyone to use) months back and I figure I'd show 'em both off. First, here's what we got (and a couple jerseys I think we should get) And now, here's what I thought we'd see with the Seattle Totems.
  11. No comments... I'm assuming that's a good thing? Here's St. Louis.
  12. Let's go to Pittsburgh. I made a hybrid logo of the original scarfed penguin and the current logo, modernized the striping a bit and brought back some 90s touches.