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  1. @Eric Westhaver

    Good afternoon. My name is Marcos Flamengo.

    Would you please make the concepts of 9 CFL teams: Sherbrooke Concordes, Saint John Irish, Saskatoon Miners, Regina Roughriders (updated version of the Saskatchewan Roughriders), Langford 51s, Fraser Engineers, Burnaby Colonels, Thunder Bay Railways and Kamloops Spartans.

    The colors of the Sherbrook Concordes would be navy blue, red and black.

    The colors of the Saint John Irish would be green, baby blue, yellow and silver.

    The colors of the Saskatoon Miners would be gold, black and brown.

    The colors of the Regina Roughriders would be the same of what is the Saskatchewan Roughriders today: green and white.

    The colors of the Langfords 51s would be black, white, navy, selective yellow and red, the colors of the flag of Langford.

    The colors of the Fraser Engineers would be free speech red, fountain blue and creamy.

    The colors of the Kamloops Spartans would be hokey pokey and caribbean green

    The colors of the Burnaby Colonels would be cardinal, white and gold

    The colors of the Thunder Bay Railways would be confetti and black

    This is your mission, should you choose to accept it.

    Thank you.