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  1. No sense wasting any time - let's keep this thing going. Up next is Red Bull, a team settling down after some wildly successful years. This one is based partially off the black-and-white dazzle camo they tried in testing a few years back - since doing black and white dazzle stripes might make this team look like refs, I toned it down and kept it to the cuffs and logo. Next up is a kinda new team bringing a very bright colour scheme into F1 - Racing Point. It's very pink.
  2. For me, this is one of the best times of the year. My absolute favourite sport, hockey, is at a fever pitch. The NHL is deep in the middle of a run to the playoffs, junior teams are going through the playoff ringer and the level of play has jumped up (as it always does right now). To add to that, this is the time of year when my second favourite sport, Formula 1, hits the track. All 10 teams and 20 drivers are down in Melbourne as I type, ready to turn Albert Park from a sleepy path and pond to the biggest spectacle around. I love it. I've always thought this board has seen way too many sports-swap designs (if I see another Eagles or Flyers concept in red/white/blue, I swear to god...) and I never wanted to add yet another one here. That said, I've never seen anyone combine motorsports and hockey and if nobody else has done it, you best bet I want to be the first. So here we go. We'll start with the top two teams from last year and arguably the two biggest in the sport right now - Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport and Scuderia Ferrari. We'll continue on later with some more good stuff.
  3. There's plenty of other little touches and bits of research hidden in this template that the player's union would never agree to, too. Honestly, I don't think it matters - let's get as close to the ideal hockey uniform as we can, limits be damned.
  4. It's meant to be an integrated safety measure for the uniform, made out of Kevlar and recycled fibres - think like a neck guard that doesn't get clingy or wet. Anyway, here's a new design. Since we know there will be a team in Seattle soon, but we don't know what the name will be or what the colours would be... why not give it a hack and get weird? More still to come.
  5. Honestly, I think hockey fans in general would really embrace a Gritty jersey, not just Flyers fans. I feel that he's become, in a weird way, an ambassador for the city. Last year I might have gone with something different, maybe a Rocky Balboa thing, maybe this, maybe that, but we'll never need to worry about that. Either way, if I was going to redesign something for the Flyers, I wouldn't use the Liberty Bell. I think that's almost too easy – mostly since the 76ers and Phillies already have logos featuring the bell. Also, apologies if the Gritty joke up there seemed rude. That was just rhythm and opportunity.
  6. Anyway, let's do some updates. First off: the Rangers. I know the first post was a a little... controversial for being busy, but those who loved it really seemed to love it. In order to declutter, I made the pants blue and cut back on the stripes a bit, while keeping some of those New York touches. Second, here's Pittsburgh. When I posted these to my design IG page, a Penguins fan blog reposted my concept and literally every person in the comments despised it. Now, maybe they just didn't get it, but either way, 50 people might not be wrong. I understated this one a bit too, making it black but switching it all up otherwise.
  7. Alright. Let's finish up the league with the last two teams. They're two particular favourites of mine. Pittsburgh first. Black and gold (since nothing says Pittsburgh like black and gold), striping based on the girders of the Fort Pitt Bridge, with those three US Steel stars (in the shape of Stars of David - a subtle memorial to the Tree of Life victims) and a big Pittsburgh "P". And the last design of the bunch - actually the first one I finished - for the St. Louis Blues. Instead of shouting out the blues, let's pay tribute to rock. Specifically, let's pay tribute to Chuck Berry, born and raised in St. Louis, and the first pressing of his legendary "Johnny B. Goode". I'm open to doing other concepts for NHL cities (if you've got a good idea that I haven't done) and updates on the stuff I've already posted. But... yeah. That's 31 teams up, 31 teams down.
  8. Okay. Mixed signals, but okay. Anyway, here are two more teams. Here's Nashville, using a smooth little guitar-neck sash. Aaaaand here are the defending champs, the Washington Capitals. Using an unused logo (that I love dearly) by Andrew Sterlachini, this one is a stars-and-stripes spangled dandy. Only two more teams remain: St. Louis and Pittsburgh. What do you think?
  9. Oh no. I take it that's not a good thing. What's the issue?
  10. Let's inch closer to completion with these bad boys. Here's my favourite jersey of the bunch, for the Flyers. What could the logo be? What would be the most logical choice in 2019 for a new Flyers logo? Hmmm... The other uni is for the New York Islanders. Here's a jersey inspired by the New York subway map and the trains linking Long Island to the rest of the city. Some Helvetica numbers, odd stripes, another new logo (based off the logo on Chico Resch's Isles mask back in the day) and some sleeve numbers meant to resemble subway tokens.
  11. Quick little bump before I post another couple of these. Anything?
  12. Well, they can't all be perfect. I'll put an update together when I get a computer back up and working. Up next, let's do Tampa Bay and Vancouver. This isn't really the most original idea for Tampa, but one I really like. I literally drew this up for the first time when I was eight, doodling hockey jerseys on my school tangfolder. I can't fathom why they haven't at least considered doing like this. Up next is Vancouver. Let's combine a bunch of things that people think of when they think of Vancouver and the Canucks - trees, flannel and lumberjacks meet Chinese culture and the Canucks' old-school Flying Vs. And then there were six. What you want to see next?
  13. Well, I'm glad to see this thing is getting some love. Here are two teams that have been requested previously. Let's start with Minnesota. We're getting wild with this one (with an idea I first did in my old NHL Hitz expansion series that I shamelessly stole from @Jimmy Lethal and @HarperK) and using the woods to create a unique striping pattern. I think it's the happy medium between '90s craziness and '10s clean. Now, the Rangers. I won't lie - this is the team I had the most trouble with. There's so much imagery in New York that you just can't settle on one thing. So instead, I threw it all at the wall. There are stars, there are stripes, there are checkerboard stripes just like on Yellow Cabs, there's a skyline and an all-around homage to their old rivals the Americans without completely stealing their look. Here we go. That's a very loud jersey set, to be sure, but I'm a fan, personally. There are eight teams remaining - Nashville, the Islanders, Philly, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Tampa, Vancouver and Washington. Where do we go next?