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  1. Well, the Bombers are batiling the injury bug. Recivers Terrence Edwards, Cory Watson, and Chris Mathews are unlikley to play Friday. Also Tyrone Parker, Desia Dunn and Bryant Turner are out on defence. Seems like the Bombers need to use Chad Simpson more??? (btw Watson got hurt in practice today)
  2. Today I say the Argos win 25-23.
  3. AFC EAST NE 14-2 BUF 9-7 NYJ 8-8 MIA 4-12 AFC NORTH PIT 12-4 BAL 11-5 CIN 9-7 CLE 3-13 AFC SOUTH HOU 11-5 TEN 8-8 IND 6-10 JAX 4-12 AFC WEST DEN 10-6 SD 9-7 OAK 7-9 KC 6-10 NFC EAST NYG 9-7 PHI 9-7 DAL 8-8 WAS 6-10 NFC NORTH GB 12-4 DET 10-6 CHI 8-8 MIN 3-13 NFC SOUTH ATL 11-5 CAR 10-6 NO 9-7 TB 5-11 NFC WEST SF 13-3 ARZ 8-8 SEA 5-11 STL 3-13 AFC WILD CARD 3. HOU 31 6. BUF 13 4. DEN 17 5. BAL 21 AFC DIVISIONAL ROUND 1. NE 24 5. BAL 27 2. PIT 24 3. HOU 31 AFC CHAMPIONSHIP 3. HOU 10 5. BAL 17 NFC WILD CARD 3. ATL 20 6. DET 16 4. NYG 17 5. CAR 20 NFC DIVISIONAL 1. SF 41 5. CAR 6 2. GB 27 3. ATL 13 NFC CHAMPIONSHIP 1. SF 27 2. GB 24 SUPER BOWL 1. SF 31 5. BAL 27 MVP: PATRICK WILLIS; PLAYOFFS: 3 INT 1 FF 4 SACKS 1 TD 21 TACK
  4. Bombers can turn the season around tonight with a win over Riders. Hopefully they get it done. Saskatchewan did it to us last year give Ken Miller the job at labor day, hopefully Tim Burke can do the same thing. Get us a point.
  5. Drew Tate looks like he broke his wrist. Calgary better hope Glenn still can play like he has in the past. Hope Tate is okay.
  6. I know its only one game but yesterday the Offensive Line was terrible. Buck was sacked 4 times in the first half and he's the most fragile QB ive ever seen. And i agree with NEW.ERA Brink is better than Buck and he dosen't get hurt as much as Buck does. The defense though, was decent even without half of last years starters.
  7. justie

    Olympic Hockey

    Belarus is really good. Great job so far.
  8. Itally is better with dark blue. And Canada and Denmark i have no problems with.
  9. Darker blue would probably be better, i think you should try it.
  10. I like Finland. It looks beautiful. Italy, just dosen't look right to me. I don't like the light blue. it dosen't go good with the green/red IMO. But anyways it's a good start.
  11. Hue:10 Saturation: 7 Complimentary: 10 Analogous: 5 Ternary: 7 Quaternary: 5 Total: 7.3
  12. West RedWings Vs Predators - Predators in 7 BlackHawks Vs Coyotes - Coyotes in 6 Sharks Vs Blues - Blues in 7 Kings Vs Canucks - Canucks in 6 East Flyers Vs Penguins - Penguins in 7 Capitals Vs Bruins - Bruins in 5 Devils Vs Panthers - Devils in 5 Senators Vs Rangers - Rangers in 6
  13. I love the home and road on Vancouver set bet I don't really like the alt as much as I do the home and road. I think if the blue was darker on the alternate it would be better. But that just me. EDIT: The Flames and Pens are beautiful.
  14. I like that the Sens picked up Bishop. If he is ready (I think he is) then I think he can help the Sens to move up a seed or two. A smart move by the Sens.