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  1. That's what I was thinking of toying around with right now. I was stuck on needing a third color at first but i think thats probably a good idea. Outside of the new Northwestern uniforms with the monochrome purple, can you point me in the direction of someone else that has gone this route? BYU does monochrome northwestern stripes. Also, Auburn uses northwestern stripes too, not just Florida (in the SEC).
  2. Those Oregon uniforms are really sharp. The all white is one of the cleanest looks in CFB, though I prefer the color shifting numbers
  3. The new Nike Jaguars Uniform: Fast is faster. Ugly is uglier.
  4. I really wish Tennessee would get rid of the black in their jerseys. It looks so out of place with the helmets and pants. If they have to outline numbers, I actually think a dark orange would look both good and unique.
  5. At the end of the day, these are nicknames we are talking about. There isn't really any harm if Charlotte wants to change to a beloved name that is no longer in use. Nobody is "pretending" that this team is the same one one from the 90s. They just would rather cheer for a team called the hornets. I pretty certain people are smart enough to realize it's not the same team. I fail to see why changing back is such a negative idea. The Jets seem to be doing a very similar thing quite well.
  6. Amen, this looks like UNC. The pants stripe was horrible. Other than that, it was a perfect look.
  7. Only the blue pants have the script on them...the gray pants have the previous stripes as the last set. Check out the video for more views: Thank goodness! Hopefully those blue britches don't get much use, but it seems like they will
  8. Ole Miss continues to have one of the best looks in the country...wait...do those pants have "REBELS" going down the side? Amateur. Completely ruins a classic look.
  9. Not too bad, but the lettering is a bit off. Anyone know where Bowling Green will end up?
  10. Let's not forget the Tampa Bay Rays, Charlotte bobcats, Columbus Bluejackets, San Diego Chargers, and Dallas Mavericks. Hell, there are probably a ton more I'm missing too.
  11. Actually, you can win. Look at the Cardinals, Seahawks, and Bengals animal heads. Those are perfect NFL quality logos.
  12. I really like most of this. The basketball unis are a home run. The football helmets are really holding back that set, those facemasks are distracting and ugly. I like the striping, but I don't like how it seems conformed to the cap sleeve shape.
  13. I actually think teal, navy, and cream has a good looking sound to it. Old gold would be a terrible move, though.
  14. I really like this packers old school design, but the white in the logo now seems very out of place
  15. Honestly the jersey and socks are awful. But the pants stripes are pretty cool. If they could incorporate that type of striping on the jersey as well it would be a great update. Surprisingly I find myself really liking this. The socks and sleeves might be a little overkill, but I really enjoy those shoulder stripes. The one in the article with the stripe across the chest is also very good. Usually I don't like change for the browns, but both of those are very clean and refreshing.