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  1. jstraper

    CSU Rams

    Nice attempts. I say your sketch had better proportions (particularly around the "u"). The full-color renderings appear to be too abrupt and muzzled. I liked how the eye fit better under the "s" in your sketch. You could also try to keep the ram horn as a single color (or a bit less of the darker shading). I think that could help bring focus from left to right as someone should read it: CSU
  2. Add the Astros, Mariners, and Nets as teams that have worn 35th anniversary patches. I'm sure there are many more. Honestly I see little problem with 35. I think the five-year anniversary patches are silly though: Bobcats (though don't think they ever wore it on their jerseys), Thrashers, and Wild Even more irksome, to me, was how the Yankees wore stadium patches for the last year of Old Yankee Stadium (okay, understandable), and New Yankee Stadium (overboard). Alas, the Mets did that too.
  3. UF's numbering is truly horrible, Looks like discarded construction pieces sewed to fabric. And the more I look at FSU's, I'm genuinely surprised the decided to make such a drastic change from a truly classic, timeless set which they won multiple championships in. I get they're trying to emphasize their "bond" with the Seminole tribe, but...I guess I just didn't realize how connected a tribe of native Americans were to...football. Seems forced and could be argued that they're trying to manufacture (or adopt) a pattern to use like how Alabama has done (very well) with the Houndstooth pattern. As a uniform set FSU's do look outstanding. But for them, coming off of a championship season and having championship pedigree in pretty much the same uniform for a couple of decades...I don't think it's an upgrade. The previous look was definitely top 5 in college football.
  4. Taking another look it's interesting they chose to match the color of the upper chest/shoulder "stripe" on the grey and green uniform top, but went with the accents on the orange and white ones (which will undoubtedly be the "primary" ones worn). I actually think the green's my favorite, but will have to wait and see it on the field.
  5. Agree with everything you said. The numbers stick out as being too thin. Detracts from the uniform in my opinion...looks like numbers from some of the counterfeit jerseys.
  6. I'm fully aware that this post will likely get deleted by a mod, and by no means do I say this with intent to instigate, but I simply want to go on record in this thread by saying I think it's silly and overboard to have deleted the previous post I made that contained best "guesses" for what the new Hornets colors will be. I feel strongly that other members of this board should be aware of this. I think the attempt to erase a suggestion that can't open up this site to any potential "C&D" was unnecessary and is an example of how the value of this board can be hindered.
  7. Just curious...what issues would you guys possibly run into with the NBA? I understand you prefer not having to go back and remove images or posts in the future IF asked to do so, but...the colors are just going to undoubtedly show up on many a blog or website. One would think that a website and forum devoted to uniform and logo design would be the ideal place for such a leak to appear. And so it did. But here's my issue: why is it necessary to "erase" this leak of colors when most every other logo/uniform leak is permissible (and dare I say desired -- it's why many people come back to this site)? Such policing seem quite inconsistent in my opinion.
  8. Some background about the above court: This design (with the "outer space" painted fully within the arc) was utilized only in 1995-96 -- the first of the new uniforms and colors for the team. Some issues with the design above, however: There was a white-and-sky blue-ish "glow" effect behind the logo for the 1995-96 seasonThere were also faint blue stairs in the "outer space" areaThe 3-point line was a uniform 22-feet from '95-'97
  9. Great concepts. The white helmet adds a nice touch. Closest Alabama will get to a black uniform would be a jersey for basketball. Not that Bryant, Jr would ever allow it, but just imagine how gaudy and interesting a houndstooth helmet/uniform would be (I'm aware that the school added subtle houndstooth accents in both a pro combat uniform and another tribute uniform in recent years).
  10. Looks like a barcode on the Hokie helmets.
  11. Why couldn't they just have done something like this on the court: Easily the best midfield/midcourt logo/mark/design in sports.
  12. I'm sure they would've loved to had Bud Adams left the Oilers identity behind. I keep thinking, though, that had the Oilers stayed, they would still have gotten a uniform upgrade, similar to what the Titans got. Both looks are great, but that Oilers look was so classic.
  13. Gosh, that is disgusting. I can't believe they used to advertise stuff like that back in the day. Back about 15-16 years ago I met Earl Campbell at a signing he was doing at a Rockets game. My father, half-jokingly, told me to tell him that I "loved him in the Skoal commercial." Earl just stared at me with a look of shocked disappointment and subtle distraught as he repeated, "Just don't use it man...just don't use it man..."
  14. Top-5 uniform in NFL history, no doubt. Damn shame it got trashed.