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  1. Some background about the above court: This design (with the "outer space" painted fully within the arc) was utilized only in 1995-96 -- the first of the new uniforms and colors for the team. Some issues with the design above, however: There was a white-and-sky blue-ish "glow" effect behind the logo for the 1995-96 seasonThere were also faint blue stairs in the "outer space" areaThe 3-point line was a uniform 22-feet from '95-'97
  2. Interesting, although I don't necessarily agree with honoring Delgado, lol. What did he really accomplish with the BJ's?
  3. But they're using the modern logo for 1980?
  4. Because manufacturing history to "fit in" is silly. I categorize this with the Rays "fauxbacks" of a couple years ago -- though they never specifically claimed to be a different team. Actually maybe a better example would be MLB teams honoring Negro League teams (good gesture, but it's still false representation). Same with the Raptors wearing "Toronto Huskies" uniforms (going back to '97) or the Heat wearing the Miami Floridians uniforms. All about marketing, marketing, and more marketing.
  5. They put his name and number on the front of the jersey. Also, any reason that Shaq's jersey is placed "before" (to the left) of Magic's jersey? Doesn't make numerical or chronological sense, no? UPDATE: Lakers admit error in Shaq's retired jersey "The oversight will be corrected and a new jersey put up as soon as possible," Lakers spokesman John Black said Wednesday.
  6. FINALLY!!! registered at cc's

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