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  1. The RiverCats are now a Giants farm club; I have long thought the Cats should adopt its parent clubs' colors (no matter what they are). Fans of teams often buy minor league gear, especially so if they have the same colors - that way they can blend in at a ballgame and look cool because they are showing support for the farm club too. Anyway, I would love to see this logo soon. I'd buy it. Even as a Sacramento resident, and Giants fan, and Cats fan, I'm not sure I'd buy their gear. I'd more likely buy Giants gear and wear that to the game.
  2. Game 6 of the 2002 western conference finals. Any Kings fan will tell you that was the most horrifically officiated game. We still talk about it. It was their year, and we've had to endure years of anguish... <img src="http://northeastcollegehoops.files.wordpress.com/2010/05/kobe-bryant-game-6-2002.jpg">
  3. totally agree! Even if they stick with the A's, they'd sell more merch with green & gold. The whole logo is a little dated.
  4. Rumor has it the A's farm club, the Sacramento RiverCats is shopping around opportunities to switch affiliations with the Fresno Grizzlies, the Giants AAA club. Would love to see some mock ups of the Cats in Orange & Black, and Grizzlies in green and gold...
  5. Woah I didn't realize the Mountain Lions played games at Raley Field. Didn't they play at Sacramento State for a bit?Yes for 2 seasons. Sac State got a much improved field out of the deal. I don't think the UFL had its act together for the third season so Sac State couldn't deal with the UFL's indecisiveness. As you can likely see in the first pic, the turnout was embarrassing. The UFL folded like 2 weeks later. What a joke that league was.
  6. Tampa to Orlando is like 4 hours with traffic as I recall. It's not close. I thought the Rays had a stadium deal in the works? It fell through?
  7. I like that one better than thier last one. I think that pic is black and white. The actual rings look like they have gold in them. That said, the 2010 rings are my favorites.
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