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  1. ...you mean like how everyone still refers to the Washington Bullets?
  2. Sometimes I think people don't consider the Giants a dynasty because they don't have a monster superstar with a huge attitude. Posey is their biggest star and most consider Molina a better catcher, so he's not even a first ballot all star. No matter, Posey has 3 rings, rookie of the year, MVP, a few all star nods, and Comeback POY. Bumgarner is 25 and has 3 rings. Not bad,
  3. You can say what you want about the wild card, the Giants won when it counted, thanks in large part to Bumgarner. Would you still be bitter about the Royals if they won as a wild card? 3 out of 5 is a dynasty, like it or not. They simply know how to win in the postseason... They find a way - and they aren't rattled by the pressure. They seem to thrive on it. Will they be back? Who knows. It's hard to count them out if they punch a postseason ticket. However as a Giants fan, it's been a great run so far.
  4. Royals certainly aren't dead... Going back to KC and both Giants starters for 6 and 7 - Peavy and Hudson - are very hittable. If the Giants lose 6, MadBum very well may start 7. I would... He's their best pitcher even on 4 days rest.
  5. The RiverCats are now a Giants farm club; I have long thought the Cats should adopt its parent clubs' colors (no matter what they are). Fans of teams often buy minor league gear, especially so if they have the same colors - that way they can blend in at a ballgame and look cool because they are showing support for the farm club too. Anyway, I would love to see this logo soon. I'd buy it. Even as a Sacramento resident, and Giants fan, and Cats fan, I'm not sure I'd buy their gear. I'd more likely buy Giants gear and wear that to the game.
  6. The RiverCats have announced they are dropping the A's affiliation, which means several cities are expecting changes: Sacramento (Giants) Fresno (Brewers) Nashville (A's).
  7. Things have changed since 10 years ago. Nowadays they are going for what merchandise can be on local shelves the day they clinch. This way they can print up hats and shirts ahead of time and place a sticker or couple more screens at the last minute. I think it cheapens the experience for fans when official merch doesn't even match team colors. I'd like to think this basic design may mean that merch might match team colors, but I doubt it. My guess is tshirts are being printed right now, with hats embroidered now as well. That said, I think it's a decent logo set that will look nice on gray tshirts.
  8. Game 6 of the 2002 western conference finals. Any Kings fan will tell you that was the most horrifically officiated game. We still talk about it. It was their year, and we've had to endure years of anguish... <img src="http://northeastcollegehoops.files.wordpress.com/2010/05/kobe-bryant-game-6-2002.jpg">
  9. I like it. I like how you incorporated the shield and the Alamo in there. I see what you did there. Would love to see a silver & black version of this.
  10. AT&T Park has the "knothole gang" free viewing area in right field.
  11. One of the Kings owners was tweeting for uni and logo change ideas for the Kings. They are working it but acknowledge it takes time to do it right. One of the more popular ideas has been a 'Sac Town' alt uni like Portland and Rip City. I think it's a great idea. I think they could experiment a little, purple and black could lend itself to trying out some secondary colors like neon red, green, or orange. At least come up with some concepts and see if anything flies.
  12. totally agree! Even if they stick with the A's, they'd sell more merch with green & gold. The whole logo is a little dated.
  13. Rumor has it the A's farm club, the Sacramento RiverCats is shopping around opportunities to switch affiliations with the Fresno Grizzlies, the Giants AAA club. Would love to see some mock ups of the Cats in Orange & Black, and Grizzlies in green and gold...
  14. Matt Stairs (13) or this guy... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lutz_Pfannenstiel
  15. There are like 300 minor league teams already, it's called college football. It's why a minor league football program will never, ever work.
  16. It said 'Take the Pepsi Challenge' during that campaign...
  17. Woah I didn't realize the Mountain Lions played games at Raley Field. Didn't they play at Sacramento State for a bit?Yes for 2 seasons. Sac State got a much improved field out of the deal. I don't think the UFL had its act together for the third season so Sac State couldn't deal with the UFL's indecisiveness. As you can likely see in the first pic, the turnout was embarrassing. The UFL folded like 2 weeks later. What a joke that league was.
  18. A better logo with Oregon Hops... http://www.osualum.com/?sid=359&gid=1&pgid=2632&cid=3987&ecid=3987&ciid=16647&crid=0
  19. Tampa to Orlando is like 4 hours with traffic as I recall. It's not close. I thought the Rays had a stadium deal in the works? It fell through?
  20. We don't hate Seattle, never have. We just want to see dirt moving on the arena. This wasn't good for Seattles cause for sure. It was a pretty boneheaded move by Hansen. It hurts the anti-arena movement, which is a good thing.
  21. I kind of like this one. I like the use of neon green; neon colors are definitely a hot trend right now. I want to see a brand new logo - but I like the way you incorporated the current logo and the texas outline...
  22. I know Seattle and the rest of the country think this is about them, but the honest truth is... it never was. It's the same reason the Kings never moved to Anaheim. You can't leave a city that supports a team, can pay their share of an arena, has government support, and has been loyal to the NBA, just because they have owners who are broke. It's a disservice to the city.
  23. I like that one better than thier last one. I think that pic is black and white. The actual rings look like they have gold in them. That said, the 2010 rings are my favorites.
  24. I think the sale is looking 50-50. Sacramento has an owner lined up, fan support and an arena plan... They just had terrible owners, and you can't pin that on the city. Seattle or not, I'm not sure Stern will allow this move to happen.