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  1. Wow, love all of the concepts, can you make a Tampa Bay Bucs one and a Cincinnati Bengals Head one?
  2. The Broncos one is really good.
  3. CherryColaFan

    NFL Sigs

    Thank you for the Ochocinco one Luigi
  4. CherryColaFan

    NFL Sigs

    Can you please make a Chad Ochocinco one? And thank you in advance
  5. Those stadium concepts were awesome, i didnt like the 3rd one, the colors were awkward... The best i think was the 1st and 2nd one. We will see what they will choose in few years.
  6. My top 10: Wild Blackhawks Sabres ( call me weird, but actualy i kinda like that logo lol ) Canadiens Devils Senators Coyotes Sharks Blues Canucks
  7. Great logos andrew. And i really would like to taste Buffalo Winter Warrior, but all of them sounds good.
  8. I found out this NHL 2011 Draft Logo: And i have to say i really like it, could be one of the best NHL Draft Logos ever. What do you all think about this?
  9. Also voted! Good luck, becouse that bathroom looks terrible...
  10. I like the new logo better, but it doesnt matter whats the logo it matters how the chocolate tastes, and i love Twix!
  11. Looks nice, if i would have a chance i would buy some, but im not a big fan of NFL, im more NHL fan.
  12. Updated version looks better, like it. But still something is missing...
  13. I like the new look of the Pepsi WC, but the "smile" logo is anoying me.
  14. I like the old one better also, i dont know why but i just love it.