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  1. Which is disappointing. I think Utah looks great in green. It's a shame to lose those unis.
  2. The Bulls and Pacers both look great. I think Indy's would look better without the gray stripes, but these are the best they've looked in gold.
  3. This is how you start down the NBA 82 jerseys in 82 games path...
  4. Man, I dig those a lot. The lack of Buffalo Braves colors (orange/black/white AND light blue/black/white) in the NBA is a bad thing. The Clips need to take a bit of both, and make their City's from two (?) years ago their new identity (Although I do like their new gangsta font too. Who knew the red-uniformed stepchild of LA could go from being one one the most "irrelevant" teams in sports to one of the more potentially compelling in such a short time?).
  5. I also think the the Hornets black jerseys have been pretty lame thus far. However I do think a black uni with teal and purple pinstripes could be nifty.
  6. No kidding. From a Jazz fan's perspective, those are Rockets colors whether Houston's currently wearing them or not. (They should be, by the way.)
  7. Rockets colors? No thanks.
  8. Those are similar jerseys, but I don't think that's the '77 team photo. Where's Bill Walton?
  9. This one isn't totally wrong to me, but I know it is for many. Chelios is an interesting case: 7 seasons with Montreal, and 8+ with Chicago (65 games the year he was trades), and 9+ with Detroit (10 regular season games after the trade). Which of the latter two is the "right" one?
  10. Miami's main identity is solid, and has a good history, but, man, with DWade retiring now is the perfect time to switch to the Vice identity full time and start a new era with a look that's truly unique.
  11. Ah, the memories... I loved me some Book It personal pan pizza back in the day. Good times! I remember when the switched from the regular pins to the lenticular ones:
  12. The fact that the current logo is a nod to the Ohio state flag is pretty nifty, though. And, the cannon logo looks way better in the actual team colors than it's original alt scheme.
  13. Agreed. Still not the name of the city! Hahaha!
  14. Ah to be faaaii-uh, not sure, actually. (Although, I do watch plenty of NHL games and news, so I guess I hear "Vegas" more often. )