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  1. There are companies that do huge last minute printings to get the merchandise out ASAP. The stuff is official, but as others said, due to the quantity and speed, not all of it is tagged on the inside as usual. There's a vendor near Philly (I think it might be in West Chester) that always gets local press coverage for that when Philly teams are deep in the playoffs.
  2. The #10 was there to honor Brad McCrimmon at Howe's request.
  3. The jersey on display in the 11th Street Atrium at tonight's Flyers game:
  4. Boy, I must have been tired before the wasn't a blank on the concourse, it was a #10 jersey. I just went back to look at my pics.
  5. The replicas are the old airknit style from the CCM days, not the EDGE premier style. They're exactly like the leaked photo - felt crest, detail on the inside collar marking it as a Winter Classic jersey. The display model on the concourse was a blank and all of the player specific ones were sold out by the end of the game, otherwise I would have tried to take photos of the details.
  6. Based on a Winter Classic pennant and lanyard I bought at the Flyers/Rangers preseason game tonight, both teams are using vintage white as part of their color scheme. It stands out more on the Rangers logo due to the proportion of white but if you look closely at the Flyers logo in comparison to the Winter Classic wordmark, you can see the difference in shade.
  7. PSUCub

    NHL symbols

    Going the extremely abstract route...boxers = eye hand coordination (x2 of them to make it plural) = eyehanders. Islanders? Another off the wall one for the with rangefinder = Rangers? Possibly also the background of 2b, although its not much of a mountain range.
  8. PSUCub

    NHL symbols

    Orange, black, and white bird in flight.
  9. Here's a scan of the backer:
  10. If I have time later, I'll scan in the backer so there's a better view than my quick camera phone pic. It's definitely silver.
  11. I picked up a few of the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals patches today. On the backer from National Emblem, there were Canucks, Sharks, and Blue Jackets anniversary patches for the upcoming season that I don't remember seeing before. Apologies if they've been posted already.
  12. I hope that's the case. I had the hotel room booked two or three weeks before the announcement but am now waiting to see what the ticket market looks like. I'll likely head up to take it all in anyway, but it would be great if supply and demand drove prices down.
  13. One of the Flyers message boards has a similar discussion going on about the status of the orange jerseys. The Flyers want to change to them as the home jerseys but apparently were waiting for confirmation at some point because of what happened with the Islanders being denied in time for the season. Most signs point to it happening, but I don't think the team has officially announced it.
  14. Did you ask one of the employees to check in the back? That's what I had to do since they didn't have my size on the floor.
  15. I think those are exclusive to the NHL store in NYC...that's where I got mine and it has the Reebok wordmark on the sleeve.