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  1. I usually do. For some reason it just didnt look right to me. I hadnt even noticed I did the same thing to all 4 of the new teams till you pointed it out.
  2. "FORQUE", pretty certain I got it from dafont
  3. I traced it based off one Ive seen others use here before. I use PS so I had to make a PSD template for myself. It is quite large, but I might scale it down a bit and release it for the PS peeps. I might add a sleeved option to the template, even though Im no fan of it.
  4. Some updates for the new season (Expansion):
  5. try connecting the Y to the top of the G, might look a little less forced?
  6. Here's the newest cover that I did the players on for the commish. The 3 players on the cover were voted MVP favorites going into the season.
  7. Providence owner wanted to remove black from the scheme and have even simpler uniforms
  8. So like I said the Mesa set was a placeholder, basically. Ive worked on a set that probably wont be "official" till next season. Side note: If any of you guys are in to sim leagues and have this game on your pc, we will probably be expanding after the year. Theres a link on the page to join. http://nabl.simuleague.com/ If the ball looks familiar, i modified the Atlanta Hawks alt logo. I originally had a color road jersey, but the owner said he preferred a grey one instead.
  9. these are the logos, only have them handy in 150x150 right now for in game use. And yes some are familiar. The Pilots logo was recreated based on the old Spirits of St Louis. The Storm logo/wordmark was lifted off an existing logo, I didnt have time to go through and make a 100% original one at the time, so I just modified one l thought would work for now. The pilgrims logo is a frankenstein. I took elements from like 3 different logos, and modified them to fit together. The Ottawa "O" logo isnt mine i just cleaned it up and modified it a bit. It was already chosen for the team so not sure if it was a real teams logo or not. Tuscon is the old Pontiac Firebird basically. And the Gator head logo was taken off an existing logo and modified a bit to stand on its own. The rest I pretty much did from scratch.
  10. Thanks man! Also forgot to add the league site http://nabl.simuleague.com/
  11. And that's where we stand at the moment, about to begin Free agency before season 3...
  12. Season Three: A handful of owners wanted some updates, so I came up with some ideas with a general idea of what they might want. The only overhaul went to Buffalo, who had a new owner.
  13. Season Two: Only change was Tucson, which moved to Mesa and became the "Inferno". I liked the original, but I did what I could at the time. Definitely a candidate for a facelift sooner than later.
  14. Ok, so it's been forever since I've really posted anything here, but I've been doing this league lately and figured I'd share. It's an multiplayer fictional league that Ive done all the logos (except one) and uniforms for. Was never a big hoops concept guy here, but I thought they came out fairly well and wouldnt mind feedback. Oh yeah, and if any of you guys might be interested in taking over a team we might have an opening or two. We use FBPB3. http://nabl.simuleague.com/ Anyway lets get started, I'll use the next posts for the teams...
  15. hey i did that tropics logo a couple yrs ago. look forward to see what you do with it!
  16. I did the original Warhawk/Eagle logo in a thread from over a year ago. (Although I'm pretty sure I used the eagle head and lightly modified it from something else)
  17. love the chiefs but i think the pants stripe matching the helmet would be better.
  18. Can I get a Syracuse one in 1920x1080? Would make a killer desktop bg!
  19. Ill give the .psd template out if u guys want to continue. I just haven't had any time.
  20. but...they still kind of "cut off at will". these are garbage.
  21. "designed to support"? I mean they look decent enough, but they're obviously just generic designs to avoid copyright, made to profit from. Not that I personally care that you are selling them, but let's call a spade a spade. I'm sure I can't be alone on this. Like I said, from a concept standpoint, they're not bad. Safe, vanilla, generic....but they aren't ugly.
  22. Toronto has more than basically any other franchise, the potential for an insanely cool set of logos and uniforms. And they are completely ruining it. So friggin bland and generic.