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  1. Love the use of my first name, here? Isn't that protected by some internet privacy right laws and can't I then sue you for disclosing it? Checking with my attorney on this? Stay tuned.
  2. Lovely... are you stepping out from behind the curtain too? What a limp wrist move.
  3. Sorry Ice_Cap done with you... common sense and reason... not big selling points here, eh?
  4. well, that was a wasted two hours of circle jerking with someone in the know...
  5. Pulling out the Mod warning? Nice. ,... don't think that sentiment is an excuse to act like a dick.. " nice... well done... never called anyone a dick... you did... I made my points... teams change when they win championships for many reasons... teams market... the Kings are a drab brand... fans LOVE the purple and gold... the Rockets only became relevant when they won... they can go right back to the Wendy's look but no one would care because Clutch City was 22 years ago... rear view mirror marketing.
  6. Turtle. Let's go to the animated .gif after we get smacked in the nose... sorry for providing insight and knowledge.
  7. Ice_Cap and Cream Soda won't like it because the Flames weren't wearing that EXACT EXACT logo and uniform when they won their one and only Stanley Cup. Shame on you Flames and NHL for marketing your team the way you (and your fans) see fit. Blasphemy!
  8. That for as much as you are going on about facts? Your own arguments are rambly and nonsensical. There are bits and pieces of logic that can be picked out, but you seem prone to tangents. Some of which directly contradict earlier points you've attempted to make. And then when people don't agree with you? You play the condescending "well I've got facts on my side" card. Which is more comical than insulting in this case, because no one's sure what points you're trying to make anyway. Already cleared up the facts on the Penguins black and sunflower yellow for the masses so we're all good on this right? http://www.sportingnews.com/nhl/news/penguins-uniform-history-black-gold-bruins-pittsburgh-lemeiux-crosby/1xl9sl3wvy4fs1pc08qkrrmfhx
  9. Alexander bought the Rockets in July 1993 for $85 million. In his first two seasons as owner (1993–94 and 1994–95), the Rockets won back to back World Championships anchored by Hall of Famer Hakeem Olajuwon.
  10. If a poster can provide some evidence of background and facts to support an opinion why not embrace that versus spewing half-truths and opinion-laden urban legend?
  11. Sorry you feel that way but when you can support an opinion with accurate background and facts... it shortens these mindless debates. FYI. Google is such a useful way to substantiate fact from fiction -- which often can run roughshod in this Forum. If... I think... From what I heard... Ugh.
  12. Hmmmm... Well...no...dead wrong. Try this... Pittsburgh's second NHL franchise, the Pittsburgh Penguins, wore blue and white, due to general manager Jack Riley's upbringing in Ontario. In 1979, after the Steelers and Pirates had each won their respective league championships, the Penguins altered their color scheme to match, despite objections from the Boston Bruins.
  13. As an FYI... how many of these teams have changed their jerseys since they won titles? Maybe I shouldn't post this? It will start a 6-month endless debate... ah here goes... Cavs. Warriors Heat, Spurs, Mavericks, Lakers, Celtics, Pistons, Rockets.
  14. Talking about a jersey change... not about accepting trophies and rings... let's accept the fact that the Rockets were NOT an all-time great team... and it's not like you're changing the Yankees, Celtics, Canadiens nor Steelers jerseys--- it's the Houston Rockets for chrissakes. Sanity check.
  15. Of course Morgo... Ice_Cap's argument is out of sequential order and further weakened by the reality that the team made the switch back to the 1980 update because fans loved the way it looked, even more than the 2 Cups they won in that design. But sometimes people don't like to listen to reason?
  16. Mario who? Jaromir who? Coffey who? The change in 1980 was driven by MARKETING... and in 2015-16 change in 1980 was driven by MARKETING... not championships...
  17. Rockets mid-90's look was often referred to as the Wendy's Rockets look... Awful. A McDonald's fry box without the fries. Hey have actually tried to go back and failed... miserably... Ask Dwight Howard and Jeremy Lin? Let's get facts straight here... the driving reason the Pens switch from navy blue and light blue (which was stunning) to black and sunflower was because of these two other pro sports teams called the Steelers and the Pirates?? City of Champions?? Terrible Towel?? We Are Family?? Ever hear of those teams and slogans??? Hope this helps. From the team's marketing VP who might have some better insight on the topic than any of us??? Just a hunch? http://www.sportingnews.com/nhl/news/penguins-uniform-history-black-gold-bruins-pittsburgh-lemeiux-crosby/1xl9sl3wvy4fs1pc08qkrrmfhx In January 1980, the Pens announced plans to switch from a predominantly black-and-blue color scheme to black and gold, a nod to Pittsburgh’s status as the “city of champions.” The Pirates had won the World Series in the fall and, on Jan. 20 of that year, the Steelers captured their fourth Super Bowl in six seasons. Sports colors can unite communities and fan bases in powerful and meaningful ways. Although it might not have been apparent at the time, in 1980, Pittsburgh was facing the end of an era. Heavy manufacturing jobs, particularly those in the steel industry, were just starting to disappear. Three years later the unemployment rate in the greater Pittsburgh region would reach a staggering 17.1 percent. As the local economy cratered, the city’s sports teams — united in black and gold, just like the flag of the city — represented a source of civic pride in turbulent times. The Penguins were a decidedly mediocre team in 1980. Any visual association with their championship neighbors was a move that made sense. In a Jan. 13, 1980 interview with the Pittsburgh Press, Penguins VP Paul Martha said “the change to black and gold uniforms is certainly in our plans. Exactly when is yet to be determined. It will be this year. The philosophy is that black and gold has become Pittsburgh.”
  18. Rockets won in that two-year Jordan-less window. Hardly a reason to embrace greatness. Pens changed their look in reaction to fan's positive response to the cooler looking '90's or Penguins GOLD as the team marketed when the new (old) jersey was unveiled.
  19. The Rockets won two championships because some guy wearing #45 in a Bulls jersey came back from his baseball hiatus, realized he had the wrong # jersey, out on his Superman cape and won three more titles. The Rockets got a two-year mulligan... The Penguins had already won a championship in the vegas gold... they made the change because fan clamored for a cooler look after they change back to the Steelers/Pirates inspired sunflower and black... and not tied to the Lemieux years...
  20. Anything the Rockets would do would look better than the trainwreck that is their current identity. So brutal. Maybe an H with some "Flames" trailing behind it?
  21. Well to be fair, the Penguins would have won the Cup in athletic gold and black if they had won game 5 at home. It's not like it was a completely unused color scheme that season. So not the point. Point is these team's won their titles in jerseys that would be retired the following season so Ice_Cap's point is not valid...
  22. Wrong. Houston Rockets won two championships in the red and yellow then went to the snarly rocket pajama look a year later... And right under your nose the Pens won in the Vegas Gold and Black but will be changing back to the sunflower yellow and black jerseys from the '90's... Have to back up claims when you blurt them out.
  23. Maybe it's just me, but I have a feeling Hacksaw Jim Duggan had something to do with the facial inspiration for the ill-fares Islanders mascot?
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