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    USMNT Kits

    They make good use out of the current Nike templates.
  2. Just been through your thread, some really great work in here, my personal favourite being the Frankfurt Comets concept, one question about it though, what is the significance of the number 5 on the helmet?
  3. Well you know I said for a long while I'd revisit that Tottenham kit and make a full version of it, I finally got around to it and here it is, some tweaks of course but still essentially the same. Tottenham Hotspur -
  4. CSKA Moscow -
  5. I'm sad I missed out on these concepts first time around, absolutely stunning work.
  6. Thanks for the comments guys, especially about them 'feeling like Under Armour kits'. Now it's the turn of League Cup finalists Bradford City, this is an update of a Kappa template I made some time ago but I still think it's applicable till this day. Bradford City A.F.C. -
  7. Very nice, I actually like the blue short combination, it has a really fresh look to it.
  8. From what I'm lead to believe Anzhi's traditional colours are yellow and green but because of all the new money flowing into the club they decided to re-brand and become yellow and purple basically just to sell more shirts and inject some identity into the club, I think black does this a lot better however and it doesn't feel so forced either. Glad the new layout's been well received as I've got a few more to post ... This one's a full version of the template I used on the Montreal Impact shirt earlier in the thread with some adjustments of course. I've changed up my shading layer too, points to anyone who recognises it. Racing Club -
  9. Ha, yeah we did seem to put them out there at the same time, shame you cheated on your home and used Warrior's design The sleeve text says 'WarTech' the name of Warrior's Climacool/DryFit ventilation mesh system, just added it for a bit of realism. Comments on my new presentation style would be nice ... Anzhi Makhachkala -
  10. SC Preussen Muenster -
  11. You may wish to check this link out ... LINK
  12. Thanks guys! Liverpool F.C. -
  13. But, but, but purple and white halves with teletext sick down it screams Liverpool! On a more serious note I totally agree with your interpretation, Warrior have just gone to far trying to stamp their brand into people's minds.
  14. It's definitely one of the least traditional templates I've ever made, but I'm glad you like it, here it is on a different team ... Spanish National Team -
  15. Chicago Fire -
  16. Gremio FBPA (Brazil) -
  17. FK Rostov (Russia) - Aris Thessaloniki (Greece) -
  18. Thanks, that's the best sort of comment I can receive for my kits.
  19. Charlton Athletic (England) - Shimizu S-Pulse (Japan) -
  20. I sort of forget to update here, sorry. Zeljeznicar (Bosnia & Herzegovia) - Newport County (Wales*) - * The team is based in Wales but compete in the English football pyramid.
  21. Now we wait for this one to get picked up by the media and touted as the new logo.
  22. Great to see you back, always interesting to see what you come up with using pre-existing designs.
  23. I like the Stoke kits, very safe, a lot like Stoke play football TBH. I'm not a fan of the City kits, the shade of blue is really off putting, IMO City should be a lot lighter, this City kit is the perfect shade of blue also I'm not fan of black (dark blue?) as the secondary colour. I love the US kits however, I wasn't a fan of the font when I first saw it but it's grown on me, some really good detailing on it. On a slightly off topic note @BigRed618, if you want to read up a bit about German football I suggest you read the book "Tor!: The Story of German Football", a great read and there is a section on German team naming culture in it.
  24. I can't help but think this is just an editted Club Brugge logo.
  25. The helmet could have been the perfect place for traditional Mongolian script which runs vertical. Keep up the teams, it's a great concept