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  1. The Giants are poop.
  2. Damn, so no baseball this year after all.
  3. On the bright side, if there's no baseball this season then it's one less year I have to watch Gabe Kapler manage the Giants.
  4. I can't help but feel uneasy about Woj enthusiastically declaring "the NBA's back" like that.
  5. There's a baseball team called the Giants that doesn't wear orange and black and I'm not sure what to do
  6. The home run derby is closer to the slam dunk contest than hockey's shootout. There's nothing wrong with ties, though! Japan has done it for years and it works fine.
  7. Steve Ballmer bought the Forum for $400 million cash. Obviously we all know that another team used to play there. As he moves forward with his operations as the new owner, hopefully he respects the legacy and greatness that played in that arena in the past. (Gretzky's legacy, of course.)
  8. I got a lot to say about that, but I won't derail this thread any further. But you can be sure that if this topic comes up somewhere else, you'll hear from me, BROTHER.
  9. Yes, important distinction here. WWE is an organization, pro wrestling is the sport.
  10. So glad the sports loophole saved this topic. Having no fans in the arena could make for an interesting aesthetic on TV, but for NBA I don't know if we'd really get to enjoy it. There's too much cursing on the court that wouldn't get drowned out by crowd noise anymore, so they may not even mic the courts. Or maybe they'd keep playing the "make some noise" stuff they usually play to simulate the environment.
  11. As far as I know, it isn't displacing anybody. Most of the resistance is from groups that Dolan has been funding, and it looks like he's just giving up and selling the Forum instead. The new arena is not being publicly funded and apparently includes massive donations to the city as well as housing support, so it looks like one of the better stadium deals we've ever had.
  12. Big Ballmer Brand just don't care. Might as well just buy Staples too.
  13. Sports leagues convincing the masses that limiting players' salaries is somehow in the interest of competitive balance is one of the great modern crimes. And it was artfully done; team owners wanted to save money, so they told everyone that it'll make the league more fair, and everyone just bought it. Bravo to them.
  14. My sports dream is for all leagues to eliminate the draft and salary cap. Knowing how goober athletes and coaches are, they would never allow us to enjoy this; they'd just play it safe every time and pick the team with the worst record, giving us the same matchup we'd normally get. We'll never get the "we picked the Twins because they SUCK and we know we can beat them" pro wrestling angle that we all want. It'll just be "all teams are great and we respect them a lot but we played well against the Twins and we feel like we match up well against them blah blah blah"