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  1. To get that win with everyone expecting/wanting them to roll over, and radio hosts in their own city celebrating Leonard getting hurt was truly inspirational. It's a great day for basketball!
  2. It's like Lob City all over again. Can't have a postseason without something going horribly wrong, I guess. It's up to Luke Kennard and Terance Mann to win this series.
  3. Well I'll give this much to these Clippers, the whole basketball world was laughing at them again, but they ignored it all and pulled through. Only with this team could getting out of the first round feel like a monumental achievement. Now we'll see if tanking to avoid the juggernaut Suns pays off!
  4. All that hope and hype that this year might be the year the Lakers and Clippers finally meet in the playoffs, and neither team will even make it out of the first round. Bad vibes. The Nets are going to completely stomp whoever makes it out of the West.
  5. Nice try, but this reverse jinx is too obvious. Besides, we all know the Mavericks will take out the Clippers in round 1 anyway.
  6. San Francisco - Pablo Sandoval, Gabe Kapler, Jonathan Cheechoo, Cody Ross
  7. Shockingly, for the first time in years, the Giants might not be poop. This is no doubt thanks to the wisdom and guidance of their fantastic manager, Gabe Kapler. I know many Giants fans were down on his hiring, but there was never a doubt in my mind that he has what it takes to be a winner. I've been behind him all the way. This season has been going as smooth as coconut oil so far, and it's clear that all Kap needed was a fair chance, which those savages in Philly definitely didn't give him!
  8. Anaheim - Randy Carlyle, Ilya Bryzgalov, Brian Hayward, Mo Vaughn
  9. Los Angeles - Lou Williams, Lane Kiffin, Bill Walton, V Stiviano
  10. And here I was thinking the Clippers looked like a hastily thrown-together team full of ring-chasers. Sheesh. All that just to get Kevin Durant his 0th championship.
  11. Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan are going to win a championship together, which I love and hate at the same time.
  12. I'm beginning to think that hiring Dallas Eakins to coach an NHL team was not a good idea.
  13. This is absolutely irresponsible. The Ducks are dreadful and should not be playing during a pandemic, nor do they deserve John Gibson. The league should force him to be traded to a contender, then send the rest of the team home until the entire world is vaccinated.
  14. And the tradition of Durant needing to be on a staked team to contend continues. Still has won zero championships in my personal record book, and if the Nets win this year it'll remain zero.
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