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  1. Aaaand Canada's gone! That was faster than I expected.
  2. Except when that proclamation is "The Giants are poop".
  3. Soccer will also be an inferior version of hockey too me. Too wide open, and too few scoring chance to have any suspense.
  4. Glad he's getting paid, sad he'll essentially waste his whole career with a mediocre franchise. This feels like a massive FU to Harper, which is great, though.
  5. Imagine adding the best player in the world to your team and getting worse. The Clippers traded their best player at the deadline and got better.
  6. It doesn't matter. The Hurricanes committed the ultimate sin of moving from Hartford. Some people will never forgive them for that. Whatever the team or players on the team do will forever be invalid in people's eyes because of the location they play in.
  7. Stolen from reddit: Pirates 2017 Revenue: $258M Pirates 2018 Payroll: $86M Robert Nutting Net Worth: $1.1B Of course that's just revenue (before revenue sharing), and doesn't take into account operating and other costs, but I think the Pirates are doing just fine financially. They could spend if they wanted to.They just choose not to.
  8. "Big market-small market" is one of those sports canards that needs to go away. People considered the Warriors to be a small market team a few years ago. Then they become a dynasty and now they're big market. It's used as an excuse for why players don't sign with certain teams, or why teams don't compete, but when you have billionaire owners and revenue sharing, none of that's relevant.
  9. It is if you're the Celtics playing an LA team.
  10. Nobody likes the poor widdle Lakers. Boo hoo.
  11. Lebron didn't go to the Lakers to win. He went there to make movies and promote his brand. That was obvious from the day he signed with them. If he wanted to win he would have gone to a team that actually had a good core in place. In more important news, the Clippers are going all in for AD or this summer's free agency. Probably both. And the Sixers really, really look good now.
  12. I'm glad we had that long break so the Ducks could come back fresh and energized.
  13. It's guaranteed in Carlyle's contract that he gets a front office job with the Ducks after coaching. Don't know why they just can't "transition" him to that now, but either way, he's going nowhere.
  14. When the owners in other leagues collude to bring down players' salaries, they just call it a salary cap. Baseball pretty much has that right now anyway so they might as well make it official so we don't have to go through this nonsense every offseason.