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  1. Getting rid of that dead weight Harper has done wonders. Thank goodness the Giants didn't sign him.
  2. Minor setback for the Dodgers. They'll recover and blast through the NL like usual. This league is theirs.
  3. I mean, it's good to have goals.
  4. I smell the return of Dwight Howard to the purple and yellow!
  5. I hope the Mets win the World Series. It would be the most hilarious outcome, and perfectly fitting for how ridiculous baseball can be. Also hilarious: the Nationals have a better record than the Phillies.
  6. I don't think there's ever been as great a turnaround in ownership of a company that from Donald Sterling to Steve Ballmer. From a racist slumlord who refused to pay coaches he fired to a guy who's building his own stadium and got the top free agent on the market. It's truly been the Summer of Ballz.
  7. For the first time in 3 years, the Giants aren't poop.
  8. OKC is a big winner here. They'll get to unload Wussel, get a ton of picks, and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. That kid's going to be a star and it hurts to lose him, but this is what the Clippers FO has been planning for two years, and they actually pulled it off, so they can't have any regrets.
  9. It'll come at 6 pm PST tomorrow.
  10. I can't believe it. The only thing that compares with this is getting Chris Paul, but that was a trade. The Clippers actually signed a big free agent. One thing that can't be a coincidence: After meeting with the Lakers, we heard 60 announcements that it was "official" he's signing with them. His meeting with the Raptors was mobbed by half of Canada and we get the "99% sure" report from Jalen Rose. But we heard absolutely nothing from his meeting with the Clippers. They kept silent the whole time. No leaks. I'm sure the Quiet Man appreciated that.
  11. Aussie Rules is the best version of football.
  12. Eakins is underwhelming and inspires no confidence. Ducks should have kept that Murray guy who was behind the bench for the last third of the season. He was decent.
  13. Leonard is playing like he's the best player in the world, which he probably was 2 years ago before he was assaulted by Zaza. He has the Warriors' number, so he just might carry Them the North to the title as long as nobody else on the Warriors injures him.
  14. Poop they are, but you gotta look for something to enjoy across 162 games.