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  1. And here I was thinking the Clippers looked like a hastily thrown-together team full of ring-chasers. Sheesh. All that just to get Kevin Durant his 0th championship.
  2. Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan are going to win a championship together, which I love and hate at the same time.
  3. I'm beginning to think that hiring Dallas Eakins to coach an NHL team was not a good idea.
  4. This is absolutely irresponsible. The Ducks are dreadful and should not be playing during a pandemic, nor do they deserve John Gibson. The league should force him to be traded to a contender, then send the rest of the team home until the entire world is vaccinated.
  5. And the tradition of Durant needing to be on a staked team to contend continues. Still has won zero championships in my personal record book, and if the Nets win this year it'll remain zero.
  6. Something like this was probably the inevitable conclusion of what LeBatard's been building. The LAF network was basically the podcast version of Grantland - a self-contained group of people making content that was too different and too good to stay attached to ESPN, so they had to create their own company. Skipper seems to have been the only ESPN suit who ever believed in what LeBatard was doing, so good for them for reuniting.
  7. Zubac - Ibaka is a very tasty combination. I like.
  8. So...does everyone still quarantine now? Or do we forget about it because the series is over and this will just get buried beneath Kershaw takes?
  9. Artificially limiting players' salaries to save owners money ain't gonna help the Padres beat them. Especially considering a big part of why the Dodgers have owned the NL West for years is how well they've drafted and developed homegrown players.
  10. They actually did it! I can't believe it. Rivers did a lot of good things for the Clippers. Unfortunately for him as a coach, it just so happens that most of those good things were off the court. When the Sterling scandal happened, he basically became the defacto owner of the team, going to team offices and talking to the employees who were taking tons of angry phone calls. How he led the team and the entire franchise during that time is basically unprecedented. Before that, he had to fight to convince Sterling to trade for JJ Reddick, because Sterling's racism was so twisted he didn't want any white players. He's right up there with Pop in always having something thoughtful to say in response to social issues. It's just too bad he couldn't apply that passion and pathos into playoff wins like Pop. You can't survive two blown 3-1 leads and only three series wins in seven years. His insistence on playing guys like Trez and Lou Williams in situations where it's clear they're bad matchups was pure pain. He helped the franchise in many ways, but now I'm ready for basketball to be fun again.
  11. All we need is for the Nuggets to lose the next game, and they'll have the Lakers right where they want them.
  12. Turns out Kawhi Leonard is a terrible GM. Forcing the Clippers to trade for Paul George destroyed this team. Building around SGA would have been much more exciting. There can't be any way Doc survives this, but seeing as how Ballmer's kept him through all the other failures, he'll probably get a new 5 year contract.
  13. Only one common thread: Doc. Dude ruined Lob City's chances with his awful GM job, and keeps skating by based on his reputation. All these losses happen the same way, with blown big leads. Ballmer just doesn't want to get rid of the guy.
  14. It's Lob City vs the Rockets all over again! Congrats, Denver!
  15. Kawhi Leonard is just going to drag this team as far as he wants. Still have to pinch myself that he's a Clipper.
  16. It's incredible to see what this Clippers team is capable of when they're all healthy and playing together. Marcus Morris will be missed when he leaves the bubble.
  17. Damn, so no baseball this year after all.
  18. On the bright side, if there's no baseball this season then it's one less year I have to watch Gabe Kapler manage the Giants.
  19. I can't help but feel uneasy about Woj enthusiastically declaring "the NBA's back" like that.
  20. There's a baseball team called the Giants that doesn't wear orange and black and I'm not sure what to do
  21. The home run derby is closer to the slam dunk contest than hockey's shootout. There's nothing wrong with ties, though! Japan has done it for years and it works fine.
  22. Steve Ballmer bought the Forum for $400 million cash. Obviously we all know that another team used to play there. As he moves forward with his operations as the new owner, hopefully he respects the legacy and greatness that played in that arena in the past. (Gretzky's legacy, of course.)