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  1. I'm not sure if this was shown or not, I tried searching several times only to have firefox lock up...anyway something I stumbled upon over at theforce.net. LT's facemask...I didn't realize customizable facemasks were allowed but apparently they are. Anyway, look familiar?? For those who don't see it...it's very similar to Darth Vader...that pic BTW came from the Chargers official website...as well as others that show different angles
  2. 1. The old Sens logo? Really, Chef Boyardee, you're starting to make me question your commitment to a quality product. 2. I wonder how many people were confused when they opened the can and found both the old and new NHL logo inside. Clever sir, very clever...
  3. It was explained during the Devils/Sabres game the other night that each player will rotate wearing that patch on a different night and then that specific jersey will go to auction with all of the proceeds benefiting the charity...so at some point this season almost every player will wear it...
  4. Yeah I noticed the lightness of some of the colors as you mentioned but until I can find a better set of vectors I'm gonna leave as is...unless its something truly important I don't see the need to color swatch back and forth with a few logos...
  5. Hey guys...hadn't done a wallpaper in a while so I figured I'd put this together. I initially did it for myself so this will be the only size I do...If it gets enough response I'll post it each week as it gets updated...if not then I won't (although if I get pissed enough if the Cowboys lose I might not finish it out ) Hope you enjoy! Don't care if you give C&C...I like it...put it together the way I wanted to..just figured I'd put it out there since I didn't see it out there already this year....enjoy! Wallpaper UPDATED: correct Chargers logo now up there for all you obsessed Logophiles out there... my apologies.
  6. Ooh a counterargument. Well, Favre did look out of form, but he's still having his best statistical year as a pro. He was just anxious, and there were some things that made me want to tell him to settle down, like throwing it 30 yards on 3rd & 1. But as good as Favre is, he is not the lifeblood of the team. Although he does keep the receivers in check, they are the ones who will be the face of this team when Favre leaves, and Rodgers spread out the D and wore them out. They didn't just quit. So the fact that it was 27-10 when Favre went out doesn't mean anything. It's just a reference point. The Packers (not just the Green Bay Favres) came back to 27-24 as a team, so the promise is there. But also the 3 of the 27 points were on a possession the Packers should have had (the takeaway), and an additional 7 were not directly but were possibly the result of the pass interference, which itself was a result of a crybaby named Miles Austin (or was it Crayton?) that has the persuasive power to garner favorable late calls. Alright if you take away the 10 points from the Cowboys for calls that should've or shouldn't have been made then you have to go look back at the tape and take back the call on third and 10 (DeMarcus Ware was clearly NOT offsides) that play was an incomplete pass that would've been a 4th down and punt thus negating the eventual TD...so you'd have to take 7 pts away from the Pack and the Cowboys would've still won by 7...unfortunately there are a lot of things that teams have to battle each game from week to week, whether it's injuries or weather or the oppositions star players. Bad calls are a part of the game. No one wants a game to be decided on a bad call and I really don't think this one was but in the end it really doesn't matter, the Cowboys are 11-1 and the Pack are 10-2. It's a good chance they meet again anyway for a more meaningful outcome...
  7. The Cowboys had their two top corners banged up and way below 100% not to mention a missing NT and the current #2 WR banged up as well...and by current #2 it's the usual #3 because Glenn is out. You are taken what you are given and you play with the players you have...like bad bounces, it's all a part of the game. Had the Cowboys D not softened up and relaxed when Rodgers came in it would've been a blowout. Not to mention by the time Favre went out the Cowboys were already up 27-10...
  8. I'm not too far from the Lakewood area and have been to a few games....I actually liked it until I read the description....saying it's a claw holding a bat gives the wrong impression...that's either one small bat or a huge crab...overall though it's pretty solid...
  9. Shouldn't it be "getting run over by the competition".....i mean I've never seen roadkill that actually did the running over...or then it wouldn't be the roadkill but the roadkill that the roadkill ran over would in actuality be the roadkill.....I do believe that's a
  10. The bulldog's head looks great as a primary...I think going for a secondary with the basketball you should stray away from the bulldog's head all together...either us a BD for bulldogs combined with the basketball or maybe even just a spiked collar around the ball...just my two cents though...good work overall!!
  11. UnderDogX

    Sharks Logo

    Glad you guys are digging it!! Thanks for the feedback....figured I'd play around with the colors a bit..made one with a more "realisticly" colored shark and then another paying homage to the old logo with the all black shark....
  12. UnderDogX

    San Jose Sharks

    not bad at all....not using the actual logo though....noticed the color change on the stick and eye...wonder where you got that idea
  13. UnderDogX

    Sharks Logo

    Here's an update...I re-added the stick because it did seem to lack a little something but I changed the color and took away the "splinters" which take away the comic book-ish feel...also changed the eye color liked mentioned.... and a word on the teeth, I too thought that was a problem then looking at a shark's profile for reference I realized sharks in general have goofy looking teeth from a profile....
  14. UnderDogX

    Sharks Logo

    Eh, started this on another board...I like "supposed" (has it actually been confirmed) update but I thought it looked a bit too much like a Jim Lee comic...I just did a quick touch up to try to take out the cartoony look...then at a request took out the orange all together...let me know what you think!!
  15. Another excellent design...with a really really excellent use of the Green and the highlights of orange are a nice touch....the only thing is I'd like to see a script as the third...but that's because I've never been a fan of thirds unless they don't have the primary on them As for your next concept....I'm really looking forward to it as I'm a huge Devils fan...so please please stay with the Red/Black....no one liked the green until it was gone and it just plainly does not make sense but that's just my opinion...as far as the logo...as uninspired as it may be given how they are doing their minor league stuff i'd say there's hardly room for improvement unless you are going to try for a different approach...the Devil's head has been done to death but that's because it's never been done well...I'm going to be really interested in what you can come up with because I'm loving this rebranding so far!!!