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  1. Seen on Yahoo!
  2. Sadly no. That is extremely interesting to learn of, though: as an Air Force brat and lifelong Falcons fan I was completely unaware of that design. If you find any more evidence or documentation of it I hope you'll share it.
  4. Top notch as always, Beatnik. I wouldn't change a thing about the very first design posted, including the fanny logo. Great colors, interesting ideas, and good work on a very difficult uniform to modify satisfactorily. Go back to the first concept, it rocks...
  5. Here is a concept that was originally done in markers in 1988, which I have updated digitally from time to time for the last several years. I've always been fond of the design, but I'm trying to take a step forward with my rendering. I'm looking for criticism of any kind, and don't be afraid to be harsh. (Seriously, tear me up [kind words also welcomed]). Thanks in advance!
  6. No, that would be this... Nice!
  7. I think it is nice design, and well done, especially after the changes. Good work!
  8. Two-Face? That was unexpected! The Janus emblem is a nice touch!
  9. Here is a recent update of the logo I did for the Chiefs design. The KC concept didn't generate any enthusiasm before. How about this new logo?
  10. Nice Spawn... very nice ! Understated and elegant.
  11. Kudos for doing the Green Hornet! Nice to see the old school get some love.
  12. I just bought TurboCAD and am teaching myself 3D rendering for the first time, so I hope to have multiple views sometime soon... can't really predict the timetable, tho. Of course I could always just draw the views...
  13. Yeah, but extending that kind of thinking just leads to Batsuits with nipples, and I'm pretty sure none of us ever want to go there again. Of course, that depends on who's playing Batgirl
  14. Looks cool, tho. Very nice! Kinda hard to work in a cane and dark glasses
  15. Haden's jersey definitely looks like Fran Tarkenton left his in the (Southern California) sun for days on end and then handed it down to the WFL-ers. All that jersey is missing is fringe. Sparkly fringe. Gotta love it, though. It's kind of like what Tim Burton said about "Batman Begins." He said he was actually tired of all the darkness and would have been thrilled to see a guy in colorful tights again.