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  1. That timeline would have been so much better if the entry for 2015 just said: “Yeah, we [redacted] up.”
  2. Lukas’ 2018 mockup had brown socks with the white jersey/brown pants combo, but the teaser shared by the team exec yesterday pretty clearly showed white socks. I think it’s fair to assume some other details have been tweaked since then as well.
  3. I messed around with the image, and I think there were stripes on the sleeve. Hard to say for sure with the image quality, but I think they’re there.
  4. Yeah, the two pairs of white pants were overkill, which is why they didn’t stick around long. I preferred the thinner stripes used by the pre-expansion Browns, but the wider stripes didn’t bother me. I definitely prefer O-B-O stripes over B-O-B, though. For reasons I can’t explain, B-O-B has always just looked like a knockoff.
  5. 2003-05. Both pants had brown-orange-brown stripes (instead of the traditional orange-brown-orange). Only difference between the two sets of white pants was that one of them had thin white stripes separating the colors to match the sleeves of the brown jersey at the time. When they went back to having one set of O-B-O pants in 2006, they also eliminated the separation between the stripes on the sleeves (and added a gray facemask to the helmet).
  6. Someone should tell the Ravens social media team that they became the Ravens *24* years ago. The former Browns were still in Cleveland for 1995.
  7. I would suspect that teams that are only changing uniform designs—keeping colors and logos the same—will wait another couple weeks.
  8. I’m not sure white numbers would look as good on the current gold Lakers jersey because it’s lighter than the gold that has been used historically and would provide less contrast.
  9. Browns also did a split reveal in 2015, although both the logo/colors and then jerseys were done pre-draft.
  10. The Lakers used to wear athletic gold. Now they wear yellow.
  11. No new info about the uniform design itself, but it sounds like the Browns won’t be unveiling their new set until next month.
  12. In the early-to-mid 2010s, the Browns used a block font for yard numbers, but they went back to one of the more traditional fonts a few years ago.
  13. What’s weird is that in the mid-2010s, the NBA had an alternate white shirt for referees working games where a team was wearing gray. In this era of alts and color-vs-color matchups, I don’t know why that was scrapped.
  14. Glad you brought this up. Everyone laments the NFL ditching conference logos for the Super Bowl field design, but no longer outlining yard numbers is another issue I have. For a Super Bowl, it just looks so unfinished. I don’t care about yard numbers being outlined otherwise (in fact, it seems like the kind of thing that is better to be saved for the playoffs), but for the Super Bowl? Yeah, make the field look like it’s a freaking Super Bowl.
  15. Have the Packers ever made any attempt to phase out the gold season ticket package? Not sure if it’s feasible to entirely do away with it, but maybe as gold season ticket holders give up their seats, offer those games to the green ticket holder for a full-season package? It’s just wild to me that the Packers still have two separate groups of season ticket Holders when they haven’t split games between venues in over 25 years.
  16. That picture from the Wizards game is absolutely the result of camera settings. I can promise you the 2016 Finals weren’t played under a spotlight like this picture implies. https://ftw.usatoday.com/2016/06/lebron-james-cleveland-cavaliers-nba-finals-fly-photo-alley-oop
  17. I know New Orleans is a great host city, but the Superdome is my least favorite venue for watching big sporting events on TV. Just a dark, drab building, and never fully painting the end zones for anything other than the Super Bowl is annoying.
  18. From a merchandise perspective alone, I don’t know how a team could get away with introducing a color scheme that has just one non-white color now. Blue and white (and ONLY blue and white) just seems so limiting.
  19. After years of threads being Cleve-jacked, one that’s actually about Cleveland gets Rand-sacked.
  20. @nash61 No, orange/orange is the only jersey/pants combo that was never worn. Orange jersey/brown pants was worn once. I’m curious to see what the Browns do with a third jersey. Twice they’ve tried to introduce an orange option, but have abandoned it within a couple years both times. Maybe they go throwback this time.
  21. He’s probably right, based on everything we’ve heard on the record from ownership, but otherwise, I wouldn’t take anything Grossi says about uniforms as gospel. He was the one in 2015 who said the Browns were adding “gunmetal gray” to their colors.
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