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  1. I’d be curious to see what jersey numbers rendered in the font of the Browns’ current wordmark would look like.
  2. I think we will get an overcorrection in the other direction. In the couple times they’ve said anything about next year’s uniforms, the phrase the Browns have used is “nothing fancy.” There will probably be some complaints similar to what we heard when Jacksonville unveiled its current set, but the backlash will be minimal compared to when the Browns released their 2015-19 disasters. My prediction: The current color rush, only with white numbers and the current wordmark. Brown numbers return to the white jerseys. All sets have brown/orange (no white) stripes. And given the players’ complaints about the lack of flexibility in the current numbers—thick font, shadow and an additional outline—I would be stunned if they don’t revert back to a thinner, single-color athletic block.
  3. Today marks the last time the Browns will ever wear the brown jerseys and orange pants that were introduced in 2015. Color rush scheduled for all remaining home games, white/white for remaining road games.
  4. Looks like a stroke has been added around the wordmark at center court vs. the version that leaked over the summer. Big improvement.
  5. The Cavs love combining elements of past jerseys into new uniforms (see the various Cavfanatic sets from about a decade ago). Honestly, other than the 90s numbers and the 80s ball-in-hoop V on the waistband, everything else here fits together pretty well. Go with a traditional number font, and this is a fine modern take on their look from the 70s.
  6. Interesting that this appears to use the 90s style letters like this year’s throwback, but the court that leaked earlier in the year featured a feathered “CLE” based on their 70s wordmark.
  7. Is there any functional point to the Padres designating their brown jersey as their primary road jersey? It’s not like there is a limit to how often an MLB team can wear an alt. There are plenty of examples of teams wearing alts more often than their official primary home/away uniform.
  8. By the time the Indians figure out a sleeve logo, MLB will green-light advertising patches for uniforms and it will be a moot point.
  9. The Indians had talked about developing a new alternate logo for a new sleeve patch now that the All-Star Game has come and gone, but it now looks like they are punting for another year. No sleeve patches for 2020: https://theathletic.com/1365582/2019/11/13/meisels-mailbox-the-indians-logo-plans-brad-hands-future-and-a-tribe-offseason-wish-list/
  10. If there was any lingering doubt about the Browns wearing color rush in Denver, here you go.
  11. Was there ever an explanation for the Browns wearing their color rush uniform at Denver with the Broncos wearing their usual home orange-over-white? Each team confirmed their respective uniforms for this week on their websites, but together, they make absolutely no sense.
  12. In other instances, maybe, but there’s really no upside from a retail perspective for the Packers to wear their color rush set. It’s their standard white jersey, not a special design like other teams have for their CR uniforms.
  13. That’s a World Series wordmark from the 80s on those NL champs caps the Nats are wearing, right?
  14. Interesting that those Clippers jerseys say “Los Angeles.” Aren’t they otherwise pretty specific in their branding that they are the “L.A. Clippers”?
  15. I vaguely remember hearing the Indians were working on a new secondary logo (the All-Star Game worked as a stopgap sleeve patch this year), but nothing confirmed.
  16. Literally anything would be better than the half-assed field design that has been used for the Super Bowl the past few years.
  17. Prior to this thread, I had never seen a Bucco Bruce/skull logo mashup, and now that i have, I’ll be seriously disappointed if the Bucs don’t go in this direction the next time they update their identity. It just makes so much sense.
  18. If I had to make a prediction today, I think this is exactly what the 2020 uniforms look like, only with the small wordmark changed to the current version. White jersey would have brown numbers (all other accents stay the same as pictured here), and three pants options are introduced: brown and white with o-b-o stripe pattern, b-o-b for orange pants. Third jersey is current color rush with updated wordmark, no orange jersey.
  19. When was the last time the Browns went an entire season without wearing white for at least one home game?
  20. That looks like a mistake that should end up on a markdown rack at Marshall’s
  21. I wouldn’t be shocked if the gold out of bounds area is a one-year deal. 50 years is the golden anniversary, and they’re going to have to change the design next season anyway because this one has the 50 years logo at center court. I guess they could always just repaint that area next year, but the Cavs seem to never stick with a court design very long.
  22. To be fair, if you didn’t slap on the team name, the Knicks, Lakers, Nets and Rockets logos pictures here would be pretty worthless as well.
  23. Co-sign all of this. Also, something that annoys me about the Angels’ uniforms: They have a “halo A” in “Angels” across the front and it’s the logo on the hat. Do we really need a halo A on the right sleeve AND one (in a roundel!) on the left sleeve? It’s overkill.
  24. I would have gone with a darker wood stain to make the white key pop more, but otherwise, that’s a nice court.
  25. It’s not a good look.
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