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  1. God forbid a team does something unique instead of having stripes like 70% of the league. The logo with the stripe looks more than ok it is literally the best of both worlds. .
  2. Put the fleur de lis over the stripes and I agree, I'd roll with a champagne gold for the proper color.
  3. The only time they ever paint them is for a super bowl. I cant think of anywhere else that refuses to paint them. Even the old georgia dome painted them when it was their chance to host a playoff semifinal.
  4. 2002 Jets vs Packers the Jets covered up the Giants logo with green paint but didn't do the whole endzone.
  5. They haven't really had sleeve stripes since 1986. Unless you consider the minor stripes under the logo they used to have.
  6. Seahawks should use this shade of green.
  7. I dont know if anyone noticed but Kyler Murray is wearing yellow cleats today. Regardless of it is legal or not i definitely think the cardinals should work a faint amount of yellow/gold in their next uniforms.
  8. I like these more than the classic uniforms but everyone around here has a hard on for literally everything that is old. The new aqua is way more vibrant but they have to change the number font at least for the number 1 it looks awful on Tua and the wordmark isn't great. Also nobody should EVER wear black cleats with the dolphins or chargers colors.
  9. Why can the 49ers fit 3 stripes on the throwbacks but not on the normal jerseys?
  10. Do teams with retractable roofs even open them anymore? You would think they would this year because of COVID but its early October with perfect weather and all these teams still close their roofs.
  11. I could see the Bengals trying to change to issue in the Burrow Era. Other than that I would say Panthers are likely to change with an outside chance on the Saints or Broncos.
  12. I feel like there aren't any strides being made in this argument. As someone who just stopped playing football a two years ago I can say for certain that you always want your jersey to be tight. Smaller and tighter is always preferred especially with lineman that is why full sleeves will never come back. We had tight under armor jerseys and our coaches still taped up our jerseys in the back and shoulders. Occasionally guys would wear baggy long sleeve shirts but nobody ever really grabs you by the arms. As far as the undershirt being untucked it is a complete style thing. To be honest unless your a back or a receiver it doesn't hamper your play what so ever. I understand why some might not like it but every style comes in waves to be honest. I never thought we would ever see guys wearing no show socks again but here we are.
  13. The Navy in the Logo feels more like an accent color to round out the bird than it does an actual color to use in their uniforms. There is no navy in the rest of their sets other than the logo.
  14. It makes no sense to me why these powder blue jays uniforms have navy caps. Just use the old paneled Royal hats you are not navy in any way!
  15. I think that is the first time the Jags ever had Teal Endzones. Even back in the day I think they used black or plain grass.
  16. It was pretty simple for them to just do the same championship design and colors with "Raptors" or "Toronto" and they messed up big time
  17. A while back someone on here posted a guys website that has amazing pictures of almost every stadium from the last 60 years. These are detailed and include demolitions and stadium concourses and entrances. For whatever reason I cannot seem to remember the name of it but they all had his watermark in the photographs. If anyone remembers or knows what it is called it would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Two random things I was wondering about Allegiant Stadium is if the Al Davis flame was real? It kind of looked like it was kind of digital to some extent unlike the smaller one they used in Oakland. I also find it weird all these new domed stadiums are called stadiums instead of domes. Allegiant Stadium, US Bank Stadium, SoFi Stadium, and I guess even Ford Field. I wonder if this is because there is a negative connotation when it comes with domed stadiums. Every old dome had dome in its title the metrodome, silverdome, hoosier dome, Edward Jones dome, georgia dome, and the superdome which is the only one left. These domes are quite different from modern domes but regardless they are domes. Even the majority of retractable roof domes are never even open and those feel a lot more like domes than the newer fixed domes.
  19. I feel like it could be strange because basketball in stadiums already has a good deal of sightline issues. It also makes me wonder about the temperature control in the stadium as well, could they use heat if need be? I would almost 100% assume it is air conditioned but I do not see that being an issue in Los Angeles in March. It also doesn't rain often but if it were too feel like their could be some minor humidity issues/ court issues/fans getting wet.
  20. I wonder if they would be able to have the final four here with that possibility of wind being going through the stadium. Side note is this a man made lake?
  21. What sense would that make though? You have dirt all over the field but choose to put astroturf in place of dirt somewhere in one spot on a grass field...
  22. If you watch this video for some reason the Dolphins had astroturf covering dirt in the endzone.