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  1. Different type of printing on the hats this year, but they had the silver outline on the hats for the 2018 Draft
  2. What was the big change on the Buffalo jersey?
  3. Thanks, I actually found it in some small antique store about an hour south of the city in Elicottville. I was very surprised to find a Dalton jersey there lol
  4. Just purchased this Dalton jersey at a store for $20. It has embroidered numbers and looks like an on-field cut. Any idea where this jersey is from?
  5. The last three times Buffalo has played a top 25 team in basketball they have kept it within 8 points. The football team isn't that bad, well now they are, but they were beasts in '08. I can see them possibly moving to the Big Ten in about ten years or so. And I'm pretty sure that they would rather play Ohio State in basketball/football rather than Eastern Michigan
  6. Tyler Myers wearing a Mighty Ducks uniform as a kid:
  7. The Devils current set is already the very definition of BFBS. They tossed out a unique colour scheme, that perfectly represented the area, and replaced it with something bland and safe. If they hadn't won 3 cups, I'd be a huge proponent for Green coming back full time. I disagree. Black and red are your absolute typical "devil" colours. Don't get me wrong - I liked the green and red, but this wasn't a case of BFBS. Yeah but aren't the Devils named after the legendary mythical creature the Jersey Devil who supposedly lives in the Pine Barrens. Green makes sense because it represents the highly forested area in which the New Jersey Devil lives.
  8. Jose Theodore for the Wild: Ray Emery as a Flyer: Don Beaupre as a Leaf: Alex Auld as a Ranger: Sean Burke as a King: Tomas Vokoun as a Hab: Ty Conklin as a Sabre: Felix Potvin as an Islander:
  9. Landon Donovan for the San Jose Earthquakes Keith Tkachuk as an Atlanta Thrasher Ryan Fitzpatrick as a St.Louis Ram Ed Belfour as a Florida Panther Raffi Torres as a Buffalo Sabre
  10. Hey just seeing if your still on board with Adirondack. If I don't get a response by tomorrow I will be putting up an ownership review.

  11. Hey you haven't posted a lineup in quite sometime, so if you could that'd be great. We only have four weeks left, so if you choose to leave just finish out this season. Also still can't receive messages.

  12. Remember to check your lineup and get it in before 6:30pm ET. You also can't receive new messages.

  13. Thanks for sharing your soccer templates flakeband, I can't wait to download them.
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