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  1. Different type of printing on the hats this year, but they had the silver outline on the hats for the 2018 Draft
  2. What was the big change on the Buffalo jersey?
  3. Thanks, I actually found it in some small antique store about an hour south of the city in Elicottville. I was very surprised to find a Dalton jersey there lol
  4. Just purchased this Dalton jersey at a store for $20. It has embroidered numbers and looks like an on-field cut. Any idea where this jersey is from?
  5. Video the Sabres released:〈=en&navid=DL|BUF|home
  6. Sneak peak of Sabres new 3rd jersey on Friday at 4 PM per the Sabres Twitter account
  7. Because apparently some recruits would rather "look fresh" than to win with respectable programs? #SWAGYOLOIAteTheBones That has to be the greatest thing I have ever heard
  8. 1. Creighton 2. Eastern Michigan 3. Eastern Illinois 4. UNC Wilmington 5. Portland
  9. The Buffalo Bulls upset the Akron Zips 81-67 today. Very excited
  10. NHL - Buffalo Sabres - local team NFL - Buffalo Bills - local team NBA - Cleveland Cavaliers - closest American team to Buffalo, Kyrie Irving is a great player MLB - Cleveland Indians - my grandpa was a huge Tribe fan back in the day NCAA - Buffalo Bulls - local team, my dad's school I just can't be a fan of a team that isn't geographically close to where I live
  11. They practice in Elma, NY, a suburb of Buffalo which is probably why they're called Western New York
  12. Those Detroit jerseys are beautiful, I actually like the vintage white on them
  13. The VT turkeys looks decent up close but looks like a giant orange turd on TV
  14. Kansas' black uniforms look horrible Virginia Tech's turd helmets look horrible UL Lafayette's logo uniforms look horrible Boise State's black/blue/black combo looks horrible These one-off football uniforms almost always look horrible
  15. Here's a link to some pictures of the Arizona copper helmets
  16. Wow that Texas uniform is sharp, I love the burnt orange and black combo and that helmet is beautiful. Keep up the great work!
  17. He's the 4th coming of Cody21. So shouldn't he be banned right now?
  18. Those uniforms are horrible. The design company even ripped off the Wing pattern that Oregon had on their jerseys last year
  19. Wow Georgia Tech actually looks good, I love the honeycomb pattern
  20. The Buffalo Sabres locker room: