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  1. As a lifelong Tech fan...Helmets YES Uniforms NO The uniforms are like that blonde haired girl across the room....she looks good over there, but when you get closer....
  2. What?!? No BFBS event? Just kidding. This will be awesome to watch and participate in.
  3. Georgia Tech going to White jerseys with Gold Numbers ...looks good to me, but can't find the total package. My link
  4. The second one is phenomenal in my opinion.
  5. Final update on proper template has been added to previous posts. Thanks again everyone. Any other comments would be appreciated.
  6. Yeah. I know. But it really was just about the idea. I'll go get more templates. Still learning inkscape and all of this. Can't believe how many others are out there like me...
  7. Thanks guys. I've reposted an easier "tweaked" version in the first post.
  8. Tweaked it. I wanted to keep the silver helmet, but the essense of UGA is Red Jerseys and Silver Britches. Tried to incorporate the UGA Pant Stripe into the helmet and a slight modernization on the pants. I'm not saying its perfect, but I think this would look pretty good.
  9. Wouldn't change the Braves. Would love to see the hawks at least pay homage to the 80's era style. Agree with Brave Bird about the Falcons black tops. Wish Georgia Tech would go back to the throwback look (White helmet and Gold Top) but I like the modern look they have now especially since they toned down the mustard yellow back to a truer gold.
  10. Love this thread and all of the matchups. The description along with this photo just makes me long for toe to meet leather!!
  11. Here is my take on Atlanta...tough one with all the birds...
  12. These are great. I would love to see the Hartford my opinion one of the greatest logos ever created.
  13. Brave Bird, I was the one who suggested it and I really like this a lot... I'm still working on teaching myself inkscape and getting up the nerve to work out some concepts...until then, I will enjoy looking at stuff like this. Trying to think who else is in the bottom 10...Maine, Ga St., etc.
  14. Tech wore the non Orange bowl uni's at the Spring Game today. The ones you prefer...
  15. its in my bottom 10... I agree Brave Bird. Georgia State's "Panther" is also in my bottom 10. I've been a fan of this site for a long time, but just started posting. I loved your KSU rebrand...ever done one for GSU? As far as this Maine concept, I think they would be foolish not to look at this.
  16. I'd like to see the Padres back in this, but it would have to be done right. Its a good color combo, but it can get ugly fast. I agree that the Bruins would be a perfect fit. I was hoping before OKC was given the name "Thunder" that they might use this combo. The only team I can think of in the NBA that could make this work (not saying they should or would) would be the Cavs.