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  1. As one of the few people in attendance for the Legends game, I can say in person there wasn't any difficulty differentiating between the two teams in play. The soild black vs. purp & yellow contrasted quite well.
  2. And we have an ATLUTD leak
  3. eh, i'll take a hard pass on this year's jerseys. Don't force teams to wear colors that aren't their colors. At the bare minimum they should have been able to use their accent colors on a predetermined base color.
  4. I'm not a fan of the new jerseys, I want to be, but they over corrected. All they needed to do is fix the helmet and the fix the number outlines and I think they would of had the perfect uniform for their franchise. The jerseys are just to bland, to bleached of any sort of personality.
  5. Friends, we are digitally gathered here today to say good bye to an old friend, new acquaintance who could bait the most conservative of clickers. We were all introduced to Color Rush as it charged out the gate like a true multi-million marketing plan should be stumbled out the gate in a way that made Mark Sanchez's butt fumble look like a well choreographed ballet. Some highlights of that first year included the infamous color blind blunder of 2015, The league and Nike truly went all in when the League's scheduling department and Nike's design arm collaborated to create Color Rush Thursday match ups with teams with the same color uniforms. Sadly though, somebody pulled the plug as such match ups like the Falcons-Bucs blood bowl were ruined by making the falcons wear white, turning Color Rush, into a half paced Color Jog. So farewell Color Rush, you were truly a multi-million dollar marketing scheme that was executed by the intern from some D3 school in Idaho. Your clicks shall be missed. Goodnight, sweet prince.
  6. Braves are unveiling a new mascot on Jan 27th.
  7. Everybody will hate this but I will personally love it.
  8. There allegedly was a photo shoot today in east Atlanta of the new clash kit.
  9. Periscope Livestream of the launch
  10. Okay, is there anyway to watch this for those of us w/o NBATV?
  11. Anybody know how to watch this Nike | NBA event today?