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  1. I LOVE the Dog Collar. So glad we finally did that. The reds are great. The rednecks who didn't actually go to the school will :censored: about them not being silver, people here on the board will :censored: about the stripes, but overall, for what that fanbase here in Athens, these are perfect. GO DAWGS
  2. It looks like SAC not SBC. I'll never unsee this. Also lolz @ Ga State for only having a monocolored version
  3. For the sake of not reviving the 2017 thread from the grave I'm posting this here: Great article of from the AJC on some of the behind the scenes of Atlanta United unveiling the first season jerseys.
  4. This thread is a zombie. Every two weeks it pops back up because the traditionalist hate this set more than Oregon. Y'all need to chill. lol
  5. I wasn't so sure about them in the beginning but I really do love this set. Especially the home black. Probably going to get a Gurley in Black or the Gradient. Fun fact, the guy modeling the Home black set is a guy I played middle school ball with.
  6. From the team's website: " The Atlanta Falcons organization doesn't officially retire jersey numbers, but considers certain player's jerseys worthy of being honored. The Falcons Ring of Honor, which is featured in the rafters of the Georgia Dome, honors individual players and not jerseys." Also, looks like they need to update the page with the Benz. lol
  7. Somebody explain the hate for the ATL wordmark on the front please. Because as a native son of the ATL I don't understand the hate. It seems like a natural fit.
  8. Going to wait until the 14th to make up my mind on the new threads. I'm honestly ticked that the Falcons and AMB did such a good job of keeping these under lock and key to see some little twirps from midtown go and blow the surprise.
  9. So 404 Day isn't going to be the jersey unveil. Also Brett says it's not going to be a weekend and I can't imagine they'd wan to do it draft week so I'm guessing it'll be sometime between the 13th and 17th.
  10. I have to 2nd Brave-Bird. Haven't seen a redesign yet that would be an upgrade.
  11. I feel like we're going to get a stripped down set like what the Bucs leak looked like but in Black/White/Red with Black as primary and pants with the old helmet stripe (without the gold) in Black/white/grey. Just my guess of what the fan feedback would lead the design team to do.
  12. Yeah there aren't any clues. What ever they are they're going to fly off the selves with the Falcons signing Gurley. I haven't seen the fan base so excited since the halftime of the Superbowl
  13. They won't be selling well if they're charging $302 for a authentic with a number and nameplate like this year....