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  1. So 404 Day isn't going to be the jersey unveil. Also Brett says it's not going to be a weekend and I can't imagine they'd wan to do it draft week so I'm guessing it'll be sometime between the 13th and 17th.
  2. I have to 2nd Brave-Bird. Haven't seen a redesign yet that would be an upgrade.
  3. I feel like we're going to get a stripped down set like what the Bucs leak looked like but in Black/White/Red with Black as primary and pants with the old helmet stripe (without the gold) in Black/white/grey. Just my guess of what the fan feedback would lead the design team to do.
  4. Yeah there aren't any clues. What ever they are they're going to fly off the selves with the Falcons signing Gurley. I haven't seen the fan base so excited since the halftime of the Superbowl
  5. They won't be selling well if they're charging $302 for a authentic with a number and nameplate like this year....
  6. One would think, but here were are. I think someone said that LA went to the extreme of making the 5 stars a part of their official logo package which is why they're allowed to do it like this where as the other team's don't have the stars as such. Can anybody with access to the MLS Logo sheets confirm this?
  7. Oh thank the good Lord that it's a embossed pattern for the shirt stripes and not silver/grey stripes.
  8. Loving this new font with our colors.
  9. Y'all are all smoking crack if you think the falcons are adding gold to the color scheme. 1) The saints are gold. We hate the Saints. 2) ATLUTD has gold accents, so it would look like they're trying to copy little brother. It ain't happening.
  10. So a few things. First, I don't think that the logo is safe. I think its changing. Brett, Arthur's SVP and CCO for the ownership group, seem to imply that they're changing the logos too. As far as the jerseys, and I don't even know if the NFL would allow this, but I think we're going soccer style with a 3rd that isn't just a recolor of the home/away. @BrandMooreArt might be able to share some insight on if this would even be possible. Personally I think the home/away are going to be something modern looking with the 3rd being a fauxback.
  11. So I think our creative team was highly involved here in ATL. Really excited to see what she came up with.
  12. Why did my post get deleted? Was it because I pointed out that Teal was right? Edit: disregard. My post was moved to begin the new Falcons.
  13. First look at the new Name and Number font. The names will be a split font too.
  14. Not a big fan of the NYC/League-centric reveal of this year's jerseys. The local unveils here in Atlanta have always been fun and enjoyable to go to.