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  1. Oh thank the good Lord that it's a embossed pattern for the shirt stripes and not silver/grey stripes.
  2. Loving this new font with our colors.
  3. Y'all are all smoking crack if you think the falcons are adding gold to the color scheme. 1) The saints are gold. We hate the Saints. 2) ATLUTD has gold accents, so it would look like they're trying to copy little brother. It ain't happening.
  4. So a few things. First, I don't think that the logo is safe. I think its changing. Brett, Arthur's SVP and CCO for the ownership group, seem to imply that they're changing the logos too. As far as the jerseys, and I don't even know if the NFL would allow this, but I think we're going soccer style with a 3rd that isn't just a recolor of the home/away. @BrandMooreArt might be able to share some insight on if this would even be possible. Personally I think the home/away are going to be something modern looking with the 3rd being a fauxback.
  5. So I think our creative team was highly involved here in ATL. Really excited to see what she came up with.
  6. Why did my post get deleted? Was it because I pointed out that Teal was right? Edit: disregard. My post was moved to begin the new Falcons.
  7. First look at the new Name and Number font. The names will be a split font too.
  8. Not a big fan of the NYC/League-centric reveal of this year's jerseys. The local unveils here in Atlanta have always been fun and enjoyable to go to.
  9. According from this article from Orlando City, there will be new a new font for the names and numbers on the back of jerseys this year. I'm guessing the numbers will be similar to the 25 in the picture below. Giving off some great Holland WC Vibes.
  11. Surprised that Miami and Nashville haven't released their jerseys yet. ATLUTD unveiled the home jersey on 11.15 for the first season.
  12. I keep hearing Cheer and Dance teams are wearing black. Will be interesting to see what color Uga is wearing and the pompomps on the hedges are. They could continue to be trolling and pull an 07. Warm up in red, burst through the G in black.
  13. The equipment team is trolling Bulldog Nation rn. No jersey in the pic.
  14. So the Georgia fans are doing a blackout in the stands Saturday night against ND and I think the team might be joining them. Look at the photo from the tweet below. There's a gap between the rolling shelves with a black article of clothing with a red detail sticking out. I feel like enough of us here knows thats not something that traditionally happens with these shelves as the depth and position of the hanging bars prevents this. Plus they spent effort framing this so it would seem odd that they let that one detail slip. Looks different from the normal black Jerseys too. Maybe a under the lights one off?
  15. Navy era was horrible. Full stop. Also, why do we think there's a change in the works with the Hawks besides that one guys saying "trust me something will happen at 4pm?" There's 0 rumor circulating around the Hawks circles about this. In fact this is the only place I've heard anyone say something about a brand change.
  16. As one of the few people in attendance for the Legends game, I can say in person there wasn't any difficulty differentiating between the two teams in play. The soild black vs. purp & yellow contrasted quite well.
  17. And we have an ATLUTD leak
  18. eh, i'll take a hard pass on this year's jerseys. Don't force teams to wear colors that aren't their colors. At the bare minimum they should have been able to use their accent colors on a predetermined base color.
  19. I'm not a fan of the new jerseys, I want to be, but they over corrected. All they needed to do is fix the helmet and the fix the number outlines and I think they would of had the perfect uniform for their franchise. The jerseys are just to bland, to bleached of any sort of personality.
  20. Friends, we are digitally gathered here today to say good bye to an old friend, new acquaintance who could bait the most conservative of clickers. We were all introduced to Color Rush as it charged out the gate like a true multi-million marketing plan should be stumbled out the gate in a way that made Mark Sanchez's butt fumble look like a well choreographed ballet. Some highlights of that first year included the infamous color blind blunder of 2015, The league and Nike truly went all in when the League's scheduling department and Nike's design arm collaborated to create Color Rush Thursday match ups with teams with the same color uniforms. Sadly though, somebody pulled the plug as such match ups like the Falcons-Bucs blood bowl were ruined by making the falcons wear white, turning Color Rush, into a half paced Color Jog. So farewell Color Rush, you were truly a multi-million dollar marketing scheme that was executed by the intern from some D3 school in Idaho. Your clicks shall be missed. Goodnight, sweet prince.
  21. Braves are unveiling a new mascot on Jan 27th.