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  1. MLB - Teams can opt out of silly Players Weekend or holiday uniforms by donating to a related charity. - No blue v. blue or red v. red or similar color v. similar color. Other than that, please wear alternates from time to time. Baseball is a long season. Besides the Yankees and Dodgers, a splash of color is OK. NBA - White/light at home. - No color v. color. It's hard on the eyes. NFL - One helmet, except for throwbacks that can be worn twice per year. - No color v. color. It's hard on the eyes and can only make officiating worse. NHL - White at home. - No color v. color. It's hard on the eyes, hard for people who are working at games, and would be a nightmare for equipment managers. Anybody who advocates for teams bringing multiple uniform sets on the road is ignorant of what EMs do and how complicated that would be. NCAA Football - Actual knee-high socks like in the NFL. The ankle socks look stupid and messy. - TV numbers. Jerseys look incomplete without them. - No color v. color. It's hard on the eyes.
  2. I'd love to see a team experiment with different color pants.
  3. It was great to see the Cardinals' blue hats again, but it was weird since they're now a clash against red-capped teams and the Nats donned their blue. Did St. Louis not realize the Nats were sticking with blue? I wonder if the Cards switch to red today.
  4. Looks like a typical boring college uniform. And the Saints look meh too.
  5. Were those helmet renderings done in Paint? Woof.
  6. OK, we’ve got a lot going on here. Not only do we have former soccer goalie Petr Cech in a hockey uniform, but the template is the old Thrashers. The logo is a G-rated version of the Calgary Flames, and there’s the Sabres-esque front numbers. This is almost too much for my feeble brain.
  7. The ad patch is loud. Yikes.