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  1. They’re changing their pants striping? Are we sure?
  2. I really want to like the red set, but there’s too much yellow-white interaction. It hurts my eyes.
  3. Disappointing if true. They have such a great shade of gold; not using it outside of the logo would be a waste.
  4. Just gonna leave this here...
  5. Jags uniforms still suck. Just a different flavor of lousy...
  6. Are teams named Rams legally obligated to use the horns?
  7. Dollars to donuts there won’t be TV numbers.
  8. I feel the same way about the Bledsoe-era Bills uniform, and maybe more so . The Bucs uniform was at least going for some theme. It failed miserably, but there was a discernible direction. The Bills were just a bunch of random stripes thrown together in a non-sensical way. This isn’t to defend the previous Bucs set. It was historically bad. Just not quite as awful as that Bills era.
  9. Now that TV numbers apparently aren’t mandatory, how many teams will be dropping theirs? I could see Cincinnati, Tennessee, and Carolina nix them. And it wouldn’t be stunning to see the Rams, with whatever they come up with, do the same.
  10. Are we sure the Pats unveiled the right pants? Look at this tweet of the mascot.