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  1. They need to drop Nike and go back to their previous supplier (Ripon?). The template and colors don’t work for the Swooshies.
  2. I’d be stunned if the Browns don’t wear the orange next week.
  3. A little yellow-white contact isn’t terrible. This, however...
  4. Agreed, as long as they ditch the black TV numbers on the red jersey. I know it’s a throwback element but it was bad then and it’s bad now.
  5. If the Jazz go full Utah they may as well change their name to Canyons or Red Rocks. And I’d be OK with it. BUT NOT SO THE JAZZ NAME CAN RETURN TO NEW ORLEANS!!!!!!
  6. I’ve decided I don’t like the Hawks’ new uniforms. Too plain and conservative, and all the yellow touching white hurts my eyes. They meant well but didn’t execute.
  7. I love, love, love how the pants striping and numbers match up perfectly. Maybe that’s why I’m fine with the Bucs going white-on-white. It’s the same with the pewter pants but pops much more on the white set.
  8. The Rockies, not to mention an old WNBA team, are why Rockers/Rocks would not work.
  9. Nah. Those are Ravens colors, and that would not fly in Cleveland.
  10. Just tremendous. Is it a coincidence they’re having a really good season after changing to these uniforms and looking like an NFL team again? I think not. (Kidding. I think.)