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  1. This “color commentator” has to be a CCSLC member. And there’s nothing just “OK” about his commentary. He’s speaking our language.
  2. Those schmucks are the lifeblood of this board! (I don't condone anybody losing their job, even for us.)
  3. Unpopular Opinion: This is the best jersey the Flames have ever worn. The home red during this period had too much black, but a set built around this sweater would be outstanding.
  4. I dunno. Seems like a good idea but I bet it’d feel gimmicky pretty quickly.
  5. Ick. Its gray drabness is bad for football (albeit necessary in a stadium that hosts two teams) and would play even worse for baseball.
  6. That's right, I remember those. They were performance attire, some matched more than others and may have been a one-year thing? I still think this is a missed opportunity.
  7. I remember seeing a concept here a bunch of years back for shorts based on teams' pants designs. The NFL should pay for that idea, and also make sweatpants in the same style. Alas, they'd probably be really expensive.
  8. Are those Champion numbers? I'd love to see somebody bring those back.
  9. Dollars to donuts there’s no team in Salt Lake next season. That attendance is pitiful. Anyway, liked the Fleet’s new white uniforms. Didn’t feel as much like an afterthought as some of the other change kits we’ve seen.
  10. This isn’t exactly a clash, but it’s not easy on the eyes.
  11. Messing (even more) with an iconic helmet to accommodate that uniform? No thanks.
  12. - Fix the numbers on the brown and white jerseys. - Add striped socks. - Dump the contrast stitching, whose utter stupidity is only an afterthought because of the other more blatant stupid elements of the uniform. Do all of that (plus nixing the word mark on the pants), and the uniforms are a decent modernization.