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  1. I’d love to see the 1950 uniforms but it doesn’t seem like the Packers love acknowledging the era between Hutson and Lombardi.
  2. I always liked this Jets logo. Combined the classic Jets shape with a NY logo and is more than distinct from the Giants.
  3. I’d love to see this using royal blue and something mixing this silver with the seafoam green.
  4. I love this set. Modern touches but keeps the traditional feel. Hopefully the Rams go this direction when they inevitably dump the current disaster. I would like to see you integrate the Fibonacci curve notch in the pant stripes like you did in the first version.
  5. I dunno. Seattle has made mono-blue its thing. Seems like it works for them. (You’re on the money with the gray road set, though.)
  6. I wish the tiger stripes on the white jersey were black-orange-black. Match that with a similar pattern on the white pants and this set would be an A. Solid B now.
  7. I wish the Dodgers would lose the LA sleeve logo on all their jerseys.
  8. None of this would be necessary if all NFL teams unretired numbers and used rings of honor instead. But that’d make too much sense.
  9. Why? What’s wrong with this? A little simple but the color is so great.
  10. The Fish need to wear that blue jersey in regular-season games.
  11. I wonder if the white jersey has stripes that alternate color, instead of being all three black or all three orange.
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