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  1. I’d agree, but pewter only works in a gloss form. Nike’s incredible inability to do anything but matte makes pewter look pretty muddy.
  2. Good luck doing anything with the Chiefs' history. Hahahaha. How about a Fauxback helmet logo with an all-white Missouri and Kansas, and a yellow star where Kansas City is? It would mimic the Dallas logo but represent KC.
  3. They're all throwbacks... except for the Sabres. But such a weird and haphazard hodgepodge, even forgetting about how the Sabres don't belong in this bracket.
  4. I wonder about the Rangers...
  5. Do we know if users will finally be able to create a City uniform, or if legacy issues (poor color matching, small names, alternate uniforms not showing up, lousy templates) will be fixed?
  6. The Brian’s Song remake had these historically inaccurate Bears socks that actually looked good. Now that it’s legal, I wouldn’t hate the Bears switching eventually. EDIT: Basically, those were the Color Rush socks before Color Rush was a thing. They look much better with white pants.
  7. The only reason I care about college football is the uniforms. And the season started with an A+ matchup.
  8. Holy s--t. These are generally pretty good.
  9. BattleHawks sounds a lot like Blackhawks. That may not work in St. Louis.
  10. The Hornets throwbacks, flaws and all, show me why I don't love their current look: It's too serious. The Alexander Julian uniforms and original logo had whimsy and charm. The current set is so robotic and lifeless.
  11. In a vacuum, these look fine. But the abbreviated name is so minor-league.
  12. Delays could mean things are not running smoothly behind the scenes and other issues have been tougher to navigate than expected. The AAF should be a reminder football leagues are the toughest to build and sustain. Looking back, an early indicator the AAF was in trouble was how they randomly unveiled white jerseys for teams. They clearly hadn’t thought out how teams would clash, and didn’t bother or couldn’t afford to match the white jerseys with the primary. Maybe it’s nothing, but this delay is something to think about.
  13. I wonder if the delays are a sign of trouble.
  14. Shame on the Bulls for allowing a teal sponsor patch on the white jerseys. This is disgusting.
  15. I liked the Wisconsin “throwbacks” until I saw Northwestern. So lazy. Both schools have some interesting stuff in their pasts, but UA couldn’t be bothered to find them.
  16. Lame.