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  1. Mind a bump? Maybe it could be something like this, but in vector format, like that "grey mannequin".
  2. This is probably useless, but I've been thinking about CSL, and the biggest problem of the Raysox template is: Isn't being updated. Why don't we get updated Association Football Templates? Probably because of the general lack of time and interest. Well, I'm mostly worried about make ends meet, education fees, COVID and stuff like that. But I took some time to develop this template before. In the end, I didn't even use it. If anyone wants to use it, go ahead. Better useful for someone than gathering dust in my files. It's a zipped file with 3000x3000 SVG/PDF/AI files. I'm sorry, but I don't know how to convert it for Photoshop. Click on the image to download it, and if you don't mind, please keep my logo somewhere if you use it for creating something.
  3. I do understand the "lifespan of an uniform" is slower in the Big Four leagues than Association Football (where teams get two four new uniforms every year), so it's quite understandable that you haven't noticed that. As your own words say, You don't need to satisfy anyone but yourself with your concepts, and you're free to accept or not the opinions of everyone else. Obviously, I wasn't commenting to devalue your artwork (more like to get it more realistic), and also I don't believe you need to rework your entire concept for minor details like the age of the template and a line that isn't covered. It's nothing more than some suggestions, based on personal view, from something that follows somewhat closely the new release of European/Latin-American Association Football kits. There is no need to make that retroactive. Those suggestions could (or not) be considered from now on. Regarding what I was saying about logos, to clarify even further, there are clearly differences between the "Traditional" and the "American" Style. Some of them, like Roses AFC, Deportivo El Centro and most recently Temecula SC would fit nicely in the "traditional" style, while other are clearly unmatched in Latin/European football, like Monterey's unique, California-relatable format and Real San Diego "modern" Crown, opposed to the heraldic style of crowns in Spanish "Real" team logos. But the differences are most noticeable in the names. I'm not saying the American style is wrong or worse. But I (personally) wouldn't be pleased if teams from the Association Football "most powerful nations" modified their logos dropping their identities for new ones, more "commercial", with nicknames and "modernized" names (as I heavily disliked the rebrands for PSG, Juventus and most recently Internazionale). But being this a league based in United States, it's pretty understandable. A perfect case to use as an example is the Salinas CF. The old version emphasized better the idea of the "Club de Fútbol", as it reminded me a lot of Latin-American team crests, with its stripes that easily relate to other striped logos, like Banfield, Racing de Avellaneda, Peñarol and Santos FC. The new concept put that idea to the sideline, taking inspiration to something that looks unrelated to Association Football at the first, the papel picado, and relying on a big S, like a Baseball logo. Other clearly "americanized" concept is Atlético San Jose. When we think about Atlético, in a traditional understanding, we imply the word "Club" before it, like in Spanish Club Atlético de Madrid, Mexican Club Atlético San Luis, Uruguayan Club Atlético Peñarol and so on. So, if we are considering the traditional understanding, CASJ would be the acronym of choice. Deportivo El Centro, Real San Diego and Sporting San Francisco are the other teams that drops implied words (as in [Real] Club Deportivo La Coruña and Sporting Club de Portugal). It doesn't mean that is wrong. There's nothing like right or wrong on it. It only means that we're looking from different perspectives.
  4. So, the league is going greatly. That is very unique and honestly very american, because I don't see European teams going with the style of some logos/jerseys you have here. But that's not bad at all. I'm completely in love with the most "traditional" ones, like El Centro, Roses AFC and Visalia SC. Apart from that, I got sticked by two things. First. Your templates kind of aged, and I know it's not your fault, because you're using Raysox template as is and, despite of being top notch artwork, in my mind, it kinds of downsize the league, because it makes me wonder: Why all these excellent teams are wearing repurposed jerseys from 2012-2014? Maybe if you tweaked the template a little, at least to match the 2018-19 choices for the biggest sides in the world, or maybe release future updates, this would feel better. Here's a link that you can use as reference. Second. The Adidas sidepanels. Oh how much I cringe them. It's a minor, really minor detail, but it's eating me alive. This is how you're doing. And this is how Adidas do it, all the way to the hem. They way you do it reminds me of old timey MS-Paint paint-bucket concepts, sorry.
  5. It's very heavy for me to get the five stripes, because if the back isn't striped, I don't feel the front is striped. For me, isn't a striped jersey, but a red jersey with black stripes or a black jersey with red stripes. Maybe thats because I'm used to this kind of striped jerseys: Damn FIFA ruined striped jerseys.
  6. Sorry for the gravedigging. But this is awesome! Also, the large images are a big help for people trying to develop its own templates.
  7. Not much else to say. I do believe you have some unique concepts here. Some details are interesting, like the details in the Uruguay jersey, but mostly of it is quite unpracticable in American Football, since the concepts were originally developed for Association Football. It is a paradox that does not work, because if on one hand you have good templates and ideas are not all bad, by applying giant Association Football logos, they become impracticable. It is not as if KNVB, AUF or DFB would sponsor a team from another sport. There is a lack of realism that makes the concepts extremely confusing. Now, down to more technical matters: Your concept of "placing and sizing logos" is somewhat poor, not only in the jerseys, but in the presentation sector. It's crowded and it feels somewhat unpleasant. If you paid for all of these templates, you should not feel obliged to show the logos for the sites where you got it. Less is more, and when talking about American Football jerseys "lesser is even better". Have a look at the most recent batch of NFL jerseys. They developed to a point that it needs a minimum on embellishment and it focus mainly on create a concept that merge visual simplicity and meaning. They trimmed to the minimum, and they're cooler than ever.
  8. Seems the image was deleted from the album. I'd suggest you to try a different uploader, like postimages.org. DeviantArt or Flickr are good too.
  9. I'm searching something like that too: But some posts above there is a nice template: https://pardosport-py.blogspot.com/search/label/basketball
  10. I made this two years ago. As simple as it gets. It is supposed to be a SVG (but is showing properly. How weird.)
  11. Does anyone knows of a good full body basketball templates, like this hockey one or this football one?
  12. While you have a point, I honestly feel it lacks in PUMA-ness. It doesn't have that feeling of cutting-edge technology that Puma use in their works. This plain jersey, with no cuts and this simple collar, reminds me a lot more Nike catalog options than Puma, whose jerseys barely have collars. Concept itself was nicely thought, but could be more developed. The half sun pattern makes me remind too much of 2018 jersey, the feeling of small chevrons running down the jersey is too strong for me. Minor complaints: Puma logos are too big. Arial makes your presentation look shi**y. National team jerseys require numbers on front.
  13. As usual, top-notch work. May be misplaced, and if it is, please get in touch and I can remove or edit it, but how do you get these wood textures so good? Is it really vector work?
  14. You have a serious problem with sizes and. You're using templates as old as of 2000, completely nonsensical . You have giant NOBs. Mostly you're recoloring templates, without considering things like clashing or detailing. Logo placement is hideous. Some are reasonably good if you tackle the problems above. Since it's a lot to address, I've chosen the best four and the worst four. Best Four Astros, Home and Away: Apart from that obnoxious third kit and the disform arms of the keeper one, it's a plainly good concept. Would work in a football scenario. Twins, Home: Another solid, classy kit. I'd not repeat the concept for the third, Maybe I'd use third as home kit. Cardinals, Away: Loved the Powder Blue and how everything worked well around. Royals: Would be better if you haven't positioned Nike logos in that hideous way. Loved the font. Worst Four Tampa Bay Rays: The entire set screams awful. Sorry. The third would be the salvation of the collection, if not paired like a clown's outfit. Giants, Third: That pattern hurt my eyes. Phillies: What would be a decent uniform was ruined by Giant NOBs and misplacement. Dodgers: NO. Simply no. You put the manufacturer logo in the butt of the player. When the shirt is tucked it will disappear. The logo placement looks like 1994. Third and Keeper: Kill it with fire.
  15. The concept itself is pretty good, especially the away jersey with the "music vibes". Is great to see a well-thought concept on these boards. Maybe this is me being sexist, but I think this isn't different of a male jersey. Have you thought about make the uniform more fitting? Shorter sleeves and thinner waistline would be a good start, just like Nike does. Last but not least, I'd make the "North Carolina" part in the fauxback white instead of red, just for contrast's sake.
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