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  1. The concept itself is pretty good, especially the away jersey with the "music vibes". Is great to see a well-thought concept on these boards. Maybe this is me being sexist, but I think this isn't different of a male jersey. Have you thought about make the uniform more fitting? Shorter sleeves and thinner waistline would be a good start, just like Nike does. Last but not least, I'd make the "North Carolina" part in the fauxback white instead of red, just for contrast's sake.
  2. My idea with having a box in the back of the jersey is a nod to 90s' jerseys, when uniform technology wasn't that developed and boxes were common. The text with wrong colour in the logo went completely unnoticed, but I corrected it for the second version. Now everything can be seen in one image. Thanks for your comment.
  3. Made this for a contest in a brazilian sports uniforms forum: Click to see full size.
  4. It's kind of picky and so small. But is one of that things I saw and I wish I haven't, because now I can't "un-see". I circled these two places that I think attention is required. In the P, I'd have the base of the glyph following the swash. It's opening a little in the end of the base. And the junction between the X and the swash is strange. Looks like an elbow.
  5. I'm not calling attention, it was never my intention. I have a decent knowledge in spanish and was offering possibilities to develop the concept since heavybassX asked for it: I helped to fix the language issue, and that's all.
  6. There are some problems here, caused mostly because you probably don't know spanish: First, you're missing an indicative particle. I don't know the exact name of it. but spanish language have this "de", that equals to "of". When you say Diablos Ciudad de Mexico, you're saying two words without link, since the particle indicates the relation between team and location, Like in Angels of Anaheim. So it could be Diablos de Ciudad de México. Second. You're still misspelling C-O-N-Q-U-I-S-T-A-D-O-R-S. In a way, this is not important, because the worse fact is that you're mixing spanish and bad english. The correct choice, also considering the previous information, would be use proper spanish instead of "spanglish". IMO, it could be Conquistadores de Ciudad de México. Third, if you're writing in spanish, you should not forget both should have the "É", that indicates the open-mid front unrounded vowel, a.k.a. the sound of letter E in "bed".
  7. CONQUISTADORS, not Conquisatdors. if you're going that artificial and not paying that much attention to local sports scene, just go with Conquerors. Mexican teams usually place the nickname first, like in Dorados de Sinaloa, Chivas de Guadalajara, Tiburones Rojos de Veracruz, Sultanes de Monterrey or Acereros de Monclova.
  8. JohnnyRfl

    Super Bowl IVXX

    He's completely right, but I'm not sure if all of you are really getting this. It may be a little bit of shocking for some people in Puritanistan America Nice work with bevelling, especially. Fits perfectly the style of lettering and the stroke. Depending on the apply, I'd ditch the stroke and lighten the bevel.
  9. Now it's official. That effect in New Zealand jersey is kind of 3D-printed (with grip material). I wonder if the one I posted before is the retail version. Also, a neat away jersey.
  10. Some leaks: Argentina New Zealand Home. The collar matches the new jerseys for Munster and Leinster.
  11. These concepts are all very neat. That Gators jersey have a place in my heart. Also I think you could be gentle and fix Daniel_Ramone logo. His twitter page:
  12. Together with the Superliga, a new competition started also for College Basketball. The Older College Basketball Championship of National Academic League, divided into regional groups, was discontinued, and a new format was planned for the following Season, the Élite 12: Élite 12 Logo. Text is in French because French is the Official Language of National Academic League. In the Élite 12, the top twelve basketball programs of the country enter a double round robin. The top four placed after the 22 rounds go to the Final Four, which is always played in a neutral venue. Élite 12 Map. The location of each team is marked with the balls. Soria Metropolitan area colleges are shown in detail. Soria, the capital of the nation, have theoretically four colleges participating. Academia Politechnica (Poli), Universidade de Soria and Universidade Metropolitana play in courts within the communal limits, while Trinity College Campus is based in the neighbouring commune of Linville (was part of Soria Commune when Trinity College was founded). Despina in the southwest, have two colleges, Universidade do Sudoeste and Universidade São Miguel Arcanjo (USMA). Kasandora, in the southern coast, have one, Concordia. Going up north, three of the five colleges are based in Superliga cities: Universidade de Lerna and Universidade de Orissa retain the name of the city, while Portes have its demonym as the name of Universidade Portia. Out of the Superliga, Grandeville has its naval academy on the top of Mt. Grand (Another university victimized by the dismemberment of cities in the 20th century), the Academia Naval de Grandeville. College of Salinas, from the city with the same name, is the 12th team. Logos and Uniforms should be up next.