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  1. Thanks to you, I took time off of this thread to work on a new template. Hope it works for you. Send me a message if you have any issues with it.
  2. If there are any issues send me a PM
  3. The template is ready for download.
  4. They're the same order, but inside out. Red, orange, black white for home, White, black, orange, red for road. My only issue with Tampa Bay has always been the colors. A lot of teams use red, and right off the bat, that makes it difficult to establish a really stand-out uniform. I actually like the pewter, as I felt it fit really well with their brand. What I think kills Tampa is that their colors are red and orange. Two colors right next to each other on the color wheel make color contrast difficult. Personally, and this is left field, but if you have a pirate team, own it. Black, brown, pewter, and gold. But if you have to have red, maybe more of a wine red. And if you have to have orange, maybe a dull ochre or tan. Not that that should be your direction. That's just my own criticism of the Bucs; I've always hated their color scheme. Your design looks awesome.
  5. It should be uploaded and available soon, but the striping presets are taking awhile.
  6. Progress update Any input is appreciated. Still adding stripe presets.
  7. I posted to the forum for the first time in years and ended up making a new template. This is spliced from three templates - the bulk of it comes from tbdaniels15. That user has not been on the forum for some time, but bucksfan5 had posted a .psd template that still had a valid link. I copied some of my old template (the cleats) from a template posted by andrewharrington, and the gloves and general layout are all my doing. I still need to do some layer tweaking, and I'm thinking of doing setting up some preset stripe layers. So I'm not just quite ready to post the new Photoshop template itself, but I have enough of it set that I figured I'd post this reduced resolution preview to get some C&C before I go ahead and finish up the file. The actual template is 3300 x 2550, or 11" x 8.5" at 300 dpi. I don't usually make templates, but I like having it print-ready, down to the half-inch print-safe border.
  8. Lehigh Valley Fireflies? It's the Pennsylvania state insect. Or Lehigh Valley Vipers? Copperheads are everywhere in Pennsylvania.
  9. Yeah, I like that, but the modernized one is very clean. I hate to be the guy that asks the When are you going to do XXXX but the only other team I've heard with any plans on uniform tweaks is Tampa Bay.
  10. Love it. I think the Jags change uniforms way too often, personally and I was never a huge fan of that dual-tone helmet. This looks very clean and professional. Awesome work as always. One thing I kinda always wanted, and this isn't a criticism, just an unsolicited opinion, would be jaguar print in the sleeves and pant-stripes. Cincinnati uses tiger stripes very well, and it seemed a bit odd to me that Jacksonville never did a spots pattern.
  11. I was thinking of just going with Lehigh rather than Lehigh Valley. The reasoning being that with a team headed to Las Vegas that I wanted to refrain from the LV abbreviation if possible. Football generally prefers to avoid collective nouns. Basketball and hockey don't have a problem with it (Heat, Jazz) but not football. I could see Lehigh Voltage being a fun concept for basketball, but not football. Lehigh Hyenas? Lehigh Sentinels? Oh, for whatever reason, I'm not a huge fan of the name Wilkes-Barre (maybe because no one agrees how to pronounce Barre), so I'm thinking Susquehanna as a market name.
  12. Everyone and their uncle is giving me team suggestions and map comments. Does anyone have comments on the LOGO before I vector trace? Ah, the fun of forum C&C. Love it. Anyway, I'm not sure about historical teams. I don't want to do Duluth Eskimos because that kind of title is not going to work in our current climate. Washington may never end up changing that name (as NFL fans get younger, the percentage of people that find it offensive is only going to go up), but I don't think anyone would disagree that they'd never be able to get away with that name in 2018 if it hadn't been used for over, what, 80 years? Likewise, I don't think Louisville Brecks are viable, just because I have no idea what to do for a logo for a modernized Breckenridge Club. But Dayton Triangles seems so perfectly bizarre. I had suggested Dakota Trikes, but was told that Sioux Falls is the wrong part of the state for that. Dayton Trikes, with a triceratops skull inside a Reuleaux triangle might be very executable.
  13. For the intent of this project, I'm assuming that NCAA football has been supplanted by this minor league. I went with Seawolves deliberately because some markets might elect to keep brands. I could name them the Alaska Orcas and distance it entirely. Yeah, I can upload it to pCloud, but I should probably check with the template author first. He may have that link dead for a reason, and just because I have the file, I don't want to just assume I have the right to share it. I've had a mammoth logo stolen by a Russian hockey team, so I don't want to distribute anyone else's work without permission. So while I check with Andrew Harrington, I instead did a search of the forum for other Nike templates and found this Mach Speed template which looks very similar (and has a better helmet, I think). And there's also this one.
  14. I'm not sure I'd go with the Duluth Eskimos. I was actually thinking maybe Duluth Pike, since I know There was a Minnesota arena football team with a pike logo. It was very... well, here. That probably won't be the direction I use, but I could see a team in Lake Superior using the Pike identity.
  15. This is a template I altered awhile ago and still use. It was based on the Nike Pro Combat in 2010, so I'm sure I need to actually make my own by this point.