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  1. The LPI Midseason Draft kicks off at 10:00 AM EDT on Monday, and you've got the first of four compensatory selections (due to the departure of Guarín to :censored:ing China). If you will not be able to make a selection from 10-12 Monday, send me your desired selection ASAP. Otherwise, please just remember to PM Dave once you've made your pick. :)

  2. NFL-style MLB Realignment (playoff format would mat h that of NFL with Wild Card Round consisting of five-game series and all other series consisting of seven games) American League East Baltimore Orioles Cleveland Indians New York Yankees Raleigh/Durham (formerly Tampa Bay Rays) North Boston Red Sox Detroit Tigers Montreal Expos (expansion) Toronto Blue Jays South Chicago White Sox Houston Astros Kansas City Royals Texas Rangers West Las Vegas (expansion) Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Sacramento Athletics (formerly of Oakland) Seattle Mariners National League East New York Mets Philadelphia Phillies Pittsburgh Pirates Washington Nationals North Chicago Cubs Colorado Rockies Milwaukee Brewers Minnesota Twins South Atlanta Braves Cincinnati Reds Miami Marlins St. Louis Cardinals West Arizona Diamondbacks Los Angeles Dodgers San Diego Padres San Francisco Giants Here's a handy (albeit crudely drawn) map so you can see that despite some weird divisions -- such as St. Louis and the White Sox both being aligned in the South -- this actually makes a hell of a lot more since geographically than the NFL's current divisional alignment.
  3. On the bright side, Andy Dalton's haircut really is something. Seriously, though, I think that the Bengals really had their hands tied coming into this one. Without two receivers in Green and Gresham who accounted for 42% of Cincinnati's air game (IIRC), the Bengals were essentially doomed from the start. Had they had everyone healthy, I think that this game would be a nailbiter (if not Cincinnati in the driver's seat) instead of a sure Colts win, given Indy's lack of a run game and the Bengals' superb defense. Unfortunately, Bengals fans will simply have to wait another year. Curses are meant to be broken, and I believe that all the pieces will fall into place one season or another for the Bengals (and for the Reds & Blue Jackets). No need to give up hope if you're a Cincinnati sports fan, or if you belong to any struggling fan base, for that matter. There will always be better days.
  4. Wild Card Weekend AFC Baltimore Ravens 13, Pittsburgh Steelers 31 Cincinnati Bengals 20, Indianapolis Colts 26 NFC Arizona Cardinals 16, Carolina Panthers 23 Detroit Lions 22, Dallas Cowboys 35 Divisional Round AFC Indianapolis Colts 23, New England Patriots 41 Pittsburgh Steelers 29, Denver Broncos 27 NFC Carolina Panthers 9, Seattle Seahawks 30 Dallas Cowboys 27, Green Bay Packers 24 Conference Championships AFC Pittsburgh Steelers 24, New England Patriots 21 NFC Dallas Cowboys 17, Seattle Seahawks 31 2014 Super Bowl (2006 rematch!) Pittsburgh Steelers 20, Seattle Seahawks 26
  5. A Buccaneers fan or someone in Tampa Bay's front office would, of course, prefer the Bucs to lose their game. But what you have to remember is that the players of the field are paid to do one thing: play to the best of their ability. They're not gonna throw the game just so the Buccaneers can draft a player that will potentially take one of their spots (that has to be Josh McCown's mentality right now; a win could mean that the Bucs don't get Mariota and take a defensive stud instead).
  6. If we assume that Peyton goes to San Diego and is successful there, then this impacts the careers of Drew Brees, Philip Rivers, and Eli Manning.Man, I'd imagine a team of Peyton Manning, LaDanian Tomlinson, and Antonio Gates would have won a Super Bowl or two.And wouldn't this ultimately mean that Brees, a Purdue grad, would have fittingly ended up on the Colts?
  7. Updated above (despite the community's disdain for such a format) to reflect the latest College Football Playoff Rankings that were released today.
  8. Here's my take on a College Football postseason. 32 teams (10 conference champions and 22 at-large) compete in a single-elimination bracket format.Duration: approximately five weeks (second weekend of December to third weekend of January).Each of the first 28 games will take place in a bowl site that is determined chiefly by the geographical location of the highest seeded teams (much like the NCAA basketball tournament).The semifinal and final would operate exactly as it does now, with the two semifinal games rotating between the predetermined large bowls, and the final being played in a predetermined site.Eight bowl games (or greater if more are added) would exist for non-playoff qualifying schools. Currently, those bowl games are the R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl, the Gildan New Mexico Bowl, the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl, the Raycom Media Camelia Bowl, the Boca Raton Bowl, the Popeyes Bahamas Bowl, the Military Bowl presented by Northrop Grumman, and the GoDaddy Bowl.Below is an example of what a 2015 version of the format outlined above might look like. (Disclaimer: I seeded the teams yesterday, so the seeds do not reflect any of the conference championship games and follow the Week 15 College Football Playoff Rankings.)Seeds (all-caps denotes conference champion): 1s: Alabama (1), Oregon (2), Florida State (3), Ohio State (4)2s: Baylor (5), TCU (6), Mississippi State (7), Michigan State (8)3s: Ole Miss (9), Arizona (10), Kansas State (11), Georgia Tech (12)4s: Georgia (13), UCLA (14), Arizona State (15), Missouri (16)5s: Clemson (17), Wisconsin (18), Auburn (19), Boise State (20)6s: Louisville (21) Utah (22), LSU (23), USC (24)7s: Minnesota (25), Nebraska (NR/26), Oklahoma (NR/27), Marshall (NR/28)8s: Memphis (NR/29), Duke (NR/30), Northern Illinois (NR/31), Georgia Southern (NR/32)First six out: Colorado State, Air Force, Cincinnati, UCF, West Virginia, Stanford
  9. Sadistically, I feel the exact same way. I was pissed when Green Bay fumbled inside their 5. 42-0 at halftime would be a pretty juicy scoreline.EDIT: All hail the Packers. Aaron Rodgers and Randall Cobb run Chicago. Woe is me. Goodnight and go Cubs.
  10. Until this season, most recent matchups had been very, very close with the Bears even pulling out the win in Lambeau last year and wins at Soldier at a pretty good frequency. The Bears still lead the all-time head-to-head, by the way, albeit narrowly.
  11. Dig around that attic for your abaci, fellas, 'cuz I surmise that's all you'll need to calculate the attendance of tonight's Coyotes-Panthers game.
  12. If Seattle doesn't have a viable arena, and Kansas City isn't willing to comply with the NHL's demands, then what about Portland?
  13. Panthers to Québec City, Coyotes to Kansas City. Enough said.
  14. CS85, where art thou? I guess I'll have to fill in... By the end of the game, the Bears secondary was equivalent to that of an intramural flag football team for recovering alcoholics, but luckily Rex Ryan calls plays like he'd taken several dosages of narcotics and been repeatedly hit in the head with a pickaxe. Cutler played well, though.
  15. My best guess is that Pete Carroll was busy talking strategy to his team, so he just kinda said "Uh, Tarvaris, you're not busy. Head on out there for the toss.".
  16. I wonder how that conversation must have gone... Ray: Hey, Roger, just wanted to come out clean and let you know that I hit and KOed my fiancée in an Atlantic City elevator this offseason. Roger: Oh, that's alright, Ray. We'll sweep this under the rug as long as you continue to increase the NFL's revenue margin with your sky-high jersey sales and whatnot! Ray: Thanks, Rogie, you're the best!
  17. I don't disagree with that at all; I thought that an American/National Conference format would be beneficial for the NBA, and I put the NHL in the same format just for kicks and giggles.
  18. Since the NBA is becoming a joke because of how much stronger the Western Conference is, here's my idea for NBA realignment: American Conference East Division Boston Celtics Brooklyn Nets Charlotte Hornets Orlando Magic Toronto Raptors Central Division Cleveland Cavaliers Detroit Pistons Houston Rockets Indiana Pacers Oklahoma City Thunder West Division Denver Nuggets Golden State Warriors Los Angeles Clippers Phoenix Suns San Antonio Spurs National Conference East Division Atlanta Hawks Miami Heat New York Knicks Philadelphia 76ers Washington Wizards Central Division Chicago Bulls Memphis Grizzlies Milwaukee Bucks Minnesota Timberwolves New Orleans Pelicans West Division Dallas Mavericks Los Angeles Lakers Portland Trail Blazers Sacramento Kings Utah Jazz And, hell, the NHL in the same format while I'm at it: American Conference East Division Boston Bruins Florida Panthers Montreal Canadiens New Jersey Devils New York Islanders Central Division Buffalo Sabres Detroit Red Wings Nashville Predators Ottawa Senators Pittsburgh Penguins West Division Anaheim Ducks Colorado Avalanche Dallas Stars Edmonton Oilers Vancouver Canucks National Conference East Division Carolina Hurricanes New York Rangers Philadelphia Flyers Tampa Bay Lightning Washington Capitals Central Division Chicago Blackhawks Columbus Blue Jackets Minnesota Wild St. Louis Blues Toronto Maple Leafs West Division Calgary Flames Los Angeles Kings Phoenix Coyotes San Jose Sharks Winnipeg Jets
  19. Could work, but that would mean a shortened offseason, which I doubt players would be in favor of.Their offseason would have been occupied anyways by the June-July World Cup.
  20. If it has to be held in the winter, then it'll have to be held at the end of 2022 because of the 2022 Winter Olympics in February. If they held it, say November 17 through December 17, 2022, it might work out. The European leagues would have to start their seasons more than a month earlier (say, mid-July) to compensate for the lengthy international break, but with no World Cup that summer the early start would be welcome by European football fans, I'd imagine.
  21. I don't think Portland can do better than Markham. Over 6 million people live in the GTA, and proportionately there are many more hockey fans than in Portland's metro area of about 2.3 million. As for SLC, while I think that's another good potential market, I'd still put it behind Hamilton, KC, Markham, and Portland. So I'll update my realignment with Portland in place of Saskatoon later today.
  22. Aside from the Seattle proximity nonsense, I'd still argue that teams in Kansas City, Markham, and Hamilton would all be more successful and profitable than a team in Portland. However, upon further consideration maybe Saskatoon is a bit of a stretch considering the attendence numbers for their current WHL team are strikingly low.
  23. Although I feel like Seattle would be a great NHL market, unlike the cities you listed above, it will not have an NHL suitable arena completed in three to four years. Once they build a new arena (which could be awhile considering the Kings are staying in Sacramento) I'm sure Bettman will make a serious push to relocate a team (such as the Canes or Predators) to Seattle. As for Portland, while that would be a viable NHL market, it would hurt Seattle's future chances of acquiring a franchise, and I feel that the other cities chosen would provide better fan bases. But I'll admit that "Hamilton Whalers" was a huge stretch.
  24. The recent NHL realignment was set up the way it was to pave paths to future expansion three, four years down the road, which is when I would expect some sort of expansion like the one I outlined in my proposal to take place. Columbus's economy has suffered from the Blue Jackets' lack of profit. The team has been bottom 4 in attendance the past few years, further proving that the market for a hockey team in Columbus is too small to survive profitably. Québec City is a much better NHL market. The province can certainly support a second team, and I assure you the attendence would be greater there than it is now in Columbus, especially when they move into the brand new Amphithreatre, but it would probably still be higher even if they had to play their first season in the artifact that is Colisée Pepsi.
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