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  1. The LPI Midseason Draft kicks off at 10:00 AM EDT on Monday, and you've got the first of four compensatory selections (due to the departure of Guarín to :censored:ing China). If you will not be able to make a selection from 10-12 Monday, send me your desired selection ASAP. Otherwise, please just remember to PM Dave once you've made your pick. :)

  2. Fine. Just don't pick more than 5 SPs, whatever you do. Make sure to fill out all of the positions, and pick a stellar bullpen.

  3. No problem. You're a Packers fan anyways. ;)

  4. It still says you can't receive any messages. So please check out the link below.

  5. Could you clear your PM inbox? I need to send you something. It's regarding the Baseball All Time Draft going on in the Sports in General section. Here's the link to the post you could reply to if you're interested:

  6. Happy 100th birthday!

  7. So as a former Thrashers fan, are you going to be rooting for Winnipeg now, or are you switching over to Tampa or Carolina?

  8. Haha, I was trying to voice that somewhere, but couldn't find a place. Guess this will do. Thanks! I guess I'm just psychic like that. Oh, and the Cubs are gonna win the World Series. :)

  9. Nice username. Oh, and happy birthday.

  10. Будь ты проклят, спам-бот! :P

  11. Hey, you can see how your fonts worked out on my concept using the URL below. Thanks again!