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  1. So while Tank's got his on-boards competition going on, I've gone ahead and made a little group for us through ESPN Bowl Mania. It uses the "confidence" format in which you rank each game based on how confident you are of your pick. Group name: CCSLC Bowl Extravaganza Password: sportslogos
  2. If history repeats itself (as it did in 2011 and 2013), your beloved Giants will be missing the playoffs in 2015; at the very least they're no lock for October considering they're in a division with the Dodgers and the potentially improved Padres and Diamondbacks. I'm not saying that the Cubs would be a lock for the postseason with Lester, but I am saying that it's premature to count them out already, and that the Giants most certainly wouldn't be a lock, themselves.
  3. Updated above (despite the community's disdain for such a format) to reflect the latest College Football Playoff Rankings that were released today.
  4. I've read rumors that Memphis and Cincinnati will be joining the Big 12, which would bring the conference back to twelve teams and allow the Big 12 to split into two divisions, creating a Big 12 Championship Game.Regardless, I do agree that the playoffs need to include more than four teams. A virtually all-inclusive, 32 team, March Madness bracket style tournament like that one I outlined in the Pointless Realignment thread would be welcome and of course highly engrossing, but in reality even eight teams would be preferable and would reduce controversy and let all truly deserving teams into the playoffs, in most cases.
  5. For me, it'd be: 1. Alabama (toughest schedule, most impressive down the stretch) 2. Oregon (rebounded from a home loss to the Wildcats by obliterating each of its remaining opponents) 3. Baylor (defeated TCU, only loss was on the road to a hot West Virginia team) 4. Florida State (undefeated, win games no matter how ugly the Seminoles can play at times) ------ 5. TCU (only loss came to Baylor, but made too many mistakes and hardly escaped West Virginia and Kansas) 6. Ohio State (despite being an absolute juggernaut, a sore thumb of a loss to Virginia Tech and a pretty weak out-of-conference schedule [and possibly the loss of J.T. Barrett?] doom the Buckeyes)
  6. Here's my take on a College Football postseason. 32 teams (10 conference champions and 22 at-large) compete in a single-elimination bracket format.Duration: approximately five weeks (second weekend of December to third weekend of January).Each of the first 28 games will take place in a bowl site that is determined chiefly by the geographical location of the highest seeded teams (much like the NCAA basketball tournament).The semifinal and final would operate exactly as it does now, with the two semifinal games rotating between the predetermined large bowls, and the final being played in a predetermined site.Eight bowl games (or greater if more are added) would exist for non-playoff qualifying schools. Currently, those bowl games are the R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl, the Gildan New Mexico Bowl, the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl, the Raycom Media Camelia Bowl, the Boca Raton Bowl, the Popeyes Bahamas Bowl, the Military Bowl presented by Northrop Grumman, and the GoDaddy Bowl.Below is an example of what a 2015 version of the format outlined above might look like. (Disclaimer: I seeded the teams yesterday, so the seeds do not reflect any of the conference championship games and follow the Week 15 College Football Playoff Rankings.)Seeds (all-caps denotes conference champion): 1s: Alabama (1), Oregon (2), Florida State (3), Ohio State (4)2s: Baylor (5), TCU (6), Mississippi State (7), Michigan State (8)3s: Ole Miss (9), Arizona (10), Kansas State (11), Georgia Tech (12)4s: Georgia (13), UCLA (14), Arizona State (15), Missouri (16)5s: Clemson (17), Wisconsin (18), Auburn (19), Boise State (20)6s: Louisville (21) Utah (22), LSU (23), USC (24)7s: Minnesota (25), Nebraska (NR/26), Oklahoma (NR/27), Marshall (NR/28)8s: Memphis (NR/29), Duke (NR/30), Northern Illinois (NR/31), Georgia Southern (NR/32)First six out: Colorado State, Air Force, Cincinnati, UCF, West Virginia, Stanford
  7. Sadistically, I feel the exact same way. I was pissed when Green Bay fumbled inside their 5. 42-0 at halftime would be a pretty juicy scoreline.EDIT: All hail the Packers. Aaron Rodgers and Randall Cobb run Chicago. Woe is me. Goodnight and go Cubs.
  8. Until this season, most recent matchups had been very, very close with the Bears even pulling out the win in Lambeau last year and wins at Soldier at a pretty good frequency. The Bears still lead the all-time head-to-head, by the way, albeit narrowly.
  9. Alright, men, let's make our wagers. What do you suppose the final score will be in the Euro 2016 qualifying match between World Cup champions Germany (who will be fielding all their best) and UEFA fledglings Gibraltar? I'm gonna go conservative and say 8-0.
  10. In true Washington pro sports fashion, DC United goes out in the first round despite a fantastic season and actually winning today's match. As someone who went to a United-Red Bulls match this season at RFK and almost decided to attend today's playoff match, I'm pretty disappointed that United went out so early. I was really looking forward to a DC-LA final at RFK with La Barra Brava going absolutely nuts the whole time. Looks like an Henry vs. Donovan (or Dempsey, I guess) final will have to suffice.
  11. Horrendous officiating in the Manchester derby. Far too inconsistent with the distribution of yellow cards, and somehow didn't award City a penalty a few minutes back.
  12. We should have the world's most annoying argument right now about how actually that's Yadier Molina.Just kidding. Not about it being Yadi, just about the fact that we should actually argue over it. *scrambles hastily to find name of Cubs catcher* ...Ah! Welington Castill... Oh.
  13. It's amazing to think that I attended a Nationals-Giants game on the Fourth of July in 2012 and Madison Bumgarner gave up three home runs (Solano, Zimmerman, and, yep, Michael Morse), losing in a blowout having allowed seven earned runs in five innings of work. That's one game, yeah, but the guy just wasn't impressive. Sure, in the postseason he steps it up, but I think the guy who really deserves more credit is Buster Posey. He calls a game better than anyone in the game, and in my mind he is nearly just as responsible for Bumgarner's success as Bumgarner is. I mean, Bumgarner never shakes off Posey, that's how good of a pitch caller and how much in sync those guys are. The decision to throw elevated fastball after elevated fastball instead of messing around with a risky curveball and potentially paying for it at the end of that game was absolutely genius, especially considering the Royals' inexperience and high nerves in that situation. In short? The Giants definitely earned this World Series by just clicking in all the right places. But now that we all believe in the even year mojo, it's safe to say what lies ahead for San Fran in 2015: mediocrity.
  14. I actually had a dream last night in which I was informed that Maddon was named Cubs manager. I was super excited, especially when this imaginary informant told me that Rick Renteria was to stick around as bench coach (or something like that). In reality, though, I have a weird feeling that this move will probably come back and bite the Cubs in the butt. Probably because Renteria was initially hired due to his reputation as being great with both young players and Latin American players, which the Cubs have a surplus of. Über-pessimistic Cubs fan prediction? The Cubs underachieve à la Rays these two or three years while Rick Renteria leads the Dodgers to a World Series.
  15. Dig around that attic for your abaci, fellas, 'cuz I surmise that's all you'll need to calculate the attendance of tonight's Coyotes-Panthers game.
  16. I had had this inclination earlier, but now I'm fully convinced that these 2014 Royals are an exact reincarnation of the 2007 Rockies. Enjoy getting swept and at least seven subsequent years of mediocrity, Royals fans.
  17. Anything is better than McCarver. Buck and McCarver possessed a quality that not many commentary tandems possess: they were just monotonous and boring enough for me to be able to ignore them. The contrast between the commentary styles of Buck, Reynolds, and Verducci stands out, is hard to ignore, and is generally annoying. What makes it worse is that there's three of them babbling in the booth instead of the usual twosome of Buck and McCarver spitting out soft nonsense.
  18. This is easily the worst ever commentary for a World Series.
  19. Yes. In 1908, I- Oh wait... *single tear streams down face*
  20. Ah, I'll never forget visiting Nassau last November. The Islanders played exceptionally well, defeating the Bruins 3-1 behind the excellent goaltending of Kevin Poulin (who was absolutely pitiful in nearly every other outing last season but managed to elicit POU-LIN! chants all throughout the Coliseum on that night). What a great place to watch a hockey game. My seat was about ten rows from the rafters (albeit centered over the middle of the ice) and the view was absolutely spectacular. Delightfully small, is that arena. The Isles fans are great, and there's nothing more satisfying than seeing dejected, drunken Bruins fans head back to Boston after having scored a cheap ticket (much cheaper than the Boston Garden or MSG) and expecting to see a comfortable Bruins win. The Islanders played great that night and I could tell they had a great nucleus. They traded away a good chunk of their supporting cast last season, but with the additions of Boychuk, Leddy, and Halak to supplement that stellar young nucleus, this team is good and I couldn't be giddier. I'll always be a Blackhawks fan, but, man, have those Islanders notched a special place in my heart.
  21. Yeah, he legitimately angers me. What's his deal, anyway?
  22. This probably belongs in the Pointless Realignment Outpost thread, but since it's only a suggestion for restructuring the postseason format and it's a topic of discussion at the moment I'll give it a shot: 1. Adopt an NFL-style postseason structure. Yes, this would allow one more team into the playoffs each year, but would pay dividends for the teams that finish first and second in their respective leagues. 2. All four series (Wild Card Series "ALWS and NLWS", ALDS and NLDS, ALCS and NLCS, and World Series) would be played in a best-of-seven, 2-3-2 format. This would lengthen the season by around two weeks and likely force the MLB to begin its season in latish March, but would force non #1 or #2 seeded teams to win 16 out of a possible 28 games games to win the World Series while the #1 and #2 seeded teams would only have to win 12 out of a possible 21. 3. A hypothetical playoff scenario had this format been enforced this season: ALWS #3 Detroit Tigers def. #6 Seattle Mariners in 7 #4 Kansas City Royals def. #5 Oakland Athletics in 5 NLWS #3 St. Louis Cardinals def. #6 Milwaukee Brewers in 5 #5 San Francisco Giants def. #4 Pittsburgh Pirates in 5 ALDS #1 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim def. #4 Kansas City Royals in 7 (due to depleted pitching, presumably) #2 Baltimore Orioles def. #3 Detroit Tigers in 5 NLDS #5 San Francisco Giants def. #1 Washington Nationals in 6 (just 'cause Nats can't hit) #3 St. Louis Cardinals def. #2 Los Angeles Dodgers in 6 (just 'cause Cards are gonna Card, but Dodgers would still have an advantage and would beat most other teams in this scenario) ALCS #1 Los Angeles Angels of Anahiem over #2 Baltimore Orioles in 5 NLCS #5 San Francisco Giants over #3 St. Louis Cardinals in 6 World Series #1 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim over #5 San Francisco Giants in 7 --------- I dunno. In some cases, upsets will still be upsets, but in others I think the teams with byes could deeply benefit. I mean, can you imagine every starter in the Dodgers or Nationals or even the Angels rotation pitching on the kind of rest Jeremy Guthrie was pitching on last night, plus a well rested bullpen, going up against a team coming right off a best-of-seven series? It'd be a whole different ballgame.
  23. If Seattle doesn't have a viable arena, and Kansas City isn't willing to comply with the NHL's demands, then what about Portland?
  24. Panthers to Québec City, Coyotes to Kansas City. Enough said.