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  1. As a Liverpool fan, of course I'm worried about potential Balotelli antics, but Brendan Rodgers did a very good job taming Suarez last season (I think he only received one yellow card the whole season and it wasn't until he was away from Rodgers and playing for Uruguay at the World Cup that he relapsed). If Rodgers can impose the same kind of discipline to Balotelli as he did to Suarez, this could work out swimmingly for the Reds. I mean, how can you argue with this starting XI?: Mignolet Johnson Skrtel Lovren Flanagan Sterling Gerrard Henderson Coutinho Balotelli Sturridge Bench: Jones, Toure, Manquillo, Lucas, Can, Allen, Markovic, Lambert Other notables: Enrique, Agger, Assaidi, Sakho, Lallana, Borini, Suso, Ibe
  2. If the playoffs began today... ALDS Angels vs. winner of OAK/DET Orioles vs. Royals NLDS Nationals vs. winner of STL/SF Brewers vs. Dodgers The idea of an Orioles vs. Royals playoff series was laughable just three years ago. The Brewers hosting the Dodgers would also be a huge surprise.
  3. The NL East is frustratingly weak. Despite the Braves recent losing streak, the Nationals have gained virtually no ground on Atlanta because of recent losses themselves. It really is a shame that the Marlins have had injury woes, namely Fernández and Alvarez, because they'd probably be in the driver's seat of that division if it weren't for the injuries given the young, well-rounded team they have. Hell, the way things are going the :censored:ing Mets might even have a shot to creep back into the picture if 1969 comes a-callin' (it is the 45th anniversary of the Miracle Mets, after all).
  4. I was able to take in a game at PNC Park today, and the Pirates looked far from contenders....
  5. Looks like someone doesn't watch the NBA!Which by no means is a bad thing. I applaud anyone who avoids watching the NBA.
  6. Am I crazy for playing ten minute halves?
  7. Unpopular opinion alert: today's deadline winners so far? It's the Red Sox.
  8. Céspedes was a talented player, of course... 2014 OBPs: 1. Fuld (.356) 2. Gomes (.329) 3. Céspedes (.303) And there ya have it.
  9. So um... How much longer until Balotelli hops the next train to Dortmund?If Balotelli hits the market, Liverpool will go after him like crazed dogs.
  10. Watching the ICC on FS1, and the commentary is far from spectacular. "Emyr Huws, the 20 year old from Welsh, a Welsh international." Dear God, watching the 2018 World Cup on FOX is going to be unbearable.
  11. That AC Milan third kit is absolutely horrendous. The gold is several shades too dark and too yellow and the name and number font isn't helping to say the least.
  12. One thing about the cap logos: instead of using the first letter of the state name, why not use the official state postal abbreviations in a KC Royals kind of interlocking style? I think "AK" would work great on that Alaska hat and the same can be said for "VT" and Vermont.
  13. Well done here, as always. I love how you embraced the sky blue but incorporated the black and yellow, and the crest is spot on as always. Both kits are beautiful; I'm loving the simplistic and nautical theme of the primary, and I've always found that pastel-esque colors work beautifully on black uniforms, especially in stripes such as those that you implemented. Concept series like these make me wish that these nations would actually take up these designs instead of sticking with the oftentimes godawful threads they trot out onto the pitch in currently.
  14. Bump. Tahiti is the next concept, but it'll take me awhile to get around to it.
  15. Ten early bold predictions for the 2014/15 Premier League: 1. Arsenal will win the title 2. Chelsea, Manchester City, and Liverpool will round out the Champions League berths in that order. 3. Manchester United will secure the lone Europa League bid in another disappointing season. 4. Swansea City will finish in the top half of the table. 5. Everton, Tottenham, Southampton, and Newcastle will round out the top ten. 5. QPR will be the most successful newly promoted club, finishing in 13th. 6. Leicester City will narrowly escape relegation, finishing in 17th. 7. Aston Villa, Burnley, and West Bromwich Albion will be relegated. 8. Alexis Sánchez, Daniel Sturridge, Robin van Persie, Wilfried Bony, and Diego Costa will be the top five goalscorers (in no particular order). 9. Arsenal will score the most goals and concede the least. 10. Burnley will score the fewest goals, but Aston Villa will concede the most.
  16. I'm really enjoying all of these concepts; they're clean, simplistic, and they utilize appropriate and unique color schemes. I do agree, however, that they could use some variation as far as cap logos are concerned, and maybe add some pinstripes now and then (they'd go great with Rhode Island). Also, it'd be nice to see a colored top now and again as well, if not as an alternate than in lieu of the home white or road grey jersey as many NCAA baseball teams do. Other than that, not much to complain at all; these are really likeable and realistic concepts with a decent amount of state-specific charm.
  17. Country name: New Caledonia (French: Nouvelle-Calédonie) Nickname: Les Cagous (The Kagus) Colors: Red, grey, and white --> Blue, red, green, yellow, black, and white FIFA code: NCL Stadium: Stade Numa-Daly Magenta (capacity 10,000), Nouméa Current FIFA world ranking: 136 FIFA World Cup appearances: None Fun fact: The New Caledonian Giant Gecko is the largest extant gecko species in the world. Concept description: New Caledonias crest and kits currently feature only red, grey, and white, but with a flag as colorful as theirs, I decided to embrace it fully. The primary kit is blue over red over green to mimic the New Caledonian flag, and the numbers on the front and back of the kits and shorts are black encircled in yellow just like the emblem seen on the flag. The clash kit is a celebration of the aforementioned emblem; it is yellow, black, and white with the highlight of the kits being the flèche faîtière, a carved rooftop spear that is portrayed on the flag and that can be found adorning the homes of the indigenous Kanak inhabitants of New Caledonia, adorned as a sort of stripe near the shirttail. Also of note: I recolored the crest from red, grey, and white to blue, red, green, and white, and I went with a collared template again; maybe collared shirts will be a recurring theme of this concept series.
  18. I'm over half way finished with New Caledonia, so look out for that in the next day or two. Thanks for the feedback, everyone; I hope there are fewer complaints about the template I chose for New Caledonia than for New Zealand.
  19. Any suggestions on what I can do to improve the concept or where I can find "unique" templates that are compatible with Paint?
  20. It is an interesting debate. I can't foresee either Čech or Courtois as a backup given their histories, so either Čech is gonna have to be sold or Courtois is gonna have to go out on loan again, God knows where.
  21. I've really been enjoying raysox's "CONCACAF Redux" series, so I figured I'd tackle the challenge of creating concepts for an entire confederation, albeit using Microsoft Paint. I chose to tackle the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) because it is by far the smallest and most obscure of the six confederations, consisting of only 11 nations (14 if you count the three non-FIFA members). I hope to finish concepts for all 11 nations, and maybe even the three non-FIFA countries as an added bonus. First up is New Zealand! --------- Country name: New Zealand Nickname: All Whites Colors: White, black, and silver Kit manufacturer: Nike FIFA code: NZL Stadium: Westpac Stadium (capacity 34,500), Wellington Current FIFA world ranking: 101 FIFA World Cup appearances (2): 1982 Spain, 2010 South Africa Fun fact: At the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, New Zealand were the only team not to lose a match; the All Whites drew all three group stage matches in which they played and failed to advance to the knockout stage. Concept description: I wanted to maintain the tradition of, well, all white for the primary kit, but with an added twist; both the primary and clash kits feature the national symbol, the silver fern, sublimated on the front of the shirt. For the clash kit, I decided to stray away from the usual all black outfit and went with a silver shirt over black shorts and socks, but of course the white shorts and socks can be used in lieu of the black for contrast reasons, if necessary. Both kits also include a duel geometrical design on the front of the shirt that is meant to complement the silver fern sublimation. For the socks, I chose a gradating design that corresponds to each kits respective shorts, and I chose a shirt template that includes a color because I feel that collared shirts really bolster the look of more simplistic kits (e.g. Australia and Greece in this years World Cup). I realize that this concept does implement Microsoft Paint and that it is not necessarily of the same quality of the soccer concepts guys like raysox and Berlin Wall are pumping out these days, but keep in mind that I did put quite a bit of time and effort into this concept, and any comments or constructive criticism are recommended and would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, and I hope you enjoy!
  22. Tottenham were caught in the midst of a second Cuban Missile Crisis. This time the missile was the foot of Cuban midfielder Osvaldo Alonso.
  23. Extended fantasy: It's Halloween night, and all eyes are on Coliseum as the Oakland Athletics lead the St. Louis Cardinals 1-0 in the top of the ninth inning. The clock has struck midnight on the east coast, and November is upon us for many baseball fans. The world has just experienced one of the best pitching duels in World Series history; Jeff Samardzija pitched eight shutout innings for the A's, recording ten strikeouts, while the Cardinals' Adam Wainwright allowed one run over eight innings himself; the only hit of the game for the A's was a Yoenis Céspedes solo blast off of Wainwright's only mistake pitch of the night. This Game 7 is just a culmination of an already extraordinary Fall Classic; the A's took Games 1 and 2 at the Colosseum, but fell in Games 3, 4, and 5 in St. Louis before being down to their final strike and coming from behind to win Game 6. In the meantime, Sean Doolittle recorded two quick outs for the Athletics, sending nearly 60,000 ecstatic fans into an absolute frenzy. Doolittle then proceeds to walk Allan Craig and Matt Holliday, and Matt Adams singles up the middle to load the bases; Allan Craig is curiously not sent around to score. There are no words to describe the sound reverberating throughout the Colosseum as legendary catcher Yadier Molina steps up to the plate for the Redbirds. Molina works the count to 3-1, sending the hometown fans into an utter Top Thrill Dragster of emotion. Sean Doolittle's 3-1 pitch is high and tight, just juicy enough for Molina to swing at, but Molina is sawed off, and he hits a towering ball into a seemingly endless world of foul territory. Both Cardinal fans and A's fans will forever remember the few seconds during which the ball seemingly lingered high in the sky for hours as the longest few seconds of their lives. Meanwhile, Josh Donaldson is sprinting faster than he can handle toward the famous tarp down the left field line, but it seems that the ball has travelled too far toward the left field foul pole for Donaldson to corral it. But then suddenly time seems to leap forward as Donaldson leaps onto the tarp, using it to spring himself forward, and flies as if he were a bird into the path of the ball, catching it just before it can bounce anticlimactically to the ground. Donaldson, writhing in pain on the dirt (x-rays later showed that Donaldson broke two ribs on the play), holds up his glove, ball secured safely inside, for all to see, and the Oakland Athletics have defeated the St. Louis Cardinals in the most spectacular and fitting fashion in the history of the World Series, or even baseball as we know it.