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  1. Here's to hoping the Cardinals lose in the World Series due to some freak occurrence that is a direct result of the NL's lack of home field of advantage.
  2. Does it piss anyone else off that all the All-Star Game shenanigans have to occur on the coldest and grossest July day in Minnesota for, like, ever? Tonight's low temperature in Minneapolis is 54 degrees Fahrenheit. That's see-your-breath cold. In July.
  3. Julio César was literally standing on his head just then.
  4. I was actually at that game tonight. It was a great looking matchup, minus that stupid A's road cap. BS ending to the game on that final strikeout call that was almost above Nick Punto's head, but a good game overall.It looked a lot closer on TV, but, yeah, he was livid. And you're right; the A's cap featured way to much white. That was the only flaw in an otherwise beautiful baseball game aesthetically.
  5. M's vs. A's tonight is the best looking uniform matchup I've seen in MLB in a long time.
  6. My thoughts exactly. He would be a PERFECT fit for Atlético.
  7. Cubs backup catcher John Baker did something you rarely see: a jubilant celebration upon being walked (albeit by Aroldis Chapman). The fist pump is priceless.
  8. FWIW, Miami is the most common American airport in which to change planes for travelers going to any South American destination, Brazil included.
  9. OK Argentina prove me right.Good pick. That loss is on van Gaal. If you're gonna bring in Huntelaar instead of holding out for Krul, you've gotta take risks in extra time in order to find that winning goal. But the Dutch didn't take risks, so bringing in Huntelaar proved pointless, and Cillessen disappoints in PKs. With Krul, it would have at least been a closer PK session.
  10. Now expect the Dutch to go all out for the winning goal in extra time. No Krul = no desire for PKs for The Netherlands.
  11. As much as I want the Dutch to win so we can have an all-European final and an all-South American third place match, I think that van Gaal's holding out on using his third sub (so he can sub in Krul for PKs) is what's going to kill the Oranje in extra time. He really needs to substitute Huntelaar for van Persie, who has a strange case of stage fright in World Cup knockout rounds. I know he wants Krul for PKs but first he's gotta get to PKs, and van Persie isn't helping at all, really. Huntelaar could be the difference, but van Gaal will hope that the two defensive subs he made can hold Argentina and get his team into PKs where Krul can dominate (ideally).
  12. So France's 5-2 win over Switzerland is the equivalent of a 346-138 NBA scoreline? Yeah, I'm not buying that.
  13. Cleveland never learns. The Cavs are unloading their entire roster so they can clear cap space for James, but what if James breaks their hearts again and doesn't sign in Cleveland? What are they left with? It seems extremely ironic to me that the Cavaliers are going all or nothing for LeBron, the man who is famous for his first "Decision", after the entire city hated him after he shat on Cleveland four years ago. Who's to say that his second "decision" won't devastate Cleveland even more so than the first time?
  14. I agree that this season was a lost cause from the very beginning, but I'm a diehard Cubs fan, and as a diehard fan I'm going to watch as many games as I can and pull for the Cubs in the present no matter how futile doing so proves to be because I can only live in the present. I can look ahead to a potentially bright future as much as I want, but I can't live that possibility right now. The only Cubs I can live right now are the present Cubs, the Cubs that unloaded their two best SPs, the Cubs are on a five game losing streak, the Cubs that are 13 games below .500. Of course, I could ignore the 2014 Cubs, not watch the games, and say "meh, I'll watch the team once there's hope". But I'm a diehard, and I'm going to watch and root for this team through the thick and thin. Now, do I disagree with the trade itself, irregardless of the timing and whatnot? No. I think that in the long run the trade can only help the Cubs (well, signing Samardzija to a long-term contract would have been the best case scenario but the son of a you-know-what wasn't satisfied with the Cubs' 5 year, $85M offer so he had to go). I'm not saying "WTF da Cubz shudn't trade dere playerz dey shud win da World Seereez in 2014!1!1!1!!!!!". The Cubs had a "must win now" attitude every season under Jim Hendry and how did that work out? The Cubs are still recovering from the mess Hendry left with the ridiculous long-term contracts he signed today; that's the main reason this rebuilding process has been so lengthy. I know that in the long term what the Cubs have done in the past few years is only dramatically increasing the team's chances in years to come. What frustrates me isn't necessarily the fact that the Cubs are losing in 2014, it's the fact that I, as a diehard Cubs fan in the present that is 2014, have to live through it and bear it. It's also not just that their losing, it's that they're losing in -- for the lack of a better adjective -- the most Cubs ways possible. 13-0 losses to end four game win streaks, bullpen implosions, being up 5-0 in the third inning and completely imploding in every way to lose 5-6. The final reason for my frustrations is Anthony Rizzo. The guy should be an All-Star already with his 19 HRs being second in the NL, especially because he has 2 HRs in two days. Now, if any other player in this year's NL Final Vote hit two homers in two days, he'd probably be leading or close to it. But because the Cubs haven't won since the Final Vote candidates were announced, people aren't seeing Rizzo's home runs on the highlight reels, he's not being noticed, and the Cubs not winning will most likely be the catalyzing factor that causes Anthony Rizzo, a guy who deserves to be on that NL roster more than many of the players who have already made it, miss out on the ASG. Sure, I think he'll make the team one day, but who knows, maybe something awful happens and he never has a chance like this, rendering the Cubs losing ways the reason for Rizzo never receiving that honor. Are sports or baseball or the Cubs the only things that matter to me? No. But as someone who takes pride in being a Cubs fan, dedicates time and energy to this team, and has seen them win and knows how it feels, these setbacks and frustrations just get under my skin more than they do to the average Cubs fan.
  15. Cubs lose. Reds win. Why do I watch this godforsaken team? Cubs before trade with Oakland: 38-46, +1 run differential, on four game win streak. Cubs after trade: 0-5, -23 run differential. Awful timing, Theo. Godawful timing.
  16. Cubs blow their early 5-0 lead, Tsuyoshi Wada will not win his Major League debut despite exiting the game with a four run lead. It's tied 5-5 in bottom of the eighth. To restate the infamous refrain of Cubs fans everywhere, FML.
  17. I'll admit that Francona would have been a good choice, but Sandberg has been less than acceptable in Philadelphia so far. At times, I like Renteria and sometimes he proves me wrong, but at other times his decision making loses Chicago the game.
  18. Awful managing by Rick Renteria in this game. McCarthy'll tell you.
  19. You really are a sadist; as a long-time Cubs fan who watched the first half I didn't even think of that.
  20. Lou Piniella was a prime example of this in his Cubs days. He never wore any sort of covering over his uniform, and his grossness was frequently on display because, as you know, he frequently came out of the dugout to argue and whatnot.
  21. Three of the four semifinalists will be Latin American nations if Costa Rica is victorious this afternoon.