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  1. Michigan Wolverines football. Their identity is based on a stock football helmet from ages ago, their logo is an unspectacular M, and their shade of yellow seems too intense to go with their shade of blue.

    Going with the yellow on this banner instead of the bright yellow seen everywhere else in this picture would be an improvement:


  2. I was told he did St Bendicts, Auburn, Syracuse, MSU and Creighton by the guy who wrote the article. Im guessing he also did the Rice, California, SMU, and Maine ones too.

    I dont have a list, but it might be easier to get the list of mascots he DIDNT make, as he is responsible for 90 percent of them!

    Im getting 30 vintage stickers from the company he worked for, i can post some pictures if anybody wants to see them.

    That's pretty cool. I wish Evans would get more credit for his contributions to college branding. I bet many athletic departments have no idea that they have or have had a logo that was designed by him.

  3. They are now Benedictine College its located in Kansas. Their mascot is a raven, their mascot was designed by Arthur Evans.

    The article posted above listed some of the logos Arthur Evans did, but does anybody have a list of more of the schools he did? Did he do all of the ones on those pennants?

    "A 1963 trade ad for Angelus shows more than 100 mascots, a Who’s Who of Division I giants that includes the Duke Blue Devil, the Purdue Boilermaker, USC’s Tommy Trojan, Oregon State’s Benny Beaver, the Georgia Bulldog, the Oklahoma Aggies, and many more."

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