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  1. Brooklyn New Yorkers? Gotta say from a outsider's perspective it does sounds like a cool nickname.
  2. deep

    The Grammar Classic

    Nice design, the orange one looks better though. Kinda gets your attention.
  3. I have no idea who these teams are but its a awesome poster.
  4. Considering how much resources and money they have, they can probably pull this off without any major problems. They look awesome btw.
  5. can i get 76ers logo Thanks.
  6. deep

    Random NFL Concepts

    Im liking what you've done so far but you forgot the shoulder numbers in the jaguars concept and road uni looks a little to plain for my liking. Maybe try gold face mark and see if it fits.
  7. deep

    Pistons Alternate

    Im liking everything other than the number font, it just looks a little weird to me for some reason.
  8. crap logo and crap uniforms... The name is cool though but still really not used to it. Every time i hear it i think of NY Giants and San Franciso Giants cap logo
  9. deep

    NBA Court Concepts

    I love it. Nice work on including the trees. Should try raptors and rockets next. Both of their courts are down right boring.
  10. How the Sixers organisation got the court so right and the uniforms so wrong is beyond me. Im really liking the warriors home court, has the classic look to it... Knicks though should change their's up, looking a little too plain.
  11. Mind = Blown Seriously all of these logos are crap (melbourne Aces is the only one that is decent). On the game though i dont know if it can survive here, cricket is pretty the preferred bat n ball sport.
  12. deep

    NBA Logos

    They should bring out alt jerseys in this, kind of similar to the retro MJ jerseys i see.
  13. Gonna be watching a lot of clippers games this year, Griffin looks like the real deal.
  14. You should make a wallpaper edition of these, the detail is awesome.