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  1. Better image: Design is by Michael Schwab:
  2. I remember reading a rumor about this, but apparently one of the new changes to Tropicana Field will be a giant tank of rays: That seems like good evidence that it won't be the Saints or Tarpons and instead just the Tampa Bay Rays...
  3. Check 'em out: Front: PDF of uniform sets: Favorites? For me it's Ole Miss, Florida, and Vanderbilt....
  4. The fact that Vandy's jersey is such a different color than the helmet is fugly. They really have to work on that. Plus, why not black pants last night? With LSU's standard yellow, it looked like two teams with the same colors playing each other. Vandy needs to stick with the black jersey. Nobody is intimidated by them, so they might as well look kind of "tough". Gold looks soft. It's all in the lighting...