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  1. I really like that! A nice blend that works and also represents the different eras of the franchise.
  2. I noticed the Disqus issue in the last month or 2 as well. It's super annoying because it was a good place to see corrections pointed out. I also would link to photos of the unis in action or if the years or uni pictured on here was incorrect. For an example, I noticed MLB.com has an article about the Tiger's 95 alternate today. I want to post the link and article for that uni on here, but because Disqus is not working now on the site, I am unable to. Hopefully this eventually gets addressed and fixed at some point.
  3. The first Griffey on SNES is stil one of my all-time favorite video games and SNES games. Loved the N64 ones too. I recently got into hacking the original and did an all-time best of teams with each team's best all-time players as well as doing an annual playoff teams version. But I digress, I love this new set and am happy to see most Brewers fans are happy as well.
  4. Except teams have been wearing non-white and grey uniforms dating back to 1901. You could argue non white or grey jerseys are just as traditional to be quite honest. Trends change, styles change, people change, times change. It's what sets different eras apart and makes each decade unique. It would be a boring world if it was just white and grey every year from 1901-2020. Wouldn't you say?
  5. I'm a huge Dodgers fan and getting knocked out in the 1st round stung this year, especially after we had the best regular season record ever in LA. But this comment made me laugh out loud! Hahaha! Good one!
  6. Although Randy spent nearly 6 full season in the Expos organization including his minor league career. I'd say Pedro developed with the Dodgers and Randy with the Expos if you look at who they signed with, spent all or most of their young minor league seasons with and who they came up with.
  7. I wouldn't. Not if we're talking about the organizations that signed/drafted and developed the players. Pedro signed with the Dodgers in '88 and spent 6 years/4 full seasons in the Dodger organization developing.
  8. The Dodgers still do it for any playoff games played at Dodger Stadium as well as opening day.
  9. 2009 actually. I actually am glad they brought the blue alts back at home as I have always liked them and think they look good with the pinstriped pants.
  10. Also saw this as a top story on Yahoo News this morning. Soooo, it got pretty decent press coverage. Hopefully, the brown happens at some point!
  11. Just want to chime in to say a team's colors don't always have to relate to the team name or mascot. Case in point: LA Lakers, San Jose Sharks, St Louis Rams, Minnesota Vikings, Miami Dolphins and at least a few others. So just because friars or padres wore brown doesn't mean the team has to, either. And I am a fan of bringing brown back to SD. Just playing devil's advocate here to make a point.
  12. Some that I noticed are missing on the site still (I know there are more, just ones I noticed): Boston Red Sox - grey road jersey script from the 70's. Some other miscellaneous from the 40's-60's Florida Marlins - original silver script from the original teal 1993 BP jersey Milwaukee Brewers - Some of the 1970's stuff. San Diego Padres - Most of the scripts and wordmarks from 1969-1978 Chicago White Sox - A lot of scripts from their early history as well as the 1980's San Francisco Giants - Scripts from their early days up to the mid-1970's. The script from the new alt Orange jersey from '14. Chicago Cubs - Red script from the blue BP jersey from the mid-1990's. Houston Astros - The off-white road scripts from the 1980's-1990's. The script from the '97-'99 grey away jerseys. The script from the BP jersey from the 1980's. Cincinnati Reds - Various scripts/wordmarks from their early history up to the 1970's. Also missing some from the 1980's and up through 1998. (The '93-'98 jerseys are on the site though). Oakland Athletics - Missing most of the 1960's-1986 eras. Also missing the new Road cap logo and the new green alt jersey script/logo. Detroit Tigers - Missing the road wordmark/script from the raod jerseys from the 1970's-early 1990's era. Arizona Diamondbacks - Missing the scripts from the BP black jersey from 1998 & 1999. 1998 had "Diamond" in purple and "Backs" in teal, while 1999 had both in purple. These are in the jersey section, though. St Louis Cardinals - Various ones missing from the past. Milwaukee Braves - Cap logos and scripts from jerseys. Los Angeles Dodgers - Cap logo from the current BP set. The blue BP jersey logos from the late 90's to mid 2000's. By the way, I hope I don't sound ungrateful or unappreciative listing this. I love the work on this site and am very thankful somebody takes the time to provide us with this kind of info on and about something we all love and respect - baseball uniforms. Just trying to help out.
  13. There are still new uni surprises happening. The Orioles wearing the orange alt for the first time on the road just happened last Saturday.
  14. I wouldn't mind the black jersey if it were only used occasionally as a road alternate (Saturdays only or day games only maybe). And if they wore the orange cap with it instead (like they did right before the '12 season began).