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  1. I like it a lot. That's all. Looks cleaner. I like the rounded corners.
  2. Would Alex Semin sign with Columbus? Probably not, but I think they should at least give it a shot. They could promise him captaincy and a marketing bonanza introducing him to the state of Ohio. Would at least make CBJ immediately relevant again. I would watch.
  3. Not to go even further off-topic, but maybe you should have someone else make your block-letter G's.
  4. To clear up any confusion, Tebow('s agents) issued a cease and desist because they were advertising the shirts as "Tim Tebow NY Jets Christian Shirt" or something like that. They'll probably just change the name and keep selling them. I think it's weird that anyone would want this shirt, though. "My Jesus?" Didn't realize Depeche Mode had such a strong following in the NFL fan community.
  5. I actually kinda like them for the players - make me think of rugby, which is befitting of a team that prides itself on hard-nosed football. They'll certainly stand out, and they make more sense than a modern Seahawks/Cardinals/Falcons type alternate.
  6. Yeah, that's really something. I... can't see these selling too well.
  7. Maybe, but that seems a little too similar to their fauxbacks from the past two years. Unless it's the gold one.
  8. Tweeted by local journalist and advertised on Steelers.com: https://twitter.com/#!/KDPomp/status/191999330817806336 Hoping for a return of the Pittsburgh city shield. EDIT: to include epper's post
  9. Penguins unveiling long-overdue Lemieux statue outside CEC at noon. Riding six-game winning streak. Crosby return imminent. Kunitz-Malkin-Neal producing among top lines in recent memory. Craig Adams is still awesome. Good week for Penguins hockey.
  10. Teemu Selanne scored a classic Teemu Selanne goal in that game tonight. He could probably play into his late forties. Incredible.
  11. I'm definitely in the pro-Ocho camp. You have to appreciate someone who almost made the Cincinnati Bengals relevant.
  12. I read the bottom line on the NHL Network as "San Jose Sharks captain Owen Nolan will hold a conference..." and my mind was momentarily boggled that Owen Nolan was still playing - I missed the word "Former" preceding the text.
  13. Assisted on a Brooks Orpik goal minutes later in the first. He's pretty good.
  14. Well, they (the Flyers) should definitely make that (keystone) a part of their identity going forward. It's too nice a design element to use only for one game. Looks really sharp. I guess you could say it makes their jersey a little too busy, but with the way they've taken the different colored nameplates and made it a part of their modern look (which I also really like, by the way), I feel they have a chance to have a wonderful contemporary uniform that retains enough elements of their history to be quintessentially Flyers.
  15. Man, that keystone captain's patch is slick. Wish the Penguins had thought of that.